12 Best Product Marketing Examples To Inform Yours [2024 Edition]

Keerthana Selvakumar
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January 2, 2024

Did you know that more than 30,000 products get launched yearly? Out of these, 95% of the products fail woefully without significantly impacting the market, all due to the lack of an effective product marketing strategy. That's the actual power of product marketing and what product marketers can do. 

Product marketing communicates the value and benefits of a product to potential customers and offers compelling reasons for customers to choose the product over its competitors. 

And if you’re tired of boring B2B marketing campaigns that just blend in with the crowd, keep reading to see our curation of some of the most creative B2B product marketing examples - from funny videos to interactive quizzes, we’ve rounded them up all! 

12 Product Marketing Examples 

Keep reading to check out a roundup of the 12 best product marketing examples we’ve handpicked, complete with a detailed analysis of each example and insights into why they were successful. From gamified training platforms to interactive product demos, this has it all. Get inspired and take your product marketing to the next level in 2024.


Salesforce created the "Trailhead" platform to empower its clients to learn on their own time and pace about Salesforce's capabilities. This platform includes gamification elements such as badges and points, making it engaging and fun for users to learn. By offering free and accessible training, Salesforce effectively earned a reputation for being user-friendly and easy to learn.

An image showing a user engaged in the gamified learning platform known as Salesforce Trailhead. The image captures the essence of Trailhead as a highly effective example of product marketing with gamification, highlighting the platform's ability to make learning fun, engaging, and rewarding.

What Worked:

  • It addressed a clear pain point that many of its customers struggled with - learning how to use its products effectively. The gamification elements increased user engagement and motivation to learn.
  • It was designed with the same user-focused, innovative spirit that defined Salesforce as a company and offered free training that built brand loyalty and trust.
  • The platform's accessibility and ease of use reinforced the idea that Salesforce's products are user-friendly. Trailhead fostered a community of learners and experts who could connect with each other, creating advocacy among users.
Trailhead has been successful because it's a platform that educates and engages users with Salesforce's product suite. It's a unique way to empower our customers, developers, and partners to explore and learn new technologies on their own terms.

 - Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM of Platform, Trailhead, and Developers at Salesforce.


We all wish for a way to democratize access to data-driven insights and help sales teams become more effective and efficient in their work. That’s what Gong did! It uses its own product data to gain and share insights about sales intelligence in a series called Gong Labs. 

By analyzing customer conversations, Gong recommends that sales teams improve their performance and close more deals. The platform's AI technology also helps identify patterns and trends in customer interactions, providing valuable data to inform sales strategies.

An image showing one of the findings in Gong Labs, a sales analytics platform designed to help sales teams improve their performance. The image captures the essence of Gong Labs as a highly effective example of product marketing with resources, highlighting the platform's ability to provide sales teams with the insights and tools they need to succeed

What Worked:

  • It positioned itself as a thought leader in the sales analytics space, regularly publishing thought-provoking insights, research studies, and best practices that helped establish the company as a go-to resource for sales professionals looking to improve their performance.
  • Gong emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making, highlighting the valuable insights that could be gleaned from sales conversations and interactions and positioning its platform as a powerful tool for extracting and analyzing this data.
  • They made it easy for potential customers to access its platform, offering a free trial and a range of resources such as white papers, case studies, and webinars that provided valuable insights and best practices for sales professionals.
"The success of The Gong Labs stems from its ability to furnish customers with actionable insights derived from real-world data. Through the analysis of millions of sales conversations, we identify trends and best practices that enable sales teams to improve their performance and attain superior results." 

- Udi Ledergor, CMO at Gong.


One thing brought us all together during the pandemic - Zoom's "Stay Connected" campaign. It emphasized the importance of staying connected with coworkers and friends while working from home. By showcasing the platform's ease of use and accessibility, Zoom effectively marketed itself as the go-to solution for virtual meetings and remote work.

The image conveys the idea of using Zoom to stay connected with others, whether for work or personal reasons.

What Worked:

  • The campaign's product positioning resonated with the needs of the time, establishing Zoom as a timely and relevant solution. It tapped into a common need during the COVID-19 pandemic: the need for remote communication and connection.
  • The campaign also showcased the platform's ease of use and flexibility, highlighting the ability to connect with others from anywhere, on any device. Emphasizing ease of use and accessibility made the platform more approachable and user-friendly.
  • The campaign effectively positioned Zoom as the go-to solution for staying connected with loved ones, colleagues, and customers, leveraging emotive messaging that resonated with people on a personal level. The focus on human connection and staying connected reinforced the importance of the platform's core function.
"Zoom's 'Stay Connected' campaign resonated with customers by addressing their emotional needs during a challenging time. The campaign's emphasis on the significance of human connection and the ability to facilitate it despite physical distance struck a chord with people, resulting in strong brand affinity and loyalty." 

- Janine Pelosi, CMO at Zoom.


