One demo is not enough to educate and convert your buyers

Buyers prefer many short demos than one long demo. Ideally, they should be able to spend time with specific short demos that are relevant to them, so they get educated about the product faster and in a focused way.
of buyers want demo options. Hence, access to multiple demos eases the buying process.
On average, buyers interact with 7 to 10 content pieces prior to finalizing a purchase.
higher engagement when your demo is tailored to the buyers's specific needs.

Drive more sales with Demo Hub

Centralize demo discovery

Let buyers explore different features and use cases in one place, boosting their education and decision making throughout the sales process.
A single gallery view for multiple products/ features
Easy to browse through add-on solutions
Streamlined demo navigation and sharing

Convert viewers into buyers at peak moments

Optimize every touchpoint for conversion and capture
interest at peak moments
Multiple dynamic lead capture options
Always visible CTA button across your demos
Add chatbots to increase engagement from the buyer

Turn Insights into Actions, Fast

Understand how each of your live demo hubs is performing and which prospects are engaging
Track user behavior and interactions
Identify the most engaged prospects
Send insights to HubSpot & Slack

Unlock Enterprise Excellence

Access enterprise-level features and robust security.
Custom Domain URL for your demos
Single-Sign On (SSO) and Universal Login
Demo Whitelabel for branding
SOC2 compliant
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Copilot AI is your 24/7 digital sales assistant. Available exclusively through Demo Hub, Copilot AI instantly delivers precise answers to your prospects’ questions, anytime they need.
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Within 2 months of implementing Storylane, we have it running in demand generation campaigns, website, events, and in our sales enablement tool 
Jeremy Goldstein
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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