Empower your champion with a custom sales demo

Share a tailored demo with prospects based on their persona. Show value of your product quickly before you lose them to competitors.

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Sales - Use Case

Replace long drawn POCs with shareable demos

Share Demo in email follow-ups

Train and onboard new sales reps

Activate your prospects with a custom sales demo

Share self serve interactive product demos instead of boring pdf or videos.

In real-time track who is viewing your product demos, and follow-up quickly to close your deals.

Auto Personalize demos with CRM contact fields

No more one-size-fits-all prequalification demos. You can personalize your demo content directly from fields in Salesforce or Hubspot CRM

Real-time Slack notifications

Get notified when your leads view the demo or share it within their company. Collaborate with your team in one place to follow through.

Onboard and train your reps to sell faster

Build custom demo templates that you can use to train reps to sell more. Reduce your product training time dramatically.

Get Insights to win deals

Get visibility into your pipeline and how Storylane is accelerating your conversions. Know who is viewing your product demos so that you can move them to the next stage of your pipeline and trigger followups and marketing automation actions.

Personalize Demos. Scale your pipeline. Close more deals.

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