To understand the pain points and preferences of candidates throughout the hiring journey, Candidately conducted a survey focused on candidate experience and created a huge impact on the process of candidate sourcing. The survey provided valuable insights and data for businesses looking to improve their hiring processes and attract top talent.

Image of a survey form titled 'Candidately Candidate Experience Survey,' showcasing the importance of understanding the hiring journey from a job seeker's perspective. This survey serves as an example of effective product marketing in the HR and recruitment space.

What Worked:

  • It demonstrated the company's commitment to understanding the pain points and needs of job seekers in the recruitment process.
  • The survey generated many leads for Candidately's sales team. This helped them use the survey as a lead-generation tool to capture contact information from survey participants for future marketing outreach.
  • The valuable insights provided by the survey reinforced Candidately's core function and increased brand awareness. This approach helped Candidately build trust and credibility with potential customers and stand out in a crowded market.
"Our candidate experience survey was successful because it provided valuable insights into an often-overlooked aspect of the hiring process. By shining a light on the candidate perspective, we were able to help our customers improve their recruiting processes and attract top talent." 

- Rob Kelly, CEO at Ongig (parent company of Candidately).


One great B2B product marketing example is Slack's "Make Work Better" campaign. The campaign showcases how Slack's platform can improve communication and productivity in the workplace through creative ads, such as a humorous video featuring actors using outdated communication methods like fax machines and carrier pigeons. It also included thought leadership content and customer success stories to reinforce the message that Slack is the tool that can transform the way teams work together.

The image shows Slack’s Make Work Better campaign - improve workplace productivity and communication

What Worked:

  • This campaign product messaging highlighted Slack's unique selling proposition (USP) of improving workplace communication and productivity. 
  • The campaign's use of humor helped make Slack's message more memorable and engaging. The ads also used relatable scenarios to demonstrate how Slack's platform can solve real-world problems that many businesses face.
  • They used a variety of channels, including video ads, thought leadership content, and customer success stories, to reach and engage different target audiences showing Slack's platform's versatility and value in multiple ways.


Shopify's "All-in-One Commerce Platform" campaign targeted businesses that are looking to start or grow an online store and showcases how Shopify's platform can help them sell more products and scale their business. It included a variety of helpful content, such as videos, webinars, and tutorials, that demonstrate the ease of use and effectiveness of Shopify.

An image of Shopify’s platform and how it works great as a product marketing example

What Worked:

  • This campaign clearly communicates Shopify's product story and value proposition as an all-in-one commerce platform that can help businesses of all sizes start or grow an online store. 
  • The campaign includes a variety of content formats that showcase Shopify's expertise in e-commerce, such as videos, webinars, and tutorial to establish itself as a thought leader in the industry that helped potential buyers trust the platform's capabilities.
  • They targeted businesses that are looking to start or grow an online store, which helps ensure that the messaging resonates with the right audience. 


"Grow Your Business with Google Ads" campaign targeted businesses that are looking to advertise online and showcases how Google Ads can help them reach their target audience and drive business results. The campaign included a variety of content formats, such as videos, webinars, and case studies, that demonstrate the effectiveness of Google Ads.

Screenshot of Google’s ‘Grow Your Business with Google Ads campaign as a good product marketing example and how it empowered businesses

 What Worked:

  • By focusing on the pain points and needs of this specific audience, Google was able to create messaging that resonates and drives interest in Google Ads.
  • It showcased the value of Google Ads by highlighting the potential ROI and business growth that can be achieved through advertising on Google's platform. 
  • Used the multi-channel approach helps ensure that the messaging reaches prospective customers where they are and increases the chances of converting them into Google Ads users.


Nutanix created an annual report called the "Enterprise Cloud Index," highlighting the latest trends and insights in the cloud computing industry. It was designed to help businesses better understand the challenges and benefits of adopting a hybrid and multi-cloud product strategy and position Nutanix as a leader in this space. As a provider of enterprise cloud solutions, Nutanix can leverage the data and insights from the report to inform its product development, marketing strategy, and customer engagement efforts. It also provided valuable market intelligence that can inform Nutanix's product and marketing decisions and help the company better serve its customers.

Screenshot of Nutanix's Enterprise Cloud Index report cover with a graph and text on a white background

What Worked:

  • By establishing themselves as a thought leader and authority in this space, Nutanix was able to increase brand awareness and credibility, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales of their enterprise cloud solutions. 
  • The report helped Nutanix differentiate itself from its competitors and created product awareness. It also showcased its expertise and understanding of its customer's needs and challenges.
  • Offered valuable insights and data-driven research to its target audience about the adoption and benefits of enterprise cloud technology.
"The Enterprise Cloud Index report has been successful because it provides our customers valuable insights into cloud adoption and usage across industries. By analyzing data from thousands of companies, we can identify trends and best practices that help our customers optimize their cloud strategies and achieve better business outcomes." 

