2024's Best Digital Sales Room Software: Expert Picks and Reviews

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May 1, 2024

A Digital Sales Room (DSR) serves as a platform for sales teams to interact with prospects and manage sales materials efficiently. When prospects start interacting with the content – every click, view, or download is tracked. This gives sales teams valuable insights into prospect interests and engagement levels. It also acts as a single source of truth for everyone involved—both on the selling and buying side.

After extensive testing and analysis of over 20 platforms, including top review sites like G2, we have identified the nine premier DSR picks for 2024. These tools have been evaluated based on their user experience, document management capabilities, integration options, and other key factors.

Top Digital Sales Room Software: At a Glance

Tool Best For Standout Feature
GetAccept Power users searching for a comprehensive DSR solution CPQ to send proposals with product quotes and pricing information
Aligned First-time DSR users Proposal Effectiveness Reporting
DealHub Creating fully-customizable sales rooms Contract Lifecycle Management
Storylane Creating multi-flow demos for complex B2B sales Account-Level Insights
Trumpet Managing negotiations with numerous stakeholders eSignature Capability
EnableUs Creating personalized sales rooms faster Ready-to-Use Templates
Dock Guided DSR Experiences In-Room eSignature Collection
Smart Rooms Companies using Salesforce CRM Smart Room Templates
Allego Building video-centric sales rooms Real-Time Buyer Engagement Tracking

10 Best Digital Sales Room Software: Expert Picks for 2024

1. GetAccept—Best for Power Users Switching to a Full-feature DSR

GetAccept is an end-to-end sales enablement software. You can engage the prospect at all sales stages, from identifying an opportunity to signing the contract. It offers e-signature and quoting functionalities at an enterprise level. Plus, their customer support trains you every step of the way.

GetAccept Key Features:

  • Mutual Action Plans: Collaboratively set clear goals with buyers, improving engagement and understanding to close deals effectively.
  • Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ): Quickly generate accurate proposals with customizable pricing tables to meet buyer requirements.
  • Proposals & Contracts: Automate and enhance proposal creation, tailoring content to increase conversion rates.
  • Secure Electronic Signatures: Simplify agreements with fast, secure e-signatures, reducing sales cycle duration.
  • Sales Content Management: Maintain a centralized content repository, ensuring sales teams utilize the most effective and up-to-date materials.
  • Tracking & Analytics: Monitor real-time interactions with proposals, identify new stakeholders, and accelerate the sales cycle.

GetAccept Pros:

  • Boosted buyer engagement through interactive content and communications.
  • Comprehensive analytics for performance measurement and optimization.

GetAccept Cons:

  • New users may require time to utilize all features.
  • Extensive features may overwhelm smaller teams.

GetAccept Pricing:

Free 14-day trial available. Paid plan starts at $39/month for the Deal Room and $49/month for the Contract Room.

2. Aligned—Best for First Time DSR Users

Aligned DSR is the easiest-to-use digital sales room software, ideal for first-time users with its intuitive interface and customizable templates. It supports dynamic buying processes, speeding up negotiations and deal closure.

Aligned Key Features:

  • Integrated Sales Environment: Each deal gets its virtual sales room, centralizing discussions and keeping sales content up-to-date.
  • Customizable Templates: Offers adaptable templates to standardize selling strategies and maintain consistency across transactions.
  • Secured Sharing: Protects sensitive information with six levels of customizable permissions.
  • Advanced Buyer Insights: Provides real-time alerts and detailed analytics on room interactions, improving post-meeting response strategies.

Aligned Pros:

  • Personalize the platform with your company's branding to make a lasting impression.
  • Designed for seamless use on mobile devices, enhancing accessibility for buyers and sellers.

Aligned Cons:

  • Fewer customization options for platform aesthetics.
  • Achieving full benefits depends on comprehensive stakeholder engagement.

Aligned Pricing:

Available with a 'Free Forever' plan for basic features. Paid plan starts at $29 per month.

3. DealHub—Best for Creating Fully-customizable Sales Rooms

DealHub is a complete revenue workflow management software. It automates tedious tasks and lets you chat and share files in real-time, keeping everyone in sync.

DealHub Key Features:

  • Customizable DealRoom: Tailor every DealRoom with unique branding, facilitating more effective deal closures through enhanced, real-time interactions.
  • Automated Contract Management: Streamline contract negotiations with tools that automate creation, redlining, and approvals.
  • CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote): Generate professional, accurate price quotes and proposals quickly to simplify the sales cycle.
  • Robust Integrations: Seamless compatibility with major CRMs and tools like Salesforce and DocuSign.

