Storylane 2.0 - Build a killer demo in 10 minutes

Storylane 2.0 - Build a killer demo in 10 minutes

Akash Bansal
March 2, 2023
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Storylane 2.0 – Build a killer demo in few minutes

Today, we are thrilled to launch Storylane 2.0 - the fastest way ever to build an interactive demo of your product. Over the last year, we have continued to iterate on Storylane with feedback and support from our customers.

One feedback we always get from our users is that Storylane is extremely easy to use when compared to other demo products. We doubled down on this and decided to continue to make it even easier to build demos. Also, it made sense for us to let any marketing, sales or sales engineering person to signup and try out Storylane for themselves and share it with the rest of the team.

When promoting Product-led growth, it was imperative for us to have a product which had a PLG soul. And today, we are proud to say that we have accomplished it with making a self signup available to everyone.

We even decided to have a freemium plan for people who just would like to build one demo and share it with their customers and if that succeeds, then purchase our paid plans.

Storylane 2.0 product covers each of these popular use cases including new ones

(1) Embedded product tour on the website

(2) Email shares of interactive demo

(3) Leave behind interactive demo as a followup

(4) Embedding Storylane demos in blog posts, knowledge base, and training material

Here is a summary of key improvements over the last few months that is rolled into the Storylane 2.0 launch -

1. Freemium: A plan for startups who want to have a single product tour.

2. Improved UX: You can signup and onboard yourself - It only takes a few minutes minutes to build a product tour. This is accomplished with screenshot captures using our chrome plugin as you navigate the product. For advanced use cases in sales, you can send hyper personalized demos to prospects with HTML captures.

3. Analytics: Companies are able to capture leads, view analytics and understand the heat map of how prospects are engaging with their demos.

4. Integrations: You can push analytics and leads to any CRM and marketing automation platform - Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Segment, and Zapier integration.

5. Teams feature: Multiple teams can have their own spaces in Storylane and organize demos by folders. Users can have various permission levels as viewers, editors, and admins.

Now there is also a Video capture feature for dynamic interactions in the product that you can’t stop loving! You can access it if you’ve been best buddies with Storylane for a while now. All you’ve to do is ask us for beta access and let us know how it goes.

Come try us out, and check out our customer showcase page.

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