How to Create an Awesome Product Tour in 2023

How to Create an Awesome Product Tour in 2023

Harry Mckay
October 13, 2022
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Will you invest in a product without knowing the result it brings to your table?

Probably not, right?

This is what your customers are thinking too!

You will find your prospects slipping through your pipeline just because they don't understand the value of your product.

How do you make them understand that your product has the answer to their problems? How do you make them see that your product is the perfect fit?

The answer is a product tour.

Let's dig into what a product tour is, how to create one, and why it is essential for your business.

What is a Product Tour?

Product tours are virtual guides that showcase your product’s features and benefits in an interactive, engaging way. Moreover, it allows prospects to explore your product's features before committing to it.

As these interactive product tours allow prospects to get first-hand experience to feel the value of your product, it eases the decision-making process and pushes the prospect down the sales funnel.

Reasons to Invest in Interactive Product Tours

Product tours seem like a simple tool, isn’t it? But you will get a number of benefits when you plug it into your marketing efforts.

Let’s explore the reasons.

1. Increase conversions in your marketing funnel

Involving a product tour in your marketing strategy can be a game changer.

The reason? A product guide can help you build a successful growth marketing strategy. Give potential customers a chance to experience your product firsthand, see how it works and what benefits they would get from using it. To achieve this, you can embed a product tour where you have a high traffic flow. It can be on your website or even on your blogs.

Adding a guided product tour can fetch you multiple benefits. Ignition uses the same method to capture leads for their product on their homepage.


When the user clicks on the CTA, it will ask them to submit their details before continuing to the product tour. This way, you can collect potential leads to your pipeline and nurture them down the funnel.


By embedding a product tour on their website, Ignition saw a 10% improvement in their trial conversions.

Use a product tour to walk your customers or potential clients through the tools in your product that would be useful to them so they can get excited about what you're offering and know why they have to have it right away.

2. Improve click-through rates in your email campaigns

Notably, using video thumbnails in emails can increase click-through rates by 50%. By embedding a GIF of a product demo, Storylane gets a > 45% open rate for its email campaigns.

It helps your prospects check the value of your product once before responding to your mail. As your prospect can get an overall picture of your product, you will get a better response rate than emails with only plain text.

3. Eases the decision-making process of your prospects

If your prospect has a problem that your product solves, adding a product tour software in your tool stack will be beneficial. With an interactive product tour, your prospects can see your product in action solving their business problem.

For example, your prospect struggles to manage their teams under one roof with multiple features. Your product is a CRM and allows your prospect to manage their teams without hassle. If your prospect enters the product tour and explores how your product helps them segment their team with multiple features, it pushes them to take the next step; it will probably be a demo request or free trial.

5 Tips to Create an Effective Product Tour

Creating a product tour is not rocket science if you have a perfect product tour software with your sales team. To roll out an engaging product tour, you have to weave together a few essential elements. Here are five tips to help you create a practical product tour:

1. Use a storytelling approach

The best product tours are those which tell a story. They help users understand how the software can be used and make them more engaged in the process.

For example, if you create a product tour for customer relationship management (CRM) software, narrate a story of how this software helps businesses manage their customers better by highlighting all the features with supporting descriptions.

When you do so, you’ll be able to explain each feature's benefits and highlight them while keeping them engaged.

2. Make the navigation simple

Don't leave your prospects blindfolded by confusing them with the navigation options. You need to ensure that the product tour is easy to use and that users can move from one section to another without any issues. This will help them understand your product better while keeping them engaged.

If your product tour is too complicated to understand, your prospect will leave the tour without exploring further!

An excellent product tour simplifies the user experience, not complicates it. Use your product walkthrough to show users exactly how to use the product—where to click, what affects them, and so on.

3. Keep the messaging short and crisp

Of course, it's tempting you to showcase all the features you have with your product, but it is a big mess when you try to include everything on your product tour.

Your product tour should only focus on the features that are relevant and important to your prospects. In fact, nearly 80% of users exit the product tour if it exceeds ten steps.

You don't want them to be overwhelmed by all the different options they can use—it's confusing and frustrating for users! Instead, try focusing on the most critical features first so that users can understand how they work without getting confused by other things. This is how Wingman keeps the messaging short enough to engage their prospects and convey the value of its features.


4. Organize the order of features

"Why is this feature showing up when I click something else?"

When your prospect gets this question while surfing through your product tour, they will either stop or keep going to reach an unknown destination. Ultimately, they won't get the answer they want, and you won't get the conversion.

So, it's essential to organize your product tour so that users can easily navigate them without getting distracted.

5. Engage prospects with personalization

Personalization is one of the most effective ways to engage your users. It helps you create a sense of belonging with them so that they don’t feel like just a random person on your list. In fact, 84% of customers prefer brands that treat them like individuals rather than numbers.

You can personalize your product tour with the prospects’ names. With Storylane, you can automate this personalization, as it integrates with your CRM and pulls the username to display in your product tour.


This approach allows you to focus on the important things because your personalization has already been taken care of.

How to Create a Winning Product Tour?

If you want to capture the essence of your product’s features and roll out a product tour in minutes, Storylane would be the one-stop shop. Let’s see how you can create a winning product tour in five simple steps,

Step 1: Snap your product's pages

Take a snapshot of your product’s pages with a dedicated browser extension from Storylane. It automatically captures and saves your product screenshots in its dashboard. All you have to do is just install the chrome extension and start capturing your product’s features.

Step 2: Customize your product demo

Customize and personalize your captured pages to suit the needs of every prospect. As Storylane comes with an auto personalization feature, you can easily personalize the content of your capture pages.

Our simple no-code editor makes it easy to customize every aspect of your pages.

You can make changes to or add elements, like logos and text boxes, to the screen you are recording to make it more compelling to your prospects.

Step 3: Create an engaging demo experience with widgets

You can add a series of steps to make an engaging tour that guides users through your product during exploration. Configure the widget that best suits your product tour's purpose.

Once you have the widgets set up, you can add them where you want on your captured screen. In your widget, to support the feature explanation, add the benefits it offers your prospects so that your prospects understand why they need it and what they will get out of it.

Step 4: Share and collect leads

Check the flow of your product tour and ensure that it’s short and crisp, covers all the important features, and is engaging enough to take the prospect to the last step (it can be a CTA that pushes them to take action).

Once you are ready with your killer product tour, you can either embed it on your website or get a link to share it in your email campaigns or with your social community.

Step 5: Analyze and improve

Now your product tour is live. How do you know whether prospects are interacting with your demo or not?

Storylane has got you covered. With Storylane, you can see who has viewed your product demos, how long they viewed your product demo, and which part of the demo flow they spent the most time on so that you can move them along in the sales cycle and decide on follow-up actions. This way, you can ensure that your sales reps stay on top of their game.

Win deals by tapping into prospects' minds

When you have a product tour, you can guide your users through the process of using your product. This is especially effective for software products and services because a lot of people like learning how things work.

On top of that, you will get more transparency in your system and can arm your sales team with the resources they need to close more deals. That being said, you should also think about how to keep users engaged and interested so they will get the most out of it. And that's exactly what Storylane helps you with.

With such a product tour software, you can convert your product experience into a story for better prospect interactions.

Want to know how Storylane can best help you showcase your product's features? Schedule a free demo; we will help you prepare the story that will help you convert more users into customers.


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