How Guided Demos Can Help Scale Saas Startups

How Guided Demos Can Help Scale Saas Startups

Bhaavika Joshi
December 15, 2022
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When a SaaS startup has successfully launched its product and gained its first 100 customers, its new goal is to continue getting new customers on board. During this journey, there are four common problems that startups in the initial stages face. 

  1. Building awareness
  2. Acquiring customers
  3. Reduce friction in onboarding
  4. Create revenue opportunities

These four problems also have a common solution: guided demos. Guided interactive demos can help scale SaaS startups by providing potential customers with a hands-on product experience. This helps explain the product's features and benefits in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. 

Let’s dive into how guided demos can help startups tackle all four scaling challenges. 

Problem 1: Building Awareness

Startups don’t have the resources or the time to invest in creating product videos. This would demand a chunk of both engineering and marketing efforts. Add to that updating product videos with new feature releases or creating new presentations for every prospect.

Guided demos can be created within minutes using a demo creation software like Storylane. You can build, update, and embed guided demos on your website without the need for any coding! 

You can choose to highlight all relevant features your target audience is interested in and make sure your product’s value shines through. Using guided product demos can help with generating leads so that your pipeline can keep flowing.

Problem 2: Acquiring customers 

Once startups have a good lead flow in their pipeline, one of the next problems cropping us is customer acquisition cost. In the initial stages, startups need to be mindful of the strategies they decide to invest in. 

Not every prospect who lands on your website will become a customer. If you spend equal efforts in terms of time and money on all prospects, this can stretch your team too thin, dry up your funds, and take away from perfecting your product. 

One way to ensure you save on the cost spent in getting customers onboard is through guided demos. Storylane can help you craft a product demo and personalize it for high-intent prospects, so that your resources can be utilized in other critical areas. 

You can tailor conversations with prospects by using Storylane for creating personalized interactive demos for sales calls, and sending guided demos as a sales leave-behind via email. 

Problem 3: Reducing friction in onboarding 

In addition to helping with customer acquisition, guided demos can also be helpful for onboarding new customers and providing them with the support they need to get the most out of the product. This ensures they are aware of the different features they can use and see measurable value from using your product. 

This translates to reduced customer churn and improved customer satisfaction, which can in turn drive revenue growth and scalability for startups. 

Storylane lets you embed quick guided demos in your support documentation or have a guided demo at the beginning of the onboarding process in your product. 

Equip support teams with the ability to create how-to guides for new or complex features for maximum efficiency.

Problem 5: Creating revenue opportunities

By providing potential customers with a personalized experience, guided demos can help to convert them into paying customers more effectively than traditional sales pitches or static product demonstrations. 

Guided demos can power-up your sales team so that they can better convey your product’s value to customers. Storylane gives sales teams the ability to create multiple guided demos that can be sent to different stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. 

Sales can also use guided demos to highlight the benefits of higher-paying plans to customers, or when they get on calls with enterprise prospects.

Benefits guided demos can bring for SaaS startups

  1. Increased engagement

 Guided demos provide potential customers with a personalized, hands-on experience of the product, which can be more engaging than sending screenshots, PDFs, or presentations. 

  1. Improved conversion rates

By providing potential customers with a detailed, interactive experience of the product, guided demos can help convert them into paying customers more quickly. 

  1. Enhanced onboarding and support

Guided demos can also be helpful for onboarding new customers and providing them with the support they need to get the most out of the product. 

This can helps increase customer loyalty and potentially getting new customers onboard through recommendations from your existing customer base. 

  1. Streamlined sales process

Guided demos can help to streamline the sales process by providing prospects with all the information they need to sign up for your product. This can save time and resources for the startup and reduce the sales cycle considerably. 

  1. Increased revenue and scalability

By improving customer acquisition and retention, guided demos can help to drive revenue growth and scalability for the startup.

Overall, guided demos can be a valuable tool for SaaS startups looking to grow and scale their business. See how your startup can unlock higher growth potential by jumping on a quick call with us!

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