Top 7 Click-Through Demo Software to Win More Deals in 2024

Janhavi Nagarhalli
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January 9, 2024

Let’s say you’re invited to the Met Gala and have to buy a fabulous outfit to stand out from the crowd. Would you buy one on a whim, or would you like to try it on to see if it’s the perfect fit? Of course, it’s the latter. People always want to try before they buy, be it clothes or software for their business. 

In today’s product-led growth era, your potential customers no longer want to watch demo videos. Instead, they want to experience the product and its different features without the hassle of speaking to your sales team. 

Enter: Click-through demo software, aka a self-guided run-through that gives prospective buyers a hands-on experience of your product. These tools empower prospects to experience a product's features firsthand, enabling a self-guided journey toward a purchase decision. 

But with a sea of click-through demo software in the market, it's daunting to pick one that matches your needs. Luckily, you found this blog!

We've compiled a list of the top interactive demo software tools available to help you make an informed choice for your business. 

What are Click Through Demos?

Click-through demos (also known as interactive product demos) are self-guided product demos that allow the prospect to interact with the demo as they explore the different features. Instead of a linear video experience that bore prospects, click through demos enable them to choose where to click and what to explore. 

It allows prospects to gain a first-hand experience of using the product. Therefore eliminating the need for potential customers to book a demo call. 

What is Click-through Demo Software? 

Click-through demo software is a no-code interactive demo creation software that lets you capture your product’s screens, customize it to your preference, and convert it from a plain old product explainer video to an interactive demo experience for the end-user. Such tools enable you to create a demo experience where the prospect can click through the different features of the product and learn about them at their own pace. 

Check out how Clari showcases their product to its potential buyers. Users can click through various features and functionalities of the software, simulating a hands-on experience without actually installing or accessing the actual product. 

a screenshot of Clari's interactive demo

Click-through demos are particularly handy for showcasing complex software or applications in a user-friendly and engaging manner. This approach accelerates the decision-making process, minimizes user frustration, and supports queries post-purchase. 

Ignition, one of the many brands that we worked with, shared the results of embedding their click-through demos on their website landing page. Here they are:

Infographic showing Ignition's metrics after using Storylane
Source: Storylane

7 Best Click-through Demo Software

When investing in any SaaS platform, you must have a handle on the features required to meet your goals. There are numerous features you must look for before investing in a click-through demo software, such as:

Based on the above requirements, we have handpicked the 7 best click-through demo software in the market today:

1. Storylane

Screenshot of Storylane home page

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐

We might be biased when we say that Storylane is the best click-through demo software on this list. But here’s why we say so:

Our platform is designed to help brands create and share compelling product demos with prospects, customers, and all relevant stakeholders. 

From live clickable demos on landing pages to sales leave-behind demos to personalized demos that tell compelling product stories, you can create it all! You can share them by embedding them on your website or sending them as gifs in your email campaigns or even get a password-protected shareable link you can share with different decision makers.

Storylane’s click-through demos are a boon for marketers looking to ramp up their lead generation engine and a savior for sales teams who wish to wow their prospects during discovery calls.  You can also use these demos to simplify customer onboarding and drive user adoption. 

Infogrpahic showing different use cases of interactive demos across the funnel
Source: Storylane

Best part? Create guided demos for on-the-fly use cases in just 10 minutes! Analyze demo performance and track usage by adding a lead gen form in the demo itself or including the buyer reveal feature. 

We’ve empowered 700+ companies like Clari, Gong, Cognism, and more to adopt interactive demos into their marketing and sales strategies. 

Screenshot of Storylane's product feature

Plus, G2 also recognizes Storylane as the category leader in demo automation! Check out what our customers have to say:

Screenshot of Storylane G2 Review

Storylane also has a self-serve option; you can sign up and try building one demo for free.


  • Build code-less guided experiences in just 10 minutes 
  • Optimize your funnel and drive product-led growth using data-driven marketing
  • Create high-quality, personalized demos with guided tooltips and videos
  • Automate your SaaS business demos efficiently and quickly
  • Track the performance of your demos with essential analytics
  • Use AI to generate product tour text, voiceovers, and even translations
  • Include various types of lead capture forms and Intercom live chats within demos
  • Option to integrate video clips within the demos


Free - $0 per month (Limited features)

Starter- $40 per month

Growth - $100 per user/month

Enterprise - Contact our sales team

2. Navattic

Screenshot of Navattic landing page

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐

Navattic simplifies creating product walkthroughs by allowing you to capture screenshots of your product's frontend code using a browser extension. You can then effortlessly connect these images using a no-code editor, resulting in informative and engaging tours. 