- Wendy M. Pfeiffer, CIO at Nutanix


Adobe created the "Creative Cloud" subscription service to provide a comprehensive suite of creative software tools to customers and to transition from a traditional software licensing model to a cloud-based subscription model. Adobe effectively marketed itself as the go-to solution for creative professionals by providing a one-stop shop for creative needs.

Screenshot of Adobe Creative Cloud dashboard showing various design software tools and features

What Worked:

  • It addressed the changing needs of its customers by offering a subscription-based model that provided access to all of Adobe's creative software, along with cloud storage and collaboration tools.
  • Allowed Adobe to increase its revenue streams, provide a more flexible and affordable option for its customers, and build stronger customer relationships by offering ongoing updates and new features.
  • Enabled Adobe to gather data and insights about its users, which it could use to inform future product development and marketing efforts.
"Adobe Creative Cloud has been a game-changer for our creative customers, providing them with the tools and services they need to create their best work. With cloud-based collaboration and AI-driven features like Adobe Sensei, we empower creatives worldwide to bring their ideas to life."

- Bryan Lamkin, EVP, and General Manager, Digital Media at Adobe.


LinkedIn's "Jobs You May Be Interested In" feature uses data and algorithms to suggest relevant job openings to users. By providing a personalized and efficient job search experience, LinkedIn effectively markets itself as a powerful tool for job seekers.

Screenshot of LinkedIn's "Jobs You May Be Interested In" feature, which suggests job openings based on the user's profile and interests

What Worked:

  • Leveraged the platform's vast database of user information to deliver highly targeted job recommendations to its users, improving their job search experience and ultimately driving engagement and retention on the platform
  • By using machine learning algorithms, the feature helps users discover relevant job opportunities based on their skills, experience, and interests, while also helping employers to reach the right candidates for their open positions
  • The feature's integration with LinkedIn's existing platform made it easy for users to access and use.
"Our Jobs You May Be Interested In feature is all about making the job search process easier and more personalized for our members. By leveraging data and machine learning, we are able to recommend job opportunities that are most relevant to each individual's skills, interests, and career goals." 

- Susan Chenoweth, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn


Toplyne hosted webinars focused on best practices and strategies for sales engagement. Sales professionals from various industries attended the webinars and were valuable resources for improving sales team performance.

Toplyne's series of webinars showcasing industry experts discussing sales and marketing strategies.

What Worked:

  • By providing valuable content and expertise to attendees, Toplyne was able to showcase its products and services, build trust and credibility, and generate leads.
  • It helped to increase brand awareness and establish the company as a thought leader in the industry.
  • These webinars allowed Toplyne to engage with target customers in a more personal and interactive way, which helped to foster relationships and increase the likelihood of conversion.

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Gladly created a report called "The State of Customer Service in 2022," highlighting the latest trends and insights in the customer service industry. The report is valuable for businesses looking to improve their customer service and experience. As a provider of customer service software, Gladly used the data and insights from the report to demonstrate the company's expertise and understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Gladly's report cover for The State of Customer Service in 2022

What Worked:

  • Provided valuable insights and data on customer service trends, which can be used to inform and improve the company's product and marketing strategies.
  • By sharing the report with their target audience, Gladly positioned themselves as thought leaders in the customer service space and showcased their expertise in the industry.
  • The report also helped to generate interest and awareness for the company's products and services, as it highlights the challenges that businesses face in delivering quality customer service and offers solutions that Gladly's platform can address.
Quick Takeaways For Unlocking Growth with Clever Product Marketing Strategies

How Storylane Can Aid in Your Product Marketing

We’re sure these 12 examples would’ve inspired you to kickstart your product marketing campaigns for your product. Here’s one more tip for you before you leave - Use  Interactive demos by leveraging platforms such as Storylane, which are highly effective product marketing strategies for several reasons. Use it in product marketing to help businesses connect with their audience more authentically and engagingly.

Some exciting ways to use Storylane in product marketing:

  • Showcase your product in different marketing and sales channels. Embed Interactive walkthroughs on your website, social media channels, or even use it at trade shows to provide a seamless experience for potential customers. Increase the chances of conversion by making your product accessible and easy to understand. 
  • Utilize the demo engagement data to understand user behavior and trends with your product. Gain valuable insights into how users interact with your product using interactive product demos. By analyzing engagement data, you can identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize the user experience.
  • Offer customized experiences for different target audiences. Interactive demos can be tailored to suit different buyer personas. You can showcase specific features or benefits that are most relevant to each of them which increases engagement and improves the chances of conversion.
  • Use interactive demos to educate and onboard new users. Provide a guided experience to ensure that users understand the full capabilities of your product and feel confident in using it.

Here you go; grab the opportunity to try our interactive demos that promote your products and help you reach a wider audience. This is a great way for product marketing teams, product management teams, and even product development teams to introduce your product to the world and what they could offer. Try it out today!

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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


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