Top Reprise Alternatives You Must Consider

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May 23, 2024

Reprise is a legacy demo platform that offers a suite of tools for product tours, sales leave-behinds, and live demo customization. However, its multi-product approach can be complex and expensive. Each use case requires a separate product with its own price tag. Additionally, user reviews often cite a difficult learning curve.

So, if you’re looking for Reprise alternatives, we’ve done the research for you. We’ve analyzed its competitors, checked their G2, TrustRadius and Capterra reviews, talked to real customers and our peers on Linkedin and Slack communities. 

Here are the top three Reprise competitors, according to our research:

  • Saleo: For sales teams who want to personalize the live demo experience with overlays directly on top of their existing product.
  • Storylane: An ideal choice for both sales and marketing teams, known for its ease of use and affordability.
  • Walnut: Caters to sales teams seeking a full-funnel solution for creating interactive demos with guided walkthroughs.

Continue reading to discover other alternatives that cater to specific use cases.

Top Reprise Alternatives: In-depth Analysis 

Saleo: For Personalized Live Demo Environments  

Demo capability: Live demos

Saleo caters specifically to sales teams and is a great tool for creating personalized demos within the product, similar to Reprise’s Reveal option. It works best as a dedicated solution for live demo overlays.

Pros vs Reprise:

  • Live demo overlays: Use the Saleo Chrome extension to customize metrics, graphs, text, or workflows directly in your live SaaS product.
  • Collaboration: Real-time co-editing, a central demo library, and role-based access control empower your team to create high-quality demos efficiently.
  • Personalized scenarios: Customize it for any buyer persona with edits in real time, showing how the product performs for their use case 
  • Cost-effective: Saleo offers a significantly lower cost of entry compared to Reprise, making it easier to equip a larger sales team with demo creation tools.
  • Demo engagement insights: You get basic insights such as engagement duration and interaction with custom content, to help understand prospect preferences better 


  • There’s no free trial available
  • Customer support for getting started with the platform is not free, which poses a cost and learning curve for marketing-focused users
  • Saleo has limited integrations with marketing automation tools or CRMs which can pose a challenge for sales and marketing teams to collaborate effectively 
  • Saleo’s lack of compliance can pose a concern for some businesses 


Saleo has flexible pricing models, but starts at $40,000/year.

Storylane- Easiest and Affordable Reprise Alternative

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Demo Capabilities: Screenshot, video, HTML demos

Storylane is an easier, more affordable alternative to Reprise that allows you to create sandbox-type experiences without writing a single line of code. With a free trial, you can have your first interactive demos up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Pros vs Reprise:

  1. Faster time to value: Storylane's auto-capture, pre-added guides and simple interface make it easier to create self-guided product demos quickly.
  2. Personalized leave-behinds and live demos: Offers unique use cases for sales teams, such as creating personalized demos for prospects.
  3. Cost-effective: Storylane offers a free plan with the ability to publish one demo, and paid plans with a lower entry cost than Reprise. This also makes it more scalable and accessible for sales and marketing teams.
  4. Presenter notes: Add talking points or notes visible only to AE’s during live demos 
  5. Multi-flow demos with branching logic: Allows prospects to choose their own path through the demo, tailoring the experience.
  6. No-code customization: Extensive customization without coding, including editing text, images, graphs, adding tooltips, CTAs, all without code.


  • No unlimited user seats as of now
  • Reprise offers more advanced video editing features compared to Storylane's focus on screenshots and HTML demos.


Offers a generous free plan with paid plans starting at:

  1. $500/year for screenshot capture 
  2. $6000/year for screenshot and HTML capture

Walnut: A Full-funnel Sales Solution

Demo capabilities: HTML and screenshot demos

Walnut, similar to Storylane, helps create demos, and not live overlays. However, it caters to sales over marketing, making it a sales-focused Reprise competitor. 

