5 Awesome Interactive Demo Examples

5 Awesome Interactive Demo Examples

Akash Bansal
March 2, 2022
min read

We get asked this a lot, a few examples of some of the best ways to showcase the product. So here are a few examples to inspire you.

1 - Bill.com

I like the demo that bill.com has built on its website. It starts off by collecting the person's email viewing the demo and has eight different flows that the user can choose from. But, most importantly, it builds the story for the user.

‎2. Enable.us

Enable.us is a deal room between buyers and sellers. They have a Take a tour as a CTA on their website, which leads them to a demo. They have two stories, one for buyers and another for sellers. At the end of the whole self-guided demo, they have yet another CTA for users to book a demo

‎3. Amplitude

The self-guided demo on the Amplitude website is class in itself. For Amplitude to build a fully baked demo instance to drive interested buyers through their funnel and to get Product Qualified leads is a fantastic work of product and engineering. In addition, they have a clear CTA on their website calling on people to "Explore Product."

4. Rippling

Rippling is a platform for employee payroll, benefits, and device management. It is loved by HR and IT teams. Their growth marketing team wanted to showcase the entire feature set and build a great story around it. Their Storylane product tour is gated with a lead capture form. If you want a detailed tour of the product, you want to experience what they built.

5. Mercury

Mercury, the - bank for startups that Storylane also uses, has a lovely demo. Although mercury has self signup, they also chose to have this CTA of Product Demo under the Product navigation bar. You get to explore the product in totality without any guides, but it helps the user because it is super simple. The biggest thing is that the demo is populated with feel-good data, making them feel that it's a real demo account.

We decided to use Mercury inspiration and build a product demo to show how Storylane could have done the same job for them. Let us know what you think and do let Immad and his team at Mercury know that they have inspired the Storylane team.

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