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Toplyne Boosts Product-Led Growth With Storylane

Toplyne was able to increase their lead conversions using Storylane's interactive product demos on their website.

Business Intelligence, SaaS, Sales Software, Subscription Service
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

About Toplyne

Toplyne is a SaaS platform that helps businesses monetize their product-led growth strategies. 

Being a plug-and-play platform, they enable sales teams at PLG (product-led growth) companies to identify and focus on the users and accounts most likely to convert.

Arjun Rakesh is the Growth Product Manager at Toplyne. He initially worked on creating Toplyne’s brand identity and demand in the market and then moved into a growth-focused role. 

The problem 

Challenges faced: On the lookout for a product demo platform

Prospects sign up for a product trial when they see potential in a product to fit their requirements. Toplyne needed a way to demonstrate its product features and capabilities so that prospects could better understand how Toplyne could solve its pain points. 

Initially, when Toplyne’s product was in the developmental phase, they had a good lead flow in their system, but they wanted to find an effective way to connect with their prospects and move them forward in the sales funnel. 

They did not want to use Loom videos to show their product because it wasn’t an interactive and personalized experience for prospects. So they started looking for an interactive product tour platform. 

The solution

Criteria to evaluate potential product demo platforms

Toplyne was looking at creating HTML product demos and tried out various product demo platforms for certain criterions such as:

  • Ease of use
  • Feature set
  • Pricing

The search for a solution

Toplyne did a Google search for product demo software that could deliver a tailored, interactive experience of Toplyne’s product to both prospects and customers. They evaluated multiple product demo platforms before deciding to go ahead with Storylane. 

Storylane, a demo experience platform for product-led growth (PLG) businesses aided Toplyne to show prospects how Toplyne fits into their current sales and growth workflows. 

Features they love in Storylane 

During Toplyne’s high-growth phase, they did not have the bandwidth or time to create a product tour or use a complicated product demo platform. They wanted an easy way to create customized, product flows through a reliable product demo platform. When they tried out Storylane, they saw that it met all their requirements:

  • Ability to create product tours easily
  • Host of features to cater to their prospects and customers
  • Excellent customer support
  • Great pricing plans
Storylane's no-code demo editor
Storylane's no-code demo editor

Toplyne was able to guide prospects through their product demo while highlighting important features that resonate with them. With Storylane's no-code product demo platform, Toplyne’s marketing team was able to engage with their prospects and showcase their product’s value easily. 

“I love how quickly and easily we can create product tours without any engineering requirements.”
Arjun Rakesh, Growth Product Manager at Toplyne

Toplyne also picked Storylane for its reliability as a product demo experience platform. With just a few clicks and zero coding, they were able to create multiple product tours that could cater to potential customers across different segments. 

Toplyne loves the product demo analytics that gives them in-depth insights into how they can optimize their product tours to get more customers on board. Storylane’s HTML CSS settings give Toplyne a lot of control over the kind of experience they want to deliver to potential customers. 

Toplyne product demo
Toplyne's product demo

Results with Storylane

Marketing increases conversions

Toplyne has added a product demo with other flows on their website which works for prospects coming from different geographies and industries. By adding an interactive product demo on their website, they are seeing an increase in the number of high-intent prospects. After the product demo ends, prospects are shown a form that signs them up for a free trial.

Toplyne product demo

This meant more prospects interacting with Toplyne’s product demo and automatically getting qualified. Using the data from Storylane, Toplyne’s marketing team was able to get actionable insights and apply the necessary changes. 

After using Storylane’s interactive product demo, Toplyne saw a growth of 25% in their marketing leads and an increase in trial signups. Through Storylane’s guided product demos, prospects are able to discover Toplyne’s features and the benefits it translates to for their business. This led to an improvement in Toplyne’s trial conversions.

Toplyne found an added benefit with Storylane’s single-click integrations and fast-response support – a smooth way to qualify Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). The demo analytics Storylane provided gave Toplyne's marketing team a comprehensive overview of lead information, product demo completion rates, and demo click-through rates – all synced to their HubSpot CRM. 

Sales close deals faster

“We are able to customize product tours in multiple ways for every prospect’s use case.”
Arjun Rakesh, Growth Product Manager at Toplyne

The sales team at Toplyne was able to create different product tours for each prospect with Storylane. These product demo flows could be customized with elements such as first and last name, company name, name of the accountant/champion, and logos. When a sales representative delivers a product demo, they can create a unique link customized according to the needs of the prospect. This helped Toplyne give personalized demos on the fly. 

The sales team at Toplyne was also able to send a sales leave-behind in the form of a quick product demo to nurture their prospects. The sales team had the choice of sending a guided product demo to prospects that were secured with a password and expiration date. 

Along with that, the sales team could access demo data which helped them gain insights into the product demo engagement rate and which prospects they could follow up with.

The Future

Toplyne’s customers love how there is an interactive and powerful way to explore the product compared to reading standard documentation about the product’s features and how it can be implemented.

Seeing the consistent success of Storylane’s product tours, Toplyne has plans to deploy Storylane's product demos for their how-to guides, new product releases, and email campaigns as well. 

Toplyne is looking forward to implementing Storylane's product demos to deliver a seamless product experience to prospects and unlock higher growth opportunities. 

To check out the interactive product demo Toplyne built, head here

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."