What is an Interactive Product Demo, and why is it important?

What is an Interactive Product Demo, and why is it important?

Keerthana Selvakumar
January 13, 2023
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Interactive product demos give prospects a live and hands-on experience of your product and are an excellent tool for product marketing in the B2B SaaS space. Product marketing can showcase how the product's features can solve prospects' pain points through interactive product demos. In the current product-led growth (PLG) landscape, with companies competing with each other and customers inclining more towards self-serve sales, interactive product demos are no longer a good-to-have but a must-have in your marketing strategy stack! The latest research from Gartner reveals that 43% of B2B buyers are ready to opt for a seller-free sales experience and wish to explore the product more. 

Why are Interactive Product Demos important?

For product marketing, interactive product demos help boost a company's product-led growth strategy. Interactive product demos aid in reducing unnecessary friction in product marketing efforts. By having a way to show your product’s capabilities in the best possible light, you are empowered to offer a great user experience through the marketing channel. You provide an opportunity for prospects to experience your product, features, and user interface even before they sign up for a free trial. 

What are the top 5 advantages of Interactive Product Demos?

  1. Get prospects to the 'AHA' moment quickly

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Your product demo can be technically strong and comprehensive, but your prospect will not remember it among the other demos they attend daily. So, you need an A-ha moment for them to hold on to and come back to your product. By adding a detailed interactive product demo, you ensure your prospects see your product’s potential, get to that A-ha moment quickly, and are interested in signing up for your product. This is especially very useful for B2B SaaS products with a complex learning curve.

  1. Remove friction from SaaS marketing

Interactive product demos are not just an attractive tool but are very powerful in streamlining your customer’s journey and generating leads by removing friction in the marketing process. The logic here is simple, when prospects understand your product better and learn how it works by experience, their indicated interest in what your brand promises to offer is bound to stay. And this will be a compelling factor for them to make a purchase. 

Especially when your prospects have specific requirements, an interactive product demo can help them understand how your product meets their needs. Also, interactive product demos bring more clarity to your marketing strategies and helps convinces prospects who are still unsure about moving forward with your product.

  1. Optimize your product’s sign-up flow 

Sign-up flow for any product is the first touch point your prospects have with your product. First impressions are crucial, and we know that well. Frictionless sign-up flows offer a better user experience and make it easier to generate more qualified conversions. A better way to offer a quality user experience is by using interactive product demos in driving sign-ups.

One of the main advantages of interactive product demos is that they are versatile and can be used in multiple touch points in a customer's journey — from websites, help pages, blogs, software documentation, emails, to customer case studies, social media, and more. By creating a customized sign-up flow through interactive product demos, you can drive more visitors to turn into qualified prospects and increase the conversion rate. 

  1. Increase the conversion rate

Talking on and on about the different features of your product does not work as efficiently as we think it does. Your prospects need to see, experience, and believe that your product’s features would benefit their business. 

With interactive product demos, you can share the story behind your product, and the product features in a more engaging manner. You can also customize the data in your interactive product demos to align it perfectly with the requirements of your prospects and make these demos resonate better with your prospects. 

  1. Understand users’ interaction 

You can create an engaging, interactive product demo and share it with your prospect. Or there could be a fantastic interactive product tour that sits right  on top in your website. But it is very challenging to get potential customers to convert without understanding how how they interact with your demos. An interactive product demo software like Storylane can help you gain user behavior insights and track interactions.

You can track the behavior based on clicks in interactive demo journey with Storylane. You can identify who is viewing your product demos and plan on how to optimize your product demos to move them to the next stage in your pipeline. If they become inactive, you can trigger follow-up actions to pursue them.

Plan your PLG strategy with interactive product demos

Devising strategies for PLG companies can be challenging since every strategy should see if it drives growth and ROI to sustain in the competitive market. Because B2B buyers wish to explore and research the product without the dependency on sales reps, showing your product features with an interactive product demo as one of the top of the funnel strategies can increase the leads generated and and conversion rate. Check out this sample Storylane interactive demo that you can create for your company within a few minutes and supercharge your marketing efforts. 

Supercharge your funnel with Interactive Demos

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