Pros vs Reprise

  • Highlight product sections: Personalize text, and annotations and highlight parts of the demo that cater to your buyer persona
  • Collaborative editing: Save demos in a library for editing product demos on the go for different buyers, with high-quality original captures
  • Enterprise-ready security: Walnut is on par with Reprise regarding security features with GDPR compliance, SOC 2 Type II, and DPA compliance. It also supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign On (SSO). 
  • Usability: Smaller learning curve than Reprise, with an AI add-on to expedite the process of creating product tours
  • In demo feedback: Gather data on prospect interactions through demos and analyze data to measure success


  • Has a steep learning curve and no customer support for building demos
  • Lack of live demo support and analytics
  • Falls short on integrations such as Google Analytics and Data API
  • Compared to Reprise, it offers less customization capacity with custom coding


Walnut’s pricing starts at $10,000/year

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Demoboost: Best for Pre-sales Use Cases 

Demo capabilities: Screenshot and HTML demos

Demoboost is a Reprise alternative that focuses on live demos as a use case.. It allows you to create interactive video demos with multimedia content, perfect for uniquely showcasing your product.

Pros vs Reprise:

  • Live demo analytics and testing: Get step-by-step live demo analysis, time spent on each step, usage data per AE and A/B test CTA’s and messaging
  • In demo feedback: Merge feedback from internal and external stakeholders in the product demo directly
  • Added integrations: Along with covering integrations such as Salesforce, Google Analytics 4 that Reprise offers, Demoboost also has integrations such as Slack, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, etc.
  • Multimedia additions: Add explainer videos, images, and voiceovers to enhance your demos and keep prospects engaged.
  • Enterprise ready: Has GDPR compliance, ISO certification, SSO and role-based access


  • The platform is HTML-based, which can make it less useful for embedding on docs, or smaller screens such as mobile
  • Compared to Reprise, Demoboost offers less flexibility for in-depth customization of the demo experience.
  • Coding skills or Demoboost support is needed to blur elements or change images and graphs in the demo


Starts at $10,000 a year with no free plans

Demostack: Best for Cloned Product Tours

Demo capabilities: Screenshot, video and HTML demos

Demostack stands out as the only platform in this list that works exactly like Reprise Replicate option, which helps you clone your full application in a new environment. 

Pros vs Reprise:

  • Easy to get started: Use a Chrome extension to clone the front and back end of the application and showcase dropdowns, filters and graphs easily  
  • Demos with overlay: Demostack helps you create a clone of the full application, replicating the look and feel of your actual product
  • Integrations: Demostack integrates with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot and Marketo
  • Custom demo library: Build a tour of custom demos that prospects can access and share any time


  • Demo-specific analytics cater more to sales teams compared to marketing and presales
  • Any update in your platform requires you to reclone entirely on Demostack, which is time-consuming 
  • Customer support is only available via email 


For a reprise alternative, Demostack is on the pricier end. Pricing starts at $50,000/year, higher than Reprise’s pricing.

Consensus: Best for Enterprise Teams with Video Demo Needs 

Demo capabilities: Video demos

Consensus has a Reprise-like enterprise focus. Even though it doesn’t really fall in the interactive demo space, it can be suitable for users wanting to build personalized video demos at scale.  

Pros vs Reprise:

  • Personalized demo boards: Create demo boards (mircrosites) that can be launched based on questions that your prospects ask.  
  • Outreach and analytics: Embed demos in email templates and get insights on stakeholders that interact with it 
  • Enterprise grade security: Consensus is suited for enterprise needs, with its SOC 2 Type II certification. It also offers role-based access control, data encryption in transit, and activity tracking.
  • Merge link feature: Avoid creating multiple demos for emails and use the merge link feature pre-populated with personalization tokens (such as name and email) for each recipient.
  • Integrations: Consensus offers integrations with more research-based and data exchange software such as Outreach, Salesloft, Zapier, apart from Slack, Salesforce, etc. 


  • No option to create a fully functional sandbox clone
  • No demo template feature, you have to recreate new videos for each vertical
  • Navigation could be smoother 


Starts from $40-50,000/year

Navattic: For Simple Marketing Use Cases

Demo capabilities: Screenshot-based demos

Navattic is a simpler Reprise alternative, with demo capabilities that cater better to the marketing ecosystem. If you’re looking for a platform that allows you to create quick product demos compared to Reprise’s learning curve, Navattic could be your pick.

