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Why should I invest in Interactive Product Demos?

Why should I invest in Interactive Product Demos?

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February 22, 2022
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Do you remember the time when leads/prospects did not mind waiting to see your product demo? If they were lucky, they might get a glimpse of the product demo video or product demo presentation in less than three sessions. It all came down to the flair and charisma of your sales expert. But times have changed. Like how we are paranoid of bats now, and there's no going back! Prospects are paranoid about talking to sales before they experience the product. Yes! Welcome to the era of product-led growth, ladies and gentlemen.

That's why Interactive product demos are striking a chord in this new product-led era. And it's time you invest in it! But why? Jump in, and you will know the reason in less than 5 mins!

What is an Interactive Product Demo? 

An interactive product demo or an interactive product tour offers a complete walk-through of your product. It is an alternative to a traditional product demo video. Capture a series of product screens and add guided notes to your product. Tada! You can offer the user a well-stitched interactive product tour. Interactive product demos enable you to offer a smart product experience. When the experience is smart, you have more conversions.

The Best Alternative to a Product Demo Video 

A product demo video is a basic presentation of how your product works in action. You can see a couple of product screens, product interface in action, and a lot of talking to explain the product. But does it really make the cut? How often have you felt 'Aha! That's the product I want!'. Not many times. That's why you need Interactive Product Demos.

Limitations of a Product Demo Video in Today's World

Lacks personalization - Everything comes down to personalization in today's world. When was the last time you shopped online without personalized recommendations? Then why should you stick to product demo videos that are not personal enough for the user? An interactive product demo lets you customize the product tour. You can create a tailored experience. Add details such as the company name and necessary notes to guide the user. In contrast, a product demo video offers a uniform experience to all users.

Lacks accuracy - Prospects want to know more about the product and even want to try them. A product demo video does not offer the level of depth and accuracy that your product encompasses. For example, let's assume your product is about sending automated email campaigns. In that case, an Interactive product demo lets you give a complete interactive product tour and even try out creating an email marketing template from ground zero. This is where a product demo video will lose its edge and wiggle out.

Expensive and time-consuming -  Most SaaS product demo videos cost a fortune in production and still do not convey the crux. Despite all those efforts, your prospects come back with many doubts about the product. If not doubts, they will constantly follow up till they can get their hands dirty on the product. By the time you get them a test account, you had already lost them.  

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Interactive Product Demo 

Interactive product demos have so many advantages. But we are going to give you the top five reasons why you need to pick them right away.

  • Become product-led 
  • Drive quality leads to pipeline
  • Allow buyers to self-explore products to be less frustrated
  • Gain analytics and track interactions for retargeting 
  • Personalize your product

Become product-led

In the current scenario, new products are being built every single day. Your prospects have so many other alternatives to switch it in a second. That's why it's time you let your product pave the way, followed by the sales-led motions.

  • With an interactive product demo, you let your end-users experience the product.
  • By embedding your interactive product tour on the website, you attract tons of individual end-users to a product.
  • They also aim to reduce customer acquisition costs by empowering users to find and adopt your product independently.
  • You can reduce Time to Value, i.e., a customer's time to gain value from your product. The longer it takes, customers won't hesitate to look for options.

Drive quality leads to pipeline

Lead generation is still an enigma to many SaaS companies. It is more than just a simple equation of input = output. As much as driving leads to your pipeline is difficult, you really cannot be sure if it's a high-quality lead. Let's rewind and see how lead generation used to happen. The customer fills a form on your website, or you reach out to the customer, and they respond. You talk to them, follow up, evaluate their needs, throw in a blog or pitch deck or demo video to watch. They show some interest, and you bring them into the pipeline. Fast-forward; after so many exhaustive sessions, the lead abandons you. BAM! It hurts!

Come back to today's scenario. Let's assume you build an interactive product demo. You can add it to your marketing website. The possibility of your user becoming a high qualified lead increases when they touch, feel, and interact with your product. Also, would you instead try out a sample in a shopping mall before buying a product or believe whatever the salesperson promises? It's the same logic. When users see what a product is capable of, it is easier to make quick buying decisions.

Allow buyers to self-explore products to be less frustrated

I vividly remember this project in my high school. We had to pick a product and pitch it to the entire class. I chose an imaginary Instax camera and enacted the whole advertisement. RIP my advertising skills that day. But there was my friend who decided on cupcakes, baked them on the spot, and let the entire class try it out. Not to mention that they were Harry Potter-themed. My entire class went luminous!

Interactive product demos are less frustrating
Interactive product demos are less frustrating

She made them touch and feel the product! That's the difference. Imagine the level of intricacy related to software and B2B products if this is the case for a watch and a cupcake. You might go on and on about your product and the highlights of it. But how much of it can your customer really comprehend over a telephonic call or even a product demo video? Most of them even sign up without knowing it, and that's why product cancellations and refunds are more after the trial.

An interactive product demo gives a comprehensive idea of your product. You can even let them interact with your product and understand what works for them. Your customer is less frustrated, and you are happier!

Gain analytics and track interactions for retargeting

You can create an engaging, interactive product demo and share it with your prospect. Or there could be a fantastic interactive product tour that sits right there on your website. But without understanding how users interact, it is very challenging to make the conversion. An interactive product demo helps you gain insights into user behavior and lets you track interactions.

From the interactive product demos shared, you can track the behavior based on clicks. It is also easy to track the time spent on specific pages to know where prospects spend more time and where they bounce off. You can identify who is viewing your product demos and plan how to move them to the next stage of your pipeline. If they become inactive, you can trigger follow-ups actions to pursue them.

Get insights from Interactive product demo

Personalize your product

Do me a favor and check your inbox. What is the one thing that stands out? Everything is addressed to you. Do you really respond to emails, SMS alerts, and requests that say 'Hey,' 'Sir,' 'Ma'am,' 'Dear'? No! You will look for the unsubscribe button or select spam without thinking twice. That's it! You will end up as a SPAM if you don't personalize.

Interactive product demo lets you personalize the product tour
Interactive product demo lets you personalize the product tour

No two prospects are the same, and neither is their requirement. Then why should your product demo be the same? Interactive product demos let you customize the product demo to suit your prospect's needs. You can add logos, names, figures, numbers, features, pop-ups, anything, and everything. Feel free to edit text, add images, hide or highlight any element, and even experiment with the HTML code.

Wow! Interactive product demos do look like a good investment. Not sure where to start? Storylane has it all. We'll help you out - talk to us

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Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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