DealHub Pros:

  • Matches sales and marketing needs perfectly.
  • Reduces time from lead to deal close, increasing productivity.

DealHub Cons:

  • Can overwhelm those unfamiliar with advanced sales tools.
  • Requires substantial training for full effectiveness.

DealHub Pricing:

Available upon request; customized to business needs. Typically ranges from $25 - $100 per user per month.

4. Storylane—Best for Creating Multi-flow Demos in Complex B2B Sales 

Storylane is not your typical digital room software, but it offers a unique solution for B2B account-based selling. With Storylane, you can create multi-flow demos tailored to the specific interests of the buying group. You can also analyze the interactions of different individuals within the buying committee, gaining insights into their preferences and the specific features they prioritize.

Storylane Key Features:

  • Custom Links: Generate unique, traceable links for each demo, customizable with security settings like passcodes and integrated seamlessly with CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce.
  • Account-Level Insights: Capture detailed interactions and enrich data for targeted follow-ups through advanced lead capturing and account reveal features.
  • Custom or Native Forms: Streamline communication and enhance lead capture by effectively categorizing stakeholders within demos.

Storylane Pros:

  • Tailors demo(s) to meet diverse stakeholder preferences.
  • Logs interactions and metrics into CRM systems.
  • Gathers extensive data on buyer behavior.

Storylane Cons:

  • Full utility depends on integration with existing sales and marketing systems.

Storylane Pricing:

A generous free plan with paid plans starting at $40 per month. Start free!

5. Trumpet—Best for Managing Negotiations with a Large Number of Stakeholders

Trumpet is your go-to digital sales room software for collaborating with multiple stakeholders in real time, cutting down on those lengthy email threads. It helps you identify new stakeholders, help your champions get internal sign-offs and track everyone’s involvement.

Trumpet Key Features:

  • Custom URL: Create unique URLs for each Pod, including your company name, boosting brand visibility.
  • eSignature Capability: Close deals faster by enabling in-Pod document signing.
  • Proposals and Quotes: Streamline proposal and quote approvals within the salesroom.
  • Extensive Integrations: Connect with over 40 sales and marketing tools for a seamless tech ecosystem.
  • Insights & Signals: Analyze prospect behavior and intent with advanced analytics.

Trumpet Pros:

  • Supports a wide array of tools, facilitating robust sales presentations.
  • Enhances the creation and impact of sales presentations.

Trumpet Cons:

  • Absence of broad automation options can hinder workflow customization.

Trumpet Pricing:

Free plan available; Pro package starts at £29/month.

6. EnableUs—Best for Creating Personalized Sales Rooms Faster 

EnableUs is the Digital Sales Room software by Mindtickle. It stands apart for a variety of room templates specifically designed for different stages of the sales cycle, target audience, industry, and specific use cases.

EnableUs Key Features:

  • Customizable Room Templates: Tailor sales rooms to specific sales cycles, industries, or use cases with your brand's visuals.
  • Comprehensive Sales Tool Integration: Enhance sales workflows with seamless integration into existing tools, including CRM and scheduling.
  • Persistent Single Link Sharing: Maintain a constant link that updates with room changes, ensuring buyers always have the latest content.
  • Advanced Room Insights: Gather detailed analytics on buyer engagement to better inform deal prioritization and forecasting.

EnableUs Pros:

  • Offers deep visibility into buyer behavior for more accurate forecasting.
  • Alerts sales teams to buyer interactions, enhancing responsiveness.

EnableUs Cons:

  • May not fully support dynamic, engaging buyer experiences.
  • Can be challenging for new users to integrate and utilize fully.

EnableUs Pricing:

Starts at $25 per month for the starter plan.

7. Dock—Best for Guided DSR Experiences

Dock is a cloud-based SDR with action plans to guide your buyers on using the software. The customers can also see the pricing form and sign the order form in the sales room to close the deal.

Dock Key Features:

  • Templatized Action Plans: Streamline customer guidance with structured, customizable action plans.
  • Stakeholder Access Tracking: Monitor access with email-gated workspaces to ensure only relevant stakeholders enter your salesroom.
  • In-Room eSignature Collection: Expedite deal closures by enabling buyers to sign order forms directly within the salesroom.
  • Prepared Security Profiles: Facilitate quicker security reviews with enterprise buyers using predefined security templates.
  • Comprehensive Embedding Options: Embed various content and tools to enhance the sales experience, including PDFs, videos, and applications like Google Slides and Figma.

