55 Attention-Grabbing Email Subject Lines for Sales in 2024

Janhavi Nagarhalli
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January 8, 2024

Tired of sending countless sales emails and getting zero responses? Here’s a bitter pill you need to swallow:

You can write the best email with the most compelling sales pitch ever, but if your email subject line fails to grab the recipient’s attention, all your efforts go in vain. 

Crafting the perfect email subject line can be tricky because you must ensure it’s not too long and can pique your prospect’s interest. 

Check out our tips to write a good email subject line for sales and our list of the 55 sales email subject lines to improve your cold outreach game in 2024. 🚀

How do you write a good email subject line?

To write a great email subject line, you need a good mix of the right words, the right number of them complemented by the right emojis delivered at a relevant time.  

So, we compiled a list of subject line writing strategies based on winning combinations to inspire you and motivate you to drum up more exciting subject lines.  But first, here are a few key points to remember during the ideation: 

an infographic explaining the elements of sales email subject lines

Let’s dive in further to explore how you can use the above elements in your subject lines:

1. Make it Relevant Through Personalization

When people talk of personalization, it’s often limited to just adding the prospect's name, which isn’t enough today because every sales team does the same. So, how can you stand out? You need to think outside the box and add a little creativity. 

For instance, if you notice they like a certain sports team or are from the same university, you can use that to forge a connection. 

They’ll appreciate that you took the time and effort to learn about them and aren’t just mindlessly mass-emailing everyone, thereby improving your chances to engage with them.

2. Keep it Short and Simple 

When cold emailing busy founders, keeping the email subject line for sales concise is always best. SEO expert Brian Dean believes that:

“The Ideal Outreach Email Subject Line Length Is 36-50 Characters”

a graph showing the open rate according to number of words in subject line

Source: SuperOffice

The age-old K.I.S.S advice used by copywriters worldwide is especially beneficial when writing subject lines. Something basic like “Hey [name], got 5 minutes?” can also elicit a response. 

3. Use Eye-catching words

When we say eye-catching, it doesn’t mean you use caps lock and add clickbaity words like “FREE” and “BUY NOW. Words like these trigger spam filters, and your email will get stuck in their spam folder. 

Klenty conducted a study by analyzing 200K+ cold email subject lines and gave the following tips to catch the attention of your prospect without sounding spammy:

  1. Include numbers [Boost your sales by 30%]
  2. Add in currency values [Save $10K by investing in <name of your product>]
  3. Use emojis [Tired of running ads with no results? 😞]

4. Ensure Relevance for Readers

With 300 billion emails going out every day, people’s inboxes are filled to the brim. They won’t open your email unless it’s relevant to them. Your email subject line should resolve your prospect’s pain point or offer them an exclusive benefit they can’t ignore.

“You really have to empathize with your prospect and really think about what they want,

what their desired outcome is, and what their current objectives are in their businesses.

And if you can align yourself to those desired outcomes, your open rate is gonna be crazy because they feel like, wow, this guy really understands me.”Patrick Dang in his training video for prospecting.  

5. Create Urgency 

Creating FOMO [fear of missing out] is the best psychological tactic to interest your prospect about your product. Use the power of deals and discounts to entice them while highlighting your USP. Words that show limited availability and time sensitivity, such as “expiring,” “urgent,” and “last chance,” can also do the trick.

Here’s how Jasper used Cyber Monday to attract users to invest in their platform. 

screenshotof Jasper's cold email subject line

55 Email subject lines according to type of sales email

When writing sales emails, you cannot use the same subject line formula across the sales cycle and expect the same results. Sales reps send different kinds of emails throughout a prospect’s buyer journey; each email requires a different approach to crafting the subject line.

Infographic showcasing the stages of a B2B sales cycle

After a thorough deep dive into analyzing sales emails, we’ve compiled 55 sales email subject line ideas you can use the next time you’re pitching to your dream prospects:

Professional Email

Professionalism is key when you’re sending sales emails. Use these subject lines when you’re trying to understand your prospect and whether they need your solution:

  1. Quick question about [prospect’s company]
  2. Is your [pain point] strategy working?
  3. How are you solving [pain point]?

