8 Reasons Why Should You Invest in a Demo Automation Software

8 Reasons Why Should You Invest in a Demo Automation Software

Harry Mckay
October 12, 2022
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Delivering demos and presentations while trying to educate your prospects on the value of your product can be stressful. You're working around tight schedules, potentially struggling to follow up with prospects and hoping they see the value of what you're offering.

What if you had a system that automates the demo process and showcases your product in the best light while adding a personalized touch?

That's where a demo automation software comes in.

What is Demo Automation? 

Demo automation is a software technology that helps automate the process of rolling out tailored demos without sacrificing the essence of personalization for your prospects. The best part is that every prospect will get a personalized interactive demo, which frees up sales rep's time so they can focus on closing deals instead of creating and managing these product demos.

This is especially important for B2B companies catering to different types of prospects, where it’s hard to tailor a personalized demo for each prospect. 

What is a Demo Automation Software?

A Demo automation software helps you automate the creation of personalized product demos, giving your prospects an early hands-on experience with your product. The advantage of a demo automation software is that you can create a more engaging product demo that can be personalized according to the needs of your prospects.

You can close deals faster as a demo automation software allows your prospects to explore the features of your product on their own even if they haven’t signed up for your product. A video recording of your product on the other hand only gives prospects an overview of your product. 

Why Is Automating your Product Demos Important? 

We know that demos are a critical part of your sales process. The better you can demonstrate how your product solves its problem, the more likely your prospects will buy from you.

Demo automation allows you to spend more time focusing on other activities that generate leads and close deals rather than spending hours manually creating demos for prospects.

Let's know more about the importance of demo automation and how it can help your sales teams close deals faster. 

1. Diverse prospects require diverse demos

Not all your prospects have the exact requirements. You need a solution that can cater to all of their needs. With a demo automation software, you can create specific personalized demos for different kinds of prospects based on their role or industry. For instance, the demo automation software allows you to create demos for sales reps, developers, and marketers.

This way, you can offer a product demo tailored to the prospect’s role and industry. You can create multiple demos with a demo automation software and roll them out based on your sales strategy without starting from scratch every time.

2. Product demos require flexibility

Your product may have many features to offer, but in a sales demo, your reps will only highlight the features that resonated with your prospect’s problems. A demo automation software allows you to create a flexible sales demo that can be configured for different prospects.

3. Personalization in product demos

According to Hubspot, 98% of marketers believe personalization advances customer relationships. When you personalize your product demo, you can establish a connection with your prospect and can convince them that your solution can solve their problems. 

This happens when you have a demo automation software that can integrate with your CRM. For instance, a demo experience platform like Storylane helps you to auto-personalize your demo with the client name by pulling the data from your CRM. 

Moreover, it gives you real-time notifications on Slack when your prospect interacts with your demo allowing your team to take action accordingly.

4. Demos that shorten the sales cycle

Prospects are more likely to buy your product if they can see your product in action. In fact, Hubspot found that 54% of prospects want to know how a product works on their first call with a sales representative.

This is where the role of demo automation comes in. With an interactive demo, you can show your product in action and even let them explore it by themselves. This eases the decision-making process and pushes the prospects down the funnel.

Even better, you can use Storylane to send the product demo in your email as a sales follow-up to remind the value of your product to the prospect once again. 

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5. Avoid errors

It is possible for your sales reps to overlook an important feature in certain situations. When they miss an essential feature, the prospect may not understand the worth of your product. This can break the deal.

With demo automation, you can avoid most of these errors, as it lets you build a custom demo that highlights the features and benefits of your product in a way that is easy for the prospect to understand. This way, your reps can deliver a sales demo leaving no room for product demo-related errors.

6. Improve response time and customer satisfaction

Sales reps need to make sure that they deliver updated sales demos. This can be a challenging task for them, especially if there are a lot of dependencies on the engineering team for this.

However, with demo automation, you can ensure that your sales reps can access the latest version of your product and its features. Without the need for any coding skills. This will help them deliver a better demo experience, and increase the chances of getting the prospect on board.

7. Gives first-hand experience

Demo automation gives your prospects a chance to explore your product's features before they actually sign up for your product. When they see your product solving their pain points, they will be more likely to buy it. This is because they will have an understanding of your product’s capabilities and how it can help them solve their problems.

Storylane helps you to create interactive product demos with its no-code demo builder, allowing your teams to create product demos without sacrificing personalization.

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8. In-depth product demo analytics

Here comes a crucial factor. When you can gather information about how your prospects are interacting with your product demo, you can make tweaks to optimize the product demos. With this demo data at your fingertips, you can show your product that connects better with your prospects. 

How should businesses leverage demo automation to close more deals?

An automated demo can be an effective way for a SaaS company to highlight the value of its product and demonstrate its unique ability to solve its prospects' problems.

Here is how you can use demo automation at every stage of the buyer's journey.

1. Prospecting 

When you are prospecting, your potential buyer is likely in the top level of the sales funnel. This is the initial and challenging stage; in fact, around 40% of sales representatives say that prospecting is the most challenging aspect of their jobs. With demo automation in hand, you can provide an engaging view of your product and get a better conversion rate.

Your buyer’s demo can help convey your product's value and prompt potential customers to learn more about how they can leverage it in their business.

Crafting an email that contains a product demo and sending it to them can help grab their attention. 

2. Qualifying

Demo automation helps you qualify prospects without your sales team's intervention. It allows prospects to get immediate access to your product instead of waiting for a few hours to days for a business development representative to get back to them.

You will get notified when the prospect interacts with the demo embedded in their email, and if they do, they should be able to see the value of your product on their own time and at their own pace—without any help or feedback from anyone.

Sales reps can use this information to tailor their pitches in a way that will make the most of each product demo call. 

3. Post-demo follow up

After the product demo, send your lead a sales follow-up email to continue building rapport and move them further down their sales funnel. You can share the tailored demo embedded in the sales follow-up email, as it provides insight into whether or not a prospect is actually interested in purchasing your product.

4. Sales enablement

With the help of a demo automation software, you can educate your prospect about the value of your product. You can move your prospects down your sales funnel with a customized demo.

Notably, a demo automation tool also helps you to train new reps faster, as you can create product demos for multiple use cases and arm them with the information they need to close the deal!

5. Marketing

A Demo automation software is very useful in marketing campaigns as well. You can embed the product demo on your website or social media posts to tap into prospects from other channels.

Leverage the power of demo automation 

It’s evident that a demo automation software can wear multiple hats and take off the repetitive work from your plate. With perfect demo automation software like Storylane, you can highlight various features to each prospect and get an edge over your competitors.

Storylane is designed to help you create better product demos with zero coding, boost your sales, and increase customer satisfaction with multiple features. 

Want to see Storylane in action? Schedule a demo, and let us explain how you can leverage demo automation with us! 

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