Top Tourial Alternatives to Consider in 2024

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June 14, 2024

Tourial is a popular choice for creating "demo centers" – microsites that centralize product demos and personalize buyer journeys, but what if you need more?

We looked at customer reviews and asked peers on LinkedIn and Slack communities, to find the best Tourial alternatives. Here are our top three picks:

  • Storylane: Best overall Tourial alternative for both sales and marketing teams 
  • UserGuiding: Best for in-app user onboarding
  • Consensus: Best for enterprise teams creating personalized video demo boards

Continue reading to get a detailed breakdown of these and some of the other tools we rshortlisted. 

Tourial Alternatives: In-depth Comparison

1. Storylane

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Best for: Both sales and marketing use cases 

Demo capabilities: screenshot, video, HTML demos

Storylane is one of the easiest Tourial alternatives that cater to a wide range of use cases like embedding demos on your website and other important pages, live demos, sales leave-behinds, etc. 

It also has a demo-hub product that is a one-to-one alternative to Tourial’s demo center feature. Here are some of the other features that make it stand out: 

Pros vs Tourial:

  • Editable demo content: Storylane lets you edit demo content, blur/hide content within the tool, along with bulk personalization options.
  • Buyer reveal feature: Embed demos on your website, email, blogs, or landing pages and get firmographic data on anonymous demo viewers.
  • Custom integrations: Seamlessly integrate with your current systems and 30+ tools like Hubspot, Marketo, Slack, Pardot, etc. 
  • Detailed analytics: Gain in-depth analytics on demo performance, including completion rates, engagement metrics, and user behavior data. 


  • No unlimited user seats as of now
  • Storylane doesn't currently segment demo viewers by device


Offers a generous free plan with paid plans starting at:

  • $480/year for screenshot capture 
  • $6000/year for HTML capture

2. UserGuiding

Best for: In-app user onboarding 

Demo capability: Not a demo tool but a product adoption software 

If you're currently using Tourial for user onboarding and seeking a more digital and in-app-focused option, UserGuiding can be a great alternative. 

Pros vs Tourial 

  • In-App Guidance: UserGuiding integrates seamlessly with your software, providing contextual help exactly where users need it.
  • Reduced Support Costs: Providing clear in-app guidance can lessen the burden on your support team by deflecting basic user questions.
  • A/B Testing: UserGuiding allows you to A/B test different onboarding flows to see which ones resonate best with your users.


  • Limited design flexibility
  • No native mobile app support (currently)


  • Offers a freemium model with a limited feature set. 
  • Paid plans start at $1068/year

3. Consensus

Best for: Video demo boards with logic jumps

Demo capabilities: Video demos

Consensus offers a demo board feature similar to Tourial, along with options to create video demos at scale. This allows prospects to answer a few questions to launch personalized demo experiences. 

Pros vs Tourial:

  • Personalized demo boards: Create personalized landing pages (demo boards) and buyer boards that adapt based on specific prospect questions. This allows for a more targeted and engaging demo experience.
  • Scalable video demos: Consensus offers tools for creating pre-recorded video demos efficiently. This can be a great option for high-volume sales teams.
  • Engagement tracking: Track demo engagement metrics like watch time and completion rates to understand prospect interest and tailor your sales approach.
  • Sales and marketing integrations: Consensus offers more sales-focused integrations such as Marketo, Zapier, Salesloft, Outreach, Slack and Salesforce


  • Consensus demos are primarily video-based and might limit user exploration and a hands-on feel of the product 
  • No demo template feature, and you have to recreate new videos for each vertical


Starts from $50,000/year

4. Navattic

Best for: For simple marketing use cases

Demo capabilities: Screenshot-based demos

Navattic is similar to Tourial, with its marketing-focused approach and its ability to whip up quick product demos with a smaller learning curve.

Pros vs Tourial:

  • Marketing-focused features: Navattic caters specifically to marketing teams. It offers specific features and tips like SEO optimization for your demos.
  • Website demo gallery: Similar to Tourial,  showcase your product demos directly on your website, blog posts, or landing pages. This allows visitors to explore demos at their own pace.
  • Simplified demo creation: Navattic provides a user-friendly interface with a Chrome extension for capturing screenshots and building demos quickly.
  • Marketing-focused integrations: Integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, Segment, and Google Analytics


  • No demo center feature
  • No HTML demos 


Starts at $6000/year with unlimited user seats.

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5. Arcade

Best for: Loom-like product demos

Demo capabilities: Screencast and video demos 

Arcade screen records your product while you interact with it. You also get the option to add audio files, along with capturing clicks, scrolls and so on.

Pros vs Tourial:

  • Affordable: Arcade offers a free plan with limited features, making it a cost-effective option for teams with basic demo needs.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Arcade requires a Chrome extension to get started with, and hosts a resources section on the dashboard to learn more, allowing anyone to create screencast demos without technical expertise.
  • Include multimedia content: Add explainer videos, images, and audio narration to your demos, enriching the content and keeping viewers engaged.
  • Integrations: A mix of sales and marketing integrations such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, Clearbit, Google Tag Manager, HubSpot, Intercom, Salesforce and Slack.


  • While convenient for basic demos, Arcade lacks advanced features like branching logic and interactivity found in Tourial. It also requires a higher pricing tier for features such as white labeling and team collaboration.
  • Basic analytics such as demo play rate, completion rate and click-through rate.


A free plan with a limit of 3 demos. Paid plans start from $384/year.

