19 Sales Blogs You Must Read Everyday to Get Better

Payal Gusain
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October 10, 2023

The world’s top 1% salespeople have a lot in common with you. They’re equally embroiled in trying to meet sales quotas and knee-deep in prospecting woes. So how do they manage to close accounts like it is child’s play?

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No, they’re not a rare breed. They just have a better content diet than most. Salespeople who are always closing are also people who are always learning.

And if you’d like to join the top 1%, reading sales blogs is a step in the right direction. They will not only keep you abreast of industry trends, but also help you borrow a leaf from other sales winners.

Here are 19 sales blogs so good, you’d want to gatekeep them all.

Top 19 Sales Blogs to Add to Your TBR List

1. Andy Raskin’s Medium Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from Andy Raskin’s blog.

Topics Covered: sales pitching and copywriting

Our Favorite Post: The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen

A master storyteller and product marketing veteran, Andy Raskin is a force in building strategic narratives and brand storytelling. In his sales blog, he draws from lived experiences to share proven frameworks around sales, product, and fundraising.

Follow for tactical tips to improve positioning and messaging for sales pitches.

2. NASP Sales Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from NASP Sales’ blog

Topics Covered: B2B sales, leadership, sales training, management

Our Favorite Post: Out-of-the-Box Sales Strategies for Identifying Your Ideal Customers in 2023

This sales training blog from the National Association of Sales Professionals is a repository of thought-provoking articles, and covers a wide variety of sales processes across the buying cycle. It’s also exclusively written by industry influencers, so you’re in for some one-of-a-kind sales techniques and insights for leading sales teams.

Follow for the diversity of voices and views across sales topics, from pipeline management to culture building.

3. Storylane Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from Storylane’s blog.

Topics Covered: SaaS sales, pre-sales, PLG, marketing, demo tours

Our Favorite Post: 3 best discovery call scripts & how to prepare one (with discovery call questions)

How do you make your product the hero of your growth story? You start with positioning and end by nailing the product demo. Since talk is cheap, we show you how it’s done.

How to organize remote demos? Check. Best ways to deliver sales demos? Check. Product-driven growth strategy? Check. Funniest memes about sales demo blues? Double check. From tools to tactics, we comprehensively cover the art of closing on the Storylane blog.

Follow for practical advice about creating and delivering awesome sales demos that you can implement right away.

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4. The Closer Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from The Closer’s blog.

Topics Covered: sales news and culture

Our Favorite Post: When one gen-AI door closes, another one opens

Subscribe to The Closer by Groove, a sales engagement platform, to get the latest scoop on B2B sales trends with interesting, weekly roundups. With carefully curated resources and pop culture references strewn around, this blog will appeal to professionals beginning their sales careers.

Follow for a weekly dose of exciting, curated content “from the frontlines of the sales industry,” as Groove puts it. 

5. The Center for Sales Strategy Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from The Center of Sales Strategy’s blog.

Topics Covered: sales performance, sales pipeline management, sales forecasting

Our Favorite Post: Burn Your Ships: A History Lesson About How to Be a Great Leader

This sales performance consulting company has been in the business since 1983. On the blog, you can enjoy nuggets of timeless wisdom about improving sales operations through strategic hiring processes and training.

Follow for fresh perspectives on how to hire and coach a sales team to drive better outcomes.

6. Gartner’s Sales Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from Gartner’s Sales blog.

Topics Covered: Sales leadership, enablement, analytics

Our Favorite Post: Sales Force Sizing – Speaking the CFO’s Dialect

This blog is a repository of opinions by Gartner analysts. Yes, the same analysts who work with top executives across TSPs and the like, so you’re sure to get interesting food for thought and reframing existing knowledge.

Follow for analytical insights and fresh viewpoints you won’t find anywhere else.

7. Sales Solutions Blog by LinkedIn

A screenshot of an excerpt from LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions blog.

Topics Covered: sales strategy, modern selling, B2B sales

Our Favorite Post: 5 Lessons From a 1960s Textbook That’ll Make You a Best Seller Today

As the name suggests, this blog is a resourceful collection of “sales strategy and modern selling tips” from some of the top voices on LinkedIn. You can deep dive into personal narratives, expert interviews, real-life growth examples, and a variety of other actionable content to enrich your learning.

Follow for suggestions on the social selling process and practical use cases of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

8. Salesflare Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from Salesflare’s blog.

Topics Covered: Lead generation, cold emailing, CRM, automation

Our Favorite Post: The Great Guide to Crafting a Sales Deck that Sells

If you like your sales tips and techniques with a side of humor and crazy GIFs, you’ll love the Salesflare blog. The deeply researched email templates and sequences along with insightful reviews of sales tools make for exciting reads.

Follow for comprehensive suggestions on how to build effective email workflows and generate leads.