Dock Pros:

  • Adjusting a Dock workspace is as easy as editing a document.
  • Quickly incorporate and modify pricing quotes within the workspace.

Dock Cons:

  • May initially challenge new users due to a lack of comprehensive tutorials.

Dock Pricing:

Free for basic features, with a starter pack available at $49 per month.

8. Smart Rooms by JourneyDXP—Best for Companies Using Salesforce CRM

Smart Rooms, the only Digital Sales Room built native to Salesforce CRM, delivers a B2C-style experience to B2B clients through Smart Room Templates. These templates are customizable for industries, companies, and individuals. 

Smart Rooms Key Features:

  • Personalized Engagement: Tailor Smart Rooms for specific industries, company branding, and individual preferences.
  • Advanced Content Management: Features an intuitive CMS with Salesforce integration, unique file structuring, easy content uploads, and version control.
  • Collaborative Environment: Supports internal and external collaboration, like Slack or Microsoft Teams, with private and group messaging.
  • Strategic Automation: Utilize manual and automated plays for enhanced engagement and efficiency, customizable to specific team roles and timelines.
  • In-depth Analytics: Detailed analytics provide insights into customer interactions, helping to refine strategies and improve outcomes.
  • Broad Integration: Integrates smoothly with Salesforce, Gmail, HubSpot, YouTube, and DocuSign, expanding functionality.

Smart Rooms Pros:

  • Improves communication and content sharing within teams and with clients.
  • Offers detailed analytics to support strategic decision-making and sales adjustments.

Smart Rooms Cons:

  • Extensive customization options may require considerable initial setup and platform familiarity.

Smart Rooms Pricing:

Custom pricing tailored to the specific needs of each client. Typically costs between $25 - $100 per user per month.

9. Allego—Best for Video-centric Sales Rooms

Allego empowers reps to create personalized video greetings, curate high-impact video content libraries, and gain valuable insights into buyer video engagement – all within a secure, branded digital sales room environment.

Allego Key Features:

  • Branded Video Welcome: Reps can record personalized video greetings to welcome buyers to the digital sales room, setting a professional tone.
  • Curated Video Content Library: Allego’s content library integrates seamlessly with digital sales rooms, enabling reps to curate sales presentations, product demos, and customer testimonials – all enriched with the power of video.
  • Video Coaching and Feedback: Allego’s coaching features allow managers to provide video feedback on sales pitches, helping reps refine their delivery within the digital sales room environment.
  • Engagement Tracking with Video Analytics: Allego tracks which videos buyers watch and for how long, providing reps with valuable insights into buyer behavior within the digital sales room.

Allego Pros:

  • Utilize video and live chat to maintain engagement even after meetings.
  • Personalized video greetings enhance the buyer's journey

Allego Cons:

  • Requires ongoing updates and active management of digital rooms.

Allego Pricing:

Custom pricing based on specific business needs and features required. Typically costs between $25 - $100 per user per month.

Final Verdict: Which Digital Sales Room Software Best Fits Your Business?

So, which tool is truly the best? It's challenging to single one out because the ideal choice depends on your organization's specific needs. When selecting the right DSR tool, consider the following key factors rather than looking for a one-size-fits-all option.

  • Budget: Align choices with your financial constraints and expected ROI.
  • Team Size: Consider solutions that scale effectively with your team’s size.
  • Tech Stack Integration: Ensure compatibility with your existing tools and platforms.
  • Usability: Opt for software that matches your team’s tech proficiency.
  • Customization Needs: Assess the level of personalization each platform offers to meet your specific sales processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a digital sales room?

A digital sales room is a virtual space where sales teams can engage with prospects and clients, share content, and manage communications throughout the sales process to facilitate deal closures.

2. How do you manage digital sales?

Managing digital sales involves using integrated software tools to track and analyze sales activities, communicate with prospects, automate workflows, and ensure that all team members are aligned and informed throughout the sales cycle.

3. What is a digital sales center?

The digital sales center is the hub for a company's digital selling activities, where sales teams use technology to connect with clients, manage relationships, and close deals virtually.

4. How can digital sales rooms improve the digital buying experience?

Digital sales rooms enhance the buying experience by providing a personalized, engaging, and cohesive platform for buyers to interact with sales content, communicate with sales teams, and make informed purchasing decisions streamlined and efficiently.

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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


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