6. Supademo

Best for: Entry-level demo creation

Demo capabilities: Screenshot-based demos 

Supademo is similar to Tourial with its demo branching features. If you’re looking for a platform with a faster launch time and features such as AI functionality, Supademo could be your pick. 

Pros vs Tourial:

  • Lower entry barrier: Comes at a lower starting price than most tools on this list.
  • Easier customer onboarding: Offers a demo collection feature for customer success teams for smoother user onboarding.
  • AI-powered features: Supademo offers AI-powered features like sentiment analysis to gauge prospect interest during live demos. This can provide valuable insights for sales teams.
  • Automated workflows: Set up automated workflows to trigger specific actions based on prospect behavior during demos. This can personalize the demo experience further.


  • Falls short of marketing integrations such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Intercom, which is the platform is yet to onboard
  • Live demo annotations and editing are only available on higher-pricing plans.
  • Screenshot-based demos make it harder to edit/blur out elements 


Free plan with a limit of 5 demos. Paid plans start from $324/year.

7. Lancey

Best for: Demos that target inbound conversion

Demo capabilities: Screenshot and HTML-based demos

While Lancey doesn't directly compete with Tourial's microsite demo experience, it's a compelling alternative for marketing and sales teams focused on increasing inbound conversion and user onboarding. 

Pros vs Tourial:

  • Accessible: Affordable entry price for smaller teams
  • A/B testing: Lancey uses product data as a sample size to understand how users use your product and suggests experiments for A/B testing automatically.
  • AI-powered personalization: Lancey uses AI features such as text-to-speech for audio overlay and helps personalize user onboarding experience by highlighting relevant features based on user behavior and needs.
  • User engagement insights: Use demos in outbound emails with dynamic links and gain insights into user engagement metrics within your product itself.


  • As an earlier-stage product, integrations like Segment and Zapier are missing.
  • Lack of demo branching features 


Free plan with a limit of 1 demo. Paid plans start from $348/year for one seat.

8. GetAccept

Best for: Collaborative digital sales rooms

Demo capabilities: Video demos

While GetAccept is a sales enablement platform and not a direct Tourial alternative, what makes it worth considering is the digital sales room feature. 

Pros vs Tourial:

  • Microsite experience: Similar to Tourial, GetAccept allows you to create a microsite-like experience with its digital sales room showcasing your product alongside other marketing collateral.
  • Video and screen recording: Record video demos or screen captures to showcase your product in action.
  • Engagement tracking: Track engagement metrics like watch time and completion rates to understand prospect interest.
  • Advanced integrations: Integrations to improve sales efficiencies, such as Salesforce, Superoffice, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, and SalesLoft.


  • Compared to Tourial, GetAccept offers less built-in interactivity within the demos themselves.
  • While offering a microsite experience, GetAccept's core functionality is video and screen capture, not interactive product walkthroughs.


Starts from $468/year.

9. Aligned

Best for: Buyer-enablement sales rooms

Demo Capabilities: Not a demo tool but Digital sales room software

Aligned is another digital sales room software. It does not have any video recording capabilities like GetAccept, so it doesn’t directly replace Tourial. But if you wish to replace Tourial’s demo center feature, you can Aligned in addition to an interactive demo or screen recording tool.  

Pros vs Tourial:

  • Digital sales room Features: Aligned Up offers a comprehensive digital sales room solution, allowing you to manage proposals, contracts, and e-signatures all within one platform. 
  • Streamlined collaboration: Enhance collaboration between stakeholders and your team by centralizing all sales content and communications.
  • Data analytics and reporting: Gain insights into sales activity and performance through data analytics and reporting features.
  • Marketing and sales integrations: Integrations such as Calendly, Slack, Loom, and HubSpot to help marketing teams, and ChiliPiper, Salesloft, Gong, and Zoom to benefit sales teams.


  • Aligned Up isn't primarily focused on interactive product demos and hence doesn't offer the same level of interactivity as Tourial's microsite experience.
  • With its comprehensive suite of features, Aligned Up might require a steeper learning curve compared to platforms focused solely on demos.


A free plan with a limit of 3 digital sales rooms. Paid plans start from $348/year.

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Final verdict: Which is the Best Tourial Alternative?

Ultimately, the best alternative to Tourial depends on your specific needs and priorities. From tools that mimic its demo center to ones that offer easier set-up and digital sales rooms, here’s a quick summary:

Tool Best For Demo Capabilities Pricing
Storylane Best overall Tourial alternative Screenshot, video, HTML demos Generous free plan, Paid plans start at $6000/year
UserGuiding In-app user onboarding Not a demo tool but a product adoption platform Paid plans start at $1068/year
Consensus Personalized video demo boards Video demos Starts at $50,000/year
Navattic Website demo galleries & marketing Screenshot-based demos Starts at $6000/year
Arcade Simple & quick demo creation Screenshot and video demos Free plan with 3 demos, paid plans start at $384/year
Supademo Sales teams focused on engagement Screenshot demos Free plan with 5 demos, paid plans start at $324/year
Lancey Marketing teams (inbound and user onboarding) Screenshot and HTML demos Free plan with 1 demo, paid plans start at $348/year
GetAccept Microsite experience & video demos Video demos and Digital sales room Starts at $468/year
Aligned Centralized sales content & communication Not a demo tool but a digital sales room software Free plan with 3 digital sales rooms, paid plans start at $348/year
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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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