9. First Round Review Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from First Round Review’s blog.

Topics Covered: technology startups and growth strategy

Our Favorite Post: The Most Common Go-to-Market Questions This Expert Gets from Early Founders

While there is no handbook to succeeding in sales, gleaning insights from the trials and triumphs of sales winners isn’t a bad idea. The sales section of Review is a space for uninhibited knowledge about technology, product, and growth, that are great for both personal and professional growth.

Follow to tune into how founders take their businesses from ground zero to one. 

10. The Intercom Blog - Sales

A screenshot of an excerpt from Intercom’s Sales blog.

Topics Covered: sales strategy and team management

Our Favorite Post: A Playbook for the Impatient SDR: 4 Key Tips to Grow Your Sales Career

Intercom’s sales category blog is THE hub for modern-day sales intelligence. Its data-rich exploration of the post-sales motions and services are a breath of fresh air. And the highly engaging deep dives into relationship building and customer engagement are instant hits. 

But if you’d rather listen than read, tune in to Intercom’s Inside Intercom to hear straight from the present day’s hottest sales and customer service leaders.

Follow for strategic advice and tactical recommendations to modern-day sales challenges.

11. BombBomb Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from BombBomb’s blog.

Topics Covered: selling on video and video messaging

Our Favorite Post: How to Send Video in LinkedIn Messages to Better Connect With Your Prospects

Still figuring out the art of selling on video? This blog by BombBomb, a video messaging platform, has got you covered with detailed how-to articles and a podcast, The Customer Experience, offering practical advice and tips straight from revenue leaders.

You can learn to effectively use video messages and email to communicate value to prospects and deepen relationships. And if you work in real estate, mortgage, or insurance, you can access specific use cases to use right away.

Follow for creative takes on how to use video messaging for different business outcomes.

12. The Pipeline Blog by ZoomInfo

A screenshot of an excerpt from ZoomInfo’s The Pipeline blog.

Topics Covered: GTM, sales intelligence, sales strategy, rep development

Our Favorite Post: GTM Plays: How to Win the Race for Sales Productivity

Zoominfo’s sales category blog is a masterclass on how to think and implement data-led sales motions. You’re going to love the deep dives and the big-picture scenarios shared by sales experts. As well as the tactical advice and data-driven practices to scale your revenue funnel.

Follow for data-informed and rep-tested sales plays and strategies for GTM success.

Side note: Zoominfo also has a weekly podcast Pretty Big Deal, where sales professionals share career-defining tales of their big wins and heartbreaking losses. These are the stories you’ll want to rewind again and again!

13. Cerebral Selling

A screenshot of an excerpt from Cerebral Selling’s blog.

Topics Covered: leadership, objection handling, negotiation

Our Favorite Post: Sell More by Leading with What You Believe

Who knew blending science and empathy was the way to become successful sales professionals? But David Priemer, former VP of Commercial Sales at Salesforce, is a sales trainer who’s ingenious in his use of science principles to solve common sales challenges.

From building excellent team cultures to hosting fruitful discovery calls, this “Sales Professor” shares high-value content in simple language on the Cerebral Selling blog and his YouTube channel.

Follow to get science-backed, first-hand tips from the founder of one of the biggest sales companies in the world.

14. Revenue Intelligence Blog by Gong

A screenshot of an excerpt from Gong’s Revenue Intelligence blog.

Topics Covered: sales management, revenue intelligence, sales enablement, customer relationships, sales automation

Our Favorite Post: How to Write a Sales Email: What the Data Really Says

Gong, a sales conversation intelligence software, is a name you cannot miss when listing the best sales blogs. 

If you’re someone who loves the sound of data crunching, you’re going to dig the jaw-dropping insights — derived from first-party, primary data, sourced from real-life customer conversations.

You also get clear, actionable articles covering a variety of sales plays. And if you’re a sales leader looking for proven advice on building a sales team, don’t miss out on Gong’s data-driven newsletter The Edge.

Follow for data-backed, actionable advice on how to manage and win your sales pipeline goals.

15. Jill Konrath’s Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from Jill Konrath’s blog.

Topics Covered: modern selling, sales productivity, leadership, selling tools, sales prospecting

Our Favorite Post: 2 Elevator Speech Examples - One Works, the Other Doesn't

Jill Konrath’s blog will make you feel invincible with her encouraging tone and crisp insights on how to close challenging business deals and improve revenue. She brings unparalleled wisdom from her decades-spanning career to help you tackle today’s dynamic sales environment as a sales manager and leader. 

Follow to learn fresh strategies to get rid of sales bottlenecks, whether selling to startups or enterprises.