You can also cut to the chase by being direct in your subject lines like this: 

  1. This is a sales email 
  2. I'm sending this email because… 
  3. Can I help?

Cold Email 

According to Rain Group, 62% of prospects are open to emails when they're actively looking for a solution to current challenges. When you’re prospecting, your subject line needs to emphasize that using your product is the best way to overcome the pain point they’re facing.

Here are a few cold email subject lines to use in the prospecting phase:

  1. Here’s how you can solve [pain point] 

This one is straightforward and entices your prospect to click the email to figure out how they can easily resolve their problem.

Example: Here’s the secret to reducing churn rate 👀

  1. [Pain-point] making you [emotion]? We can help.

A good sales email subject line resonates with the reader; emotions are the best way to connect with people. When you show empathy and say you can help, your prospect understands you genuinely care.

Example: High bounce rates got you down? We’ve got you 🫂

  1. [Number] tips for [relevant pain point] 

Prospects are rarely ready to book a demo right off the bat. They need to understand the severity of the problem before looking for a solution. Educate them on how they can fix their issues and improve KPIs relevant to their team. 

Example: 3 Tips on Improving NPS you can’t ignore 📈

  1. Fix your [pain point] in [x] [days,weeks,years]

Saying you can solve their problems sounds vague because your competitors can do the same. But when you establish a time frame, you gain their trust and drive interest because your prospect would want to know how exactly they can achieve their goals in a shorter time frame.

Example: Reduce abandoned cart rate in 30 days 🛒

  1. What if [specific benefit] was just one click away?

Everyone loves convenience, right? In an era of instant gratification, your subject line should convey that using your solution is easy and quick. 

Example: Want to boost employee productivity in 3 clicks? 🖱️

  1. We've helped X [type of business] grow [KPIs]

Your subject line should reassure that you know how to work with other companies like theirs, so it doesn’t seem like you're a new kid on the block. 

Example: We’ve helped 50+ SaaS companies reduce CAC

  1. X Signs [prospect company] needs [product or service]

This subject line is best for buyers in the problem unaware stage. You can send them a questionnaire to gauge whether they really need a solution. 

Example: 3 Signs You Need a Compliance Tool 

  1. Here’s the tea on [industry name]

Everyone wants to stay on top of trends and become the top player in the market. Use this line to show you buyers that you can help them stay ahead of the curve. 

Example: Here’s what's new in the world of RevOps 🎯

Cold Email to CEOs and Founders

Founders are busy bees and get tons of sales emails every day. You can try something like:

  1. 7 minutes to grow [business name]?

Given that C suite executives are swamped with work, they cannot schedule hour-long sales calls with everyone who reaches out to them. Give a specific number instead of “few minutes” to highlight that it won’t go beyond the requested time. 

  1. Save X$ with [your product name]

Most businesses are hesitant when spending money on products, but they come around once they realise it’s beneficial in the long run. Quantify how much your prospect will save in currency or percentage to justify your solution's price.

Example: ABC saved $1000+ on ad spend with our product 

If you want to get noticed, show them how their competition is winning the game. 

  1. How [competitor] is crushing it with [solution]
  2. [Competitor] loves us, you will too
  3. Find out how [competitor] achieved [target]
  4. Want to see [product name] in action?
  5. Prepare for [the next big thing] with [your product]

This will instigate them to check out your product to find out how you help their competitors and whether your tool can benefit them in the same way.

Another great way to spark curiosity is to use a “don’t say it, show it” approach when writing a subject line. Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Try [product name] for free

You can offer a free trial or a personalized product demo tailored to your target persona. Storylane can help you create and embed interactive product walkthroughs in your cold sales emails to take your cold outreach game to the next level.

Plus, you can create demos for different use cases in minutes and eliminate sandbox environments. 

💡Learn how Quorum accelerates enterprise deals by creating tailored demos for different decision-makers. 

Follow up after no response 

No one likes being ghosted, whether by a date or your prospect. Your prospects are humans, too, so add some humor to jog their memory, make their day, and hopefully improve your response rate. You can try these sales email subject lines to prompt a response: 

  1. Just checking in…
  2. Do not open this email
  3. Hello, it’s me again 👋
  4. It’s been a while since we last talked
  5. It’s not you — it’s me
  6. Are we breaking up?
  7. As promised, more info about [Your Company Name/Product/Service]
  8. Here’s what we spoke about on [date]
  9. Last time, I promise
  10. An exclusive sneak peek just for [prospect name]
  11. Are you ghosting me? 

