Top Benefits of Interactive Product Demos

Top Benefits of Interactive Product Demos

May 3, 2022
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With the goal to move towards a product-led growth model, many software companies are now readily adopting interactive product demos. 

And it's not that hard to understand the growing popularity of interactive product demos – They allow your prospects to experience the product hands-on and review the many features of the product without the need to spend a considerable amount of time signing up or setting up a new account.

In this article, we discuss the many benefits of interactive product demos:

What are interactive product demos?

Interactive product demos give prospects a live and hands-on experience of your product during the marketing and sales process. They showcase how your product’s features can solve the pain points of your prospects.

While there are other ways to get your product right in front of your customers, including free product trials or product video demos, interactive product demos are the most effective in getting qualified leads and making your brand stand out. 

You can use a product demo across various stages of the sales funnel, including:

  • When you get a new lead – inbound or outbound 
  • When a website visitor asks for more information
  • When a lead contacts one of your sales member for demo
  • When a customer needs help on how-it-works

Benefits of interactive product demos

1- Show all your product features in action

Just talking on and on about the different features of your product is never going to work. Your prospects actually need to believe that your product’s features can be beneficial for their business. 

With interactive product demos, you can share the story behind your product in a more engaging and educational way. You can customize the data in your demo to better align it with the requirements of your prospects so that they can resonate with your product easily.

2- Qualified lead generation

Interactive demos are very powerful in terms of streamlining your customer’s journey and generating leads with a considerably low friction in the sales process. After all, when prospects better understand your product and how it works, their indicated interest in what your brand has to offer is bound to stay and they will be more compelled to make a purchase. 

In case your leads have specific requirements, a demo can make it clear how your product meets their needs. Moreover, product demos can introduce more clarity in your sales process and convince prospects who are still on the edge about your product.

3- Easily introduce existing customers to new products through email

Interactive product demos are easily shareable through unique links and emails. They can also be directly embedded to landing pages, making it easier for people to discover them.

All of this makes them ideal for introducing a new product to your existing customers or prospects directly through email marketing. Since product demos aren’t very explicit in terms of selling, they are less intrusive and more informational.

4- In-depth analytics and insights

When you create an interactive product demo, you also get access to numerous analytics data which you can in turn use to drive insights and improve your demo performance. 

Analytics can show how long on average people interact with your product demo, what features they are more inclined towards, and what features they are absolutely not interested in. The ‘duller’ parts of the demo can then be removed or improved in order to boost engagement.

You can also use different versions of your product demo for A/B testing and then compare their analytics to get a better understanding of which demo drives more conversions than the other.  

5- Cut down time on live sales demos

Interactive product demos allow you to quickly customize demos and share them with prospects quickly. This not only allows you to reach out to more prospects with personalized demos but it also drastically saves time. 

When your sales team isn’t required to conduct live sales demos for every prospect that comes your way, they can spend more time focusing on their core responsibilities. It also gives your sales team more time to focus on qualified leads who are actually interested in buying your product. 

How Storylane can help you build powerful interactive product demos

Storylane is a no-code product demo builder that allows you to create interactive demos through an easy to use interface. You can create engaging demos by dragging and dropping visual elements and quickly sharing them through unique links. It's also possible to embed product demos into web pages. 

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