Why do we need a Product Demo Video alternative?

Why do we need a Product Demo Video alternative?

Keerthana Selvakumar
June 6, 2022
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Did you know 80% of your customers wish to see a product glimpse of what you're explaining during a demo call? This is especially true if your product is B2B SaaS. If you are one of those who still believe the charm of talk is more than enough, we're sorry to break it to you. You're losing sales every day due to the absence of a demo video or a demo video alternative. That's why you need a product demo alternative to win more customers. Let's dig deeper and understand why we need a Product Demo Video alternative in today's world. 

What is a product demo video?

Before getting into the product demo alternative, let's see what's a product demo. A product demo video does not have a standard definition. When we look at it from a user's perspective, a product demo video is a unique piece of content. The primary aim of this content is to introduce your product to your potential customers. Not just introduce but make them feel the delight in owning and using your product.

How to build a product demo video today?

We'll give you a few quick tips on building a compelling product demo video.

• Understand how does your product solve customers' problems? 

• Pitch how your product improves your potential customer's life or work situation?

• Include What are the benefits that your product delivers?

• Talk about how is your product different from competitors?‎‎

The next is an essential aspect of creating a product demo video.

Find the right tools for recording

When you do product demonstrations for niche products, especially for B2B SaaS, the need for tech support is vital. If you're thinking about using a default screen capture of your product functioning, that won't be good enough. 

If you're looking for some highly user-friendly screen recording tools, check out these tools. 

  • Loom helps in quickly recording and sharing on the desktop
  • Screencast-O-Matic helps with mobile screen recording
  • Camtasia offers advanced video editing
  • OBS includes live streaming
  • Movavi Screen Recorder enables you to screen capture even when you're away from your desk
  • Zappy for screen recordings from a Mac

Why are demo videos hard to show "aha"?

Why are demo videos hard to show "aha"?
Why are demo videos hard to show "aha"?

‎Most of the product demo videos in the current scenario do not result in 'aha' but 'ouch.' But why? The first and foremost reason is these videos are not crisp enough to retain attention.

You have got a killer script and a perfect combination of information for your demo video. But no one will want to watch it if it's a 10-minute demo, especially if they cannot interact with the product. No matter how useful your product is, viewers don't have that kind of patience.

A compelling product demo video is around 2 minutes or less. This is the ideal length of a demo video where you can focus on essential features and benefits. By sticking to this video, you can eliminate the fillers.

More than that, your product demo videos are hard for your customer to experience and reflect what they've experienced. That's why you need a product demo alternative, and we will talk more about this in the next section.

Why do you need a product demo as an alternative?

When you use an interactive product demo, the prospect is now in the driver's seat. Product demo videos are an impactful tool to show what your product can solve quickly. But the truth is videos offer a one-directional experience. It helps your prospects to listen but not engage. But you want them to engage with your product, right? That's why your interactive product demo becomes an excellent demo video alternative.

With Storylane, you can create your Interactive product demo and enjoy numerous benefits. Check below!

1) Share Interactive Product Demo

With Interactive product demos, you can show the real value of your product, and your sales experts can easily showcase them during live calls. But the best part is they can share it with their leads or prospects after the call for them to explore more about the product.

Share Interactive product demos to customers/prospects right after the call
Share Interactive product demos to customers/prospects right after the call

2) Leverage the power of clickable product demo

You can create a clickable Interactive product demo in less than 15 minutes using Storylane. By sharing this with your leads and prospects, you offer an opportunity for them to experience the product and share their feedback. When you let them experience the product with clickable features, they are more likely they get a better understanding of the product.

Leverage the power of clickable product demo
Leverage the power of clickable product demo

3) Get Insights on demo interactions 

You can share your Interactive product demos with leads and prospects or even customers. But how does it help you? It does. With Storylane's Interactive product demos, you can get insights into how the recipient's time spent on the demo and the product features interacted. This will help you understand how your target audience interacts with your product demo and make necessary changes to enhance the experience in live development or future demo sessions. 

4) Personalize the demo automatically

Sharing your product demo with your customers/leads/prospects should reflect your brand's identity and reputation. But how do you do it? Does it take more time to design it to suit your brand? It just takes a few seconds to minutes. With Storylane's Interactive product demos, substitute your brand's images, logos, or names to resonate with prospects. 

Eventually, the Interactive product demo, the product demo alternative, becomes a better choice for you to win more customers. So, talk to Storylane today and build your own product walkthrough today!

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