These tours can be embedded on your website by the marketing team or shared with potential leads by the sales team. Moreover, Navattic offers the flexibility of gating or leaving these tours ungated. This means you can use them to either collect valuable lead contact information or guide prospects further along the path to making a purchase.

Screenshot of Navattic G2 Review

Their demo builder tools are built to craft interactive and engaging click-through tours, providing an immersive view of your product. It empowers go-to-market teams to create interactive product demos instantaneously. It provides in-depth analytics that enables you to measure the impact of your product tours. You can track key metrics such as demo completion rates and pinpoint where potential customers might drop off during the tour, allowing you to refine your strategy and enhance user engagement.


  • No-code demo tools for rapid and effortless product demonstrations
  • Craft interactive, adaptable click-through tours for engaging user journeys
  • Tailor features and updates to cater to distinct industry sectors and user profiles
  • Emphasize the value and uniqueness of the product, empowering modern sales reps
  • Develop and present demos that boost conversions and foster revenue expansion
  • Drive qualified leads by implementing compelling CTAs that resonate with prospects
  • Provide personalized, product-driven campaigns that offer immediate value to prospects
  • Empower non-technical sales reps to personalize and deliver demos at scale skillfully


Base - $500/month Annually

Growth - $1,000/month Annually

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3. Walnut

Screenshot of Walnut landing page

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 ⭐

Walnut stands out as a renowned codeless platform, offering B2B companies the exceptional capability to tailor, oversee, and enhance their sales demonstrations. Walnut provides a powerful feature for creating personalized product demonstrations tailored to each prospect. It allows sales reps to craft pre-designed product demo templates for specific use cases. Walnut ensures a seamless and uninterrupted sales demo process, eliminating downtime, loading problems, version updates, or server overload issues.

Sales reps can create engaging product narratives that focus on particular use cases or industries with the help of personalization. It provides comprehensive analytics tools, enabling users to track the performance of their demos and fine-tune them based on the data collected. 

Moreover, Walnut offers guided demos through annotations, simplifying the prospect's journey through the demos.

Screenshot of Walnut G2 review


  • The tool lets you capture your front end, enabling you to showcase your website or application's user interface and functionality.
  • Users can create templates to simplify the process of generating tailored demos for specific use cases or pages, saving time and effort.
  • It offers a no-code editing option for easy customization of demos, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • The tool supports advanced demo editing with HTML coding, providing more flexibility for customization.
  • It caters to teams with collaborative features, including demo libraries, templates, permissions control, and security measures.



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4. Reprise

Screenshot of Reprise landing page

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 ⭐

Reprise Replay is a product tour builder specially designed for GTM teams that allows screen capture, not just one screen at a time, but also the ability to capture all the necessary screens simultaneously using its application capture feature.

Reprise Replicate is another product that allows you to capture both the front-end and back-end code of your product. This makes it valuable for creating functional duplicates of your product, which can be utilized by sales teams in live demos or shared with leads as collateral after demo calls.

Reprise Reveal empowers AEs to insert custom data into your existing demo environment. This means they can personalize data and content for leads during live demos without requiring a sales engineer to build custom demo environments for various industries or use cases. 

Screenshot of Reprise G2 Review

This diverse range of options ensures that prospects get an immersive experience. It seamlessly integrates with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Salesforce CRM, empowering businesses with robust reporting on the efficiency of demos in driving sales.


  • Precise screen-level and code-level capture for enhanced control in product demos
  • Versatile demo creation options, including product walkthroughs, demo overlays, and sandbox environments.
  • Seamless native integrations with popular tools
  • A fully integrated platform featuring Reprise Reveal, Replay, and Replicate
  • Cloud-based demo creation, ensuring rapid and effortless product presentations



5. Tourial

Screenshot of Tourial landing page

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐

Tourial offers a suite of features that allow you to craft immersive demonstrations that seamlessly blend into your website. With Tourial, you can incorporate demos into your platform's main page, as well as your product or feature-specific pages. You can even transform static images into interactive gateways that lead to these dynamic demos. 

