Demostack vs Walnut: A Comparison of its Features and Pricing

Demostack vs Walnut: A Comparison of its Features and Pricing

Bhaavika Joshi
January 23, 2023
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Creating interactive product demos is a game-changer for SaaS companies in the current B2B landscape. Manually building demos requires substantial effort and time. And has engineering dependencies. This is where a demo creation tool can help you. 

Let’s compare a few popular interactive demo tools in the SaaS industry. 

Demo Tool 1: Demostack

Demostack is demo experience software that helps sales teams build custom product demos to showcase product features and how it works to your prospects. These interactive product demos can be embedded on your website or used during live sales calls. These product demos can be used to engage prospects or close deals.

Demostack gives you customization options for your product demo. You can add text, images, and videos, to your demo to showcase the product’s features and benefits. Demostack also offers demo analytics to see how the demos perform with each of their prospects.

Key features of Demostack 

  • Suitable demo platform for sales, marketing, and customer success. 
  • No-code demo editor
  • Share interactive demos through emails or during sales calls
  • Demo analytics to see the performance of demos

Demo Tool 2: Walnut

Walnut is a demo creation software that helps marketing and sales teams create product demos that can be customized and shared with potential customers. You use interactive product demos to shine a spotlight on your product's features and show how it fits into your prospects workflow.

Walnut too features demo analytics that give you insights into your users’ demo journey. 

Key features of Walnut

  • Build interactive product demos
  • Add guided widgets in product demos
  • Option to add text, images, and videos to your demo
  • Demo analytics to see the how prospects interact with demos

Demo Tool 3: Storylane

Storylane is an interactive demo creation platform that helps product-led B2B SaaS companies grow faster. You can create no-code interactive demos and guided demos that can be personalized for key decision makers in the buying process. Here’s how different teams can use Storylane:

Marketing: create guided demos to embed on website and send custom product demos in email campaigns. 

Sales: build quick product walkthroughs for live sales calls or send interactive demos as a sales follow-up. 

Pre-sales: send tailored demos to qualify prospects and prioritize leads based on demo engagement.

Customer Support: make feature guides that show customers how to use different or complex features.

Key features of Storylane

  • No-code demo editor to create personalized demos with supported mobile view
  • Add text, images, videos, and voice recordings to demos
  • Securely share demos by adding a password to access it and an expiration date
  • In-depth demo analytics to optimize demos

Feature Comparison Between Demostack, Walnut, and Storylane

Let’s compare the features available in these interactive demo platforms to find the best product demo software that fits your business use case. 


Features comparison between Demostack, Walnut, and Storylane
Features comparison between Demostack, Walnut, and Storylane

Pricing Comparison Between Demostack vs Walnut

When it comes to the pricing plans, both these demo software haven’t disclosed it on their website. You have to fill out a form and request a demo to know if their pricing plans fit into your budget. 

Demostack doesn’t offer free trials. Walnut and Storylane offer free trials. With Storylane, you can sign up for a free trial and start building demos in 10 minutes. 

Choosing the Perfect Product Demo Platform 

On a more important note, you need an interactive demo platform that is easy to use, offers greater personalization options, and quickly connects with your existing integrations. 

Looking at the features offered by these demo experience platforms is just one aspect that matters when it comes to picking the one that will work for you best. Take into consideration the pricing that each of these demo platforms provides. 

To get the most value out of product demos, you will need a demo platform that meets all the above requirements. 

And that’s what Storylane will help you achieve. It helps you easily build custom product demos tailored to your prospect’s needs. All without the help of your engineering team. 

A lot of B2B SaaS companies that have used Storylane’s product demos have seen tremendous success. 

Toplyne doubled their product-led growth by embedding Storylane’s product demos on their website. 

“I love how quickly and easily we can create product tours without any engineering requirements. We are able to customize product tours in multiple ways for every prospect’s use case.”
Arjun Rakesh, Growth Product Manager at Toplyne

Quorum accelerated their enterprise sales deals by using Storylane product demos in their ABM campaigns. 

“With Storylane, I can communicate what our product is to the hundreds and hundreds of potential users. It's really helpful for me to have a way to communicate like what our product is and the value of it and the touch and feel of it.”
Henry Bowditch, Enterprise Sales Executive at Quorum

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