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Quorum Accelerates Enterprise deals with Storylane

Quorum closed enterprise deals faster by using Storylane's interactive demos tailored for key stakeholders in the decision-making process.

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Washington, District of Columbia, United States

About Quorum

Quorum is public affairs software that helps provide one place for stakeholder engagement, legislative tracking, and grassroots advocacy. Thousands of public affairs professionals use Quorum for their work in Congress, all 50 state legislatures, major U.S. cities, the European Union, and several additional countries. Founded in 2014, Quorum is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with an international office in Brussels.

Quorum works with Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, advocacy groups, embassies, nonprofits, and government agencies including Coca-Cola, Walmart, General Motors, U.S. Travel Association, Human Rights Campaign, the United Nations Foundation, and the Air Force. 

The problem

Challenges that led them to look for a product demo platform

Enterprise deals take months to close. While working on multi-stakeholder deals, Quorum needed to showcase its products’ value to different decision-makers.

Users wanted to see the product, but they couldn’t always join the live demos that sales team members presented. 

This challenge drove the marketing and sales operation teams at Quorum to find a way to create and deliver quick self-guided product demos to users. 

The solution

Criteria to evaluate potential product demo platforms

Quorum’s marketing and sales operations teams worked together to solve their challenges. Marketing wanted an efficient way to show Quorum’s value propositions to new prospects, and sales operations was looking at cutting down the time and effort used in creating trials.

While searching for a demo experience platform, these were some of the important things the marketing team was looking for:

  • Self-guided tours for new business prospects and customers.
  • Replace the trial environment with a faster way to showcase product features.
  • Send personalized product demos in ABM campaigns.

The search for a solution

The marketing team wanted a tool that could engage casual website visitors with an interactive, hands-on experience in the product, and a product that could be personalized for use in trials. 

Testing out Storylane convinced the Quorum team that this solution was dependable and offered various features that checked all the boxes. 

Storylane aided Quorum to win deals faster as well as give enterprise prospects a white-glove, tailored experience. This motivated them to integrate product demos in other sales touch-points as well, like when conducting outbound sales campaigns and sharing post-demo resources. 

By implementing Storylane, Quorum gave potential clients a way to experience the tool directly in a self-guided format, ultimately showing—not just telling—the value of Quorum. 

Features they love in Storylane 

Storylane has given Quorum the opportunity to showcase its product to users who aren’t directly in contact with the sales team.

“A lot of companies are focused on trying to find a product-led sales approach, which is sometimes challenging for companies like Quorum who have built a quite sophisticated product. Storylane has been such an incredible way to approach product-led sales.”
Henry Bowditch, Enterprise Sales at Quorum

Especially in the enterprise case, the Quorum team loves how after implementing Storylane’s interactive custom product demos, their sales cycle has accelerated.

A lot of enterprise deals required speaking with multiple stakeholders, which sometimes meant that people who hadn’t seen demos were involved in the decision-making process. Now, the marketing and sales teams can build interactive product demos to give those decision-makers direct access to the platform.

Quorum’s prospects have loved these product demos because they find it easier to understand Quorum’s features and values better. 

Results with Storylane

  • Built guided demo environments that accelerated 2-4 weeks in enterprise deals.
  • Quickly show Quorum’s value proposition and features to prospects.
  • The marketing team can create guided product tours swiftly.
  • Replaced some trial environments with Storylane demo environments and brought in more revenue to the sales pipeline.

Accelerated Enterprise Sales Deals

Once an organization expresses an interest in purchasing Quorum, AEs follow up with an interactive product demo built in Storylane. These product demos are used in Quorum’s ABM and email campaigns as well. 

The marketing team creates an interactive product demo for ABM campaigns to highlight a specific product. They send this product tour via email or in a LinkedIn message to the prospect. The sales team loves the versatility Storylane brings to demonstrate Quorum’s capabilities to multiple stakeholders. 

“With Storylane, I can communicate what our product is to potential users and decision-makers. It's really helpful for me to have a way to directly communicate the value of the tool.”

Henry Bowditch, Enterprise Sales at Quorum

The Future

By efficiently and quickly creating tailored product tours, the sales and marketing teams have seen an improvement in their sales velocity. The team can close enterprise deals faster and generate more revenue in the pipeline. 

Quorum has been able to see measurable results after implementing Storylane in its sales efforts. They are excited to see the other areas in which Storylane can help them generate further success and scale faster. 

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."