Tourial's Live Workflow Capture feature speeds up the demo creation process. You can start the capture and navigate through the workflow, and it automatically records every click as a screenshot. In contrast, actions like typing and scrolling are captured as video, simplifying the demo creation process.

Screenshot of tourial G2 review


  • Tourial allows you to incorporate video captures that help reduce "click fatigue"
  • It makes it easier to optimize for mobile devices, recognizing the significance of mobile traffic.
  • Tourial offers HTML capture that captures actions like drag and drop
  • Tourial offers analytics to track and analyze the engagement of your demos
  • Tourial's Hero CTA allows businesses to create a prominent CTA on their platform pages
  • Businesses can showcase their products and features using a stand-alone demo format.
  • Its chatbot feature can provide users with reliable information and answers.



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6. Demoboost

Screenshot of Demoboost landing page

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐

Demoboost is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for sales and marketing teams. It eases creating, managing, and sharing customized product demonstrations. It not only streamlines demo creation but also ensures effortless demo distribution and delivery.

The platform comes equipped with built-in analytics tools that enable you to track the performance of your demos and user engagement. This helps enhance your demos and gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. 

Screenshot of Demoboost G2 Review

Demoboost takes a comprehensive approach by guiding clients through the entire journey, from lead generation to onboarding. It offers free and unlimited access to its dedicated customer service team to provide a comprehensive experience, ensuring clients receive the support they need at every step.


  • Tailored, interactive product demos that you can customize to your needs
  • Comprehensive support from the sales team with no limits
  • Empower your teams with self-qualification, live demo assistance, and collaborative tools
  • Pioneering support for Channel Partner scenarios
  • Add Google Docs-style comments for seamless teamwork on demo creation
  • Integrate images and videos easily with your product's UI to enhance product tours
  • Empower AEs to include private notes that are not visible to prospects during calls
  • Built-in A/B testing feature for CTAs and messaging to optimize your sales approach



7. Demostack

Screenshot of Demostack landing page

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐

Demostack is a specialized tool for creating highly interactive product demos and tours. What sets it apart from traditional product tour tools is its ability to clone your product comprehensively. 

It achieves this by using a browser extension to capture not only the front-end appearance but also the underlying back-end code of your product. This means that complex elements such as reports, filters, and drop-down menus will function as they do in your actual product within the cloned environment.

Demostack excels in sales applications compared to marketing-centric product tour tools. It allows sales teams to repurpose their existing demos as a foundation for crafting personalized presentations. These custom demos serve for guided sales pitches and as valuable materials for follow-up with leads.

Screenshot of Demostack g2 review


  • Quickly set up demo environments with user-friendly customization
  • Capture both front-end and back-end code for smooth product replication
  • Enhance tours with images and videos
  • Built-in A/B testing for optimizing CTAs and messaging in demos
  • Its centralized demo command center allows you to customize templates, oversee sandbox environments, analyze demo performance, and share demos easily


Contact them for a custom quote.

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How do you choose the best click-through demo software?

Choosing the best click-through demo software depends on your specific needs and preferences. 

Here are some factors to considr when making your decision:

Ease of Use

The software should be user-friendly and intuitive. You don't want to spend a lot of time learning how to use the tool, as the primary purpose of click-through demos is to create them quickly and efficiently.


Invest in software that allows you to create prospect-specific demos and mention viewers' names and company logos. This gives users a more hands-on experience of using your product.

Screenshot of Storylane personalization feature


If you need to collaborate with a team, check if the software allows real-time collaboration or version control. Collaboration features can be crucial for multiple team members working on a single project.

Export and Sharing Options

Examine the export and sharing capabilities. Look for software that allows you to export click-through demos in standard formats like HTML, PDF, or video. Also, ensure that sharing options are flexible, such as via URLs, embedding, or exporting to offline files.


Check whether the software allows you to customize the look and feel of your demos. The options include the ability to add your branding, choose colors, and use custom fonts.


Compare the pricing of different click-through demo software options. Some offer free trials or have a free tier with limited features, whereas others require a subscription or one-time purchase. Be aware of any hidden costs or limitations in the free version.

Support and Documentation

Check the availability of customer support, including email support, live chat, or phone support. Additionally, comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and a user community can be helpful in case you run into issues.

Screenshot of Storylane help docs


Check if the software can integrate with other tools you are using, such as design software, project management tools, or content management systems. Integration capabilities can streamline your workflow.

Screenshot of Storylane help docs

Updates and