Pros vs Reprise:

  • Screenshot-based product tours: Navattic’s Chrome extension makes it easier to capture screens, and edit elements on the go
  • Cost-effective: Has a lower entry price for a screenshot-based demo tool, making it one of the most affordable on the list
  • Marketing-focused integrations: Such as Salesforce, Marketo, Segment, and Google Analytics
  • In-depth analytics: Navattic goes a step above Reprise’s analytics with its engagement tracking feature, which helps them retarget the most engaged prospects
  • Website demo gallery: Embed product tours in your website, blog posts, and landing pages 


  • Time consuming to build tours as it lacks bulk customization (screens have to be edited one at a time)
  • Fewer options to adjust the design of your product tours
  • No option for sandbox or live demo overlays


Starts at $6000/year with unlimited user seats 

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Tourial: Best for Website Demo Galleries

Demo capabilities: Screenshot-based demos 

Tourial is also not a direct Reprise competitor as it offers screenshot demos only. However, its demo center or gallery feature makes it stand out for marketing use cases. 

Pros vs Reprise:

  • Set up demo centers on website: allow visitors to choose a demo experience based on their industry and use case 
  • Automate form overlays on demos: create custom lead forms that overlay your demo to capture leads
  • Marketing/CRM integrations: Scheduling tools such as Calendly, Chilipiper, for an easier call booking experience, along with CRM integrations to push engagement data 
  • Seamless workflow capture: Use Tourial’s Chrome extension to capture screens, edit elements and even add video captures
  • Customize for upcoming releases: Use Figma file screenshots for your demos to promote upcoming releases
  • Enterprise grade security: SOC 2 Type II certification and role based access controls for a secure user experience.


  • No option to blur or delete data on demo that you don’t want to show
  • Fewer extensions to analyze demo data


Starts at $16,000/year

Arcade: Best for Marketing Teams on a Budget 

Demo capabilities: Screencast demos

Arcade helps you record your screen, showcase clicks, scrolls, and even add audio files, quite similar to how Loom works. It works best for marketing use cases such as embedding product demos on landing pages, social media and email.

Pros vs Reprise:

  • Demo resource guide: A demo resource centre on the dashboard helps as a how-to guide. 
  • Easy to get started: Download the Chrome extension and get started on recording demos. 
  • Compliance: Offers SOC2 type II compliance and robust encryption which can be beneficial for enterprise customers
  • Ample integrations: Integrations such as Google Tag manager, Amplitude, Hubspot, Clearbit, Salesforce, and Slack
  • Lower starting price: Has a lower pricing barrier compared to Reprise
  • Unlock added features: Higher tiers add AI-generated voiceovers, white labeling, and video editing features (speed, trim)


  • No option to assign roles while sharing demo folders. Same level of access for all shared members.
  • Basic data on demo performance
  • Lack of bulk editing features


A free plan with a limitation of 3 demos. Paid plans start from $384/year.

Testbox: Best for Solution Engineers 

Demo capabilities: Live demos

TestBox, like Saleo, utilizes a live instance of your product, ensuring demos always showcase the latest features and realistic data.

Pros vs Reprise: 

  • Always Up-to-Date: No more rebuilding demos after product updates. TestBox automatically reflects changes, saving you valuable time.
  • Multiple Use Cases: TestBox isn't limited to just sales demos. SEs can create self-guided walkthroughs for onboarding new customers or personalized proof-of-concepts (POCs) to showcase value to key decision-makers.
  • Ample Integrations: TestBox integrates seamlessly with your existing tools (like Salesforce and HubSpot) and goes beyond Reprise by offering custom integrations built during implementation.


  • While TestBox offers some insights into user interaction with the sandbox, it might not provide the depth of analytics some SEs need to fully understand prospect behavior and tailor follow-up communication.


Starts at $33,000/year for 15 users

List of Reprise Competitors: At a Glance

Tool Best For Demo Capabilities Pricing
Saleo Personalized live demo environments Live demos $40,000/year
Storylane Easiest and affordable Reprise alternative Screenshot, video and HTML demos Generous free plan with paid plans starting at $6000/year
Walnut A full-funnel sales solution HTML and screenshot demos $10,000/year
Demoboost Best for pre sales use cases Screenshot and HTML demos Starts at $10,000/year
Demostack Best for cloned product tours Screenshot, video and HTML demos Start at $50,000/year
Consensus Best for enterprise teams with video demo needs Video demos Starts from $40-50,000/year
Navattic For simple marketing use cases Screenshot based demos Starts at $6000/year with unlimited users
Tourial Best for website demo galleries Screenshot based demos Starts at $16,000/year
Arcade Best for marketing teams on a budget Screencast demos Paid plans start at $384/year
Tesbox Best for solution engineers Live demos Starts at $33,000/year
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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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