However, using them is risky because some have a passive-aggressive tone. You should try it depending on what the general tone of voice of your sales messaging is like

Follow-up email after demo 

After demo calls, prospects might still be hesitant to pull the trigger. Or perhaps they might’ve forgotten the many features they saw during the demo. Bring them back and change their mind by using an informative approach to describe your product features and use cases: 

  1. Here’s more info on [specific feature]
  2. X reasons you should use [product name] over [competitor name]
  3. Introducing [feature name] to end [pain point]

You can also re-initiate the conversation by asking for their feedback and giving relevant tips on resolving their pain point:

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention…
  2. Did you have any questions?
  3. Next steps
  4. Be honest, how’d it go?
  5. What would it take?
  6. Permission to close your file?

Negotiation follow-up email 

Negotiating deals through emails can get complex. You need to give your prospects a sense of exclusivity to convey that you truly want to work with them to grow their business. These subject lines must be customer-centric and should focus on benefiting them rather than hyping up the product: 

  1. We have an offer you can’t refuse
  2. Exploring Discount Options for [Product/Service]
  3. Here’s our counteroffer 
  4. We’ll cut to the chase
  5. This exclusive deal just for you

Personalized subject lines 

Adding your prospect’s name to a sales email subject line is Personalization 101. Rise above the herd with these short but memorable sales email subject lines:

  1. “Your latest ]post] about [topic] made me [reaction]”

Do a little deep dive into your prospect’s social media and check out what they’ve been up to. If they posted something recently, mention it in your subject line to show that you've done the research. 

Example: Rachel, your post about GTM alignment left me speechless

  1. “[name], It was great meeting you at [event]”

Industry events are a hotspot for networking and finding your ideal customers. You can reach out to your prospect a day after the event because you’ll still be top of mind.

Example: Hey Pam, it was a blast meeting you at SaaStr 

  1. [referral name] suggested that we connect

This line establishes a commonality right off the bat, and you can use this to build familiarity with your potential customer. 

Example: Hi Jason, Eleanor suggested that we connect 

  1. [Prospect], I thought you might like this

The secret to sales success is to offer value first. Send over some resources that can help them resolve their pain point. 

Example: Hi Jane, thought you might like this free eBook

  1. Congratulations on [company achievement]

Showcase your appreciation toward your prospect’s efforts toward reaching their milestones, and prove that you care about their company growth. 

Example: Hey James, congrats on your funding round!

  1. [Your company] x [prospect’s company] = a perfect match

This line is simple and straight to the point and invokes your prospects' curiosity because they want to know why you’re the perfect match for them. 

Example: Storylane x Gong = a match made in heaven

  1. Help [team member 1] and [team member 2] achieve [goal] with [product]

Adding your prospect’s name before sending your email is one thing. But if you really want to surprise them, add their team members’ names to show that you know what you’re talking about!

Example: Help Jake and Amy improve ROAS with us

  1. [TV show/movie character] would love [product name]

If your prospect refers to a show or a movie on their social media, use it to write a fun subject line by referencing why they would love the product. 

For example, if you’re selling a legal-tech solution to a law firm, you can say something like: 

“Harvey Specter would love X.” 

Wrapping Up 

Email subject lines for sales prove you can say a lot with a little. When you send emails with a memorable subject line, you stay top of mind and increase your chances to book a demo. However, if you want to wow your prospective customers and shorten the sales cycle entirely – interactive product demos are the way to go!

Book a demo today to discover how Storylane can be your pre-sales sidekick.

Q1. What subject lines get the most opens?

 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line. According to research from Martech.org, a personalized sales email subject line with the prospect’s name increases the email open rate by 20%.

Q2. What is a strong subject line?

A strong subject line grabs the recipient’s eye and urges them to click open an email. It should pique their curiosity, instill urgency, or create FOMO in readers. Here are some examples of strong subject lines:

How [competitor] is crushing it with [solution] (Builds FOMO)

7 days until [regulation]. Prepared to weather this storm? (Creates Urgency)

What is a better subject line than checking in?

While “Just checking in” is a cliche, there are many better follow-up email subject lines, such as: “Our next steps” and “Any questions about [product name]?”

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."
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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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