16. Tomasz Tunguz Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from Tomasz Tunguz’s blog.

Topics Covered: startup growth, Product-led Growth, SaaS sales, GTM, hiring process

Our Favorite Post: The Smallest ACV to Justify an Inside Sales Team at a SaaS Startup

Head straight to venture capitalist Tomasz Tunguz’s blog if you’re searching for reflective, thought-shaping content. He often challenges classic sales motions with statistical reasonings and unpacks data to share keen observations.

Follow for analytical breakdowns of modern selling practices and roadblocks.

17. The Revenue Lab by Dock

A screenshot of an excerpt from Dock’s The Revenue Lab blog.

Topics Covered: SMB sales, B2B sales, sales enablement, customer success, pricing

Our Favorite Post: The Sandler Selling System: How to Lead the Sales Dance

Dock’s Revenue Lab is a hub of best practices, tips, comprehensive guides, templates, and tools for sales talent of all stature. Unlike many corporate blogs, most of its topics touch upon niche selling practices that are simply unmissable. 

Plus, its deep dives into time-tested selling systems and sales methodologies are must-reads for all B2B sales reps.

Follow for well-researched guides on building relationships and winning customers.

18. PreSales Collective Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from PreSales Collective’s blog.

Topics Covered: pre-sales, sales skills, career development, sales productivity

Our Favorite Post: Winning Early: The Role of the Solution Engineer Early in the Sales Cycle

One of the largest communities with 20,000+ pre-sales professionals, PSC is the go-to resource for learning the tricks of the trade with contributions from experienced pre-sales professionals. 

The focus of PSC gears slightly more toward career development and coaching for sales teams, so if you’re starting out in pre-sales, you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Follow to read standout opinion pieces and diverse viewpoints about building a career in pre-sales.

19. Sales Hacker Blog

A screenshot of an excerpt from Sales Hacker’s blog.

Topics Covered: salespeople management, lead generation, outreach, sales life, sales skill development

Our Favorite Post: Creating a Sales Culture: What It Is & How It’s Done

At last, one of the best sales blogs of all time: Sales Hacker. Dubbed the “next generation of sales”, it’s an unmissable hub of thought-leading sales content mixed with career advice. If personal narratives are your jam, SH is the place to be.

Follow for unique takes from seasoned professionals and aspiring salespeople alike.

Check out: How to make your sales more engaging

How to Start a Sales Blog?

All the best sales blogs have three things in common. They are deeply engaging, conceptualized with a particular audience in mind, and informed by subject matter expertise.

Step 1: Conceptual Framing

A sales blog loved by thousands is built with intention. Before you get down to the writing business, sketch out the topics you’d like to cover and the goals you’d like to achieve. This will shape the way you ideate, engage, connect, and provide value to your readers.

So, ask yourself:

  • Who is my audience?
  • Do I want to write for beginners or experienced professionals?
  • What would my audience like to learn?
  • How do I want to scale and grow my blog?

To test the waters, you can also float a survey on channels like LinkedIn, Reddit, and even Product Hunt (like we did with our Buying Bottlenecks newsletter). 

Step 2: Technical Setup

Once the blog concept is locked, it’s time to get technical. From CMS and hosting platforms to hiring a web developer and selecting a blog design, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

  • Which blogging platform or CMS will be best for my needs? For example, WordPress or Wix.
  • What will be the domain name and where should I host it?
  • How many pages will the blog have?
  • How do I want my blog to look and feel?

Or, if you don’t want to jump through the hoops, you can just start a blog on Medium with a single sign up. 

The idea is to choose the right platform depending on the goals you want to accomplish. For example, if you want to build thought leadership, Medium works fine. But if you’re a startup trying to build an audience, hosting your own blog would pay off in the longer run.

Step 3: Practical Execution

Finally, build a content cadence to determine the frequency, length, and style of content you should publish and when. Doing so will also help you stay consistent while delivering content aligned with audience needs and likes.

  • How will you build editorial calendars?
  • Will you need a second pair of eyes to review and edit your blogs?
  • What will be the publishing frequency?
  • Would you like to invite guest blog posts?

Once done, document the entire process to create a system you can fall back onto. 

Who’s Reading the Sales Blogs Anyway?

Now, who even has the time or the inclination to read sales blogs? This is a valid question to ask. But at the end of a list of the best sales blogs? Probably not, but we’ll answer it anyway.

Today’s B2B buying behavior and environment has become increasingly dynamic, with most consumers preferring a self-service approach. This makes your job even more challenging and demands continuous learning. 

Reading sales blogs actively will not only keep you updated on the latest industry juice, but also help you identify opportunities for growth and make connections to build a successful sales career. You can also opt for sales-focused newsletters like Buying Bottlenecks to get valuable insights delivered straight into your inbox.

And if you’re still on the fence, here’s a quick reminder from Charles Darwin on why it’s worth the effort.

  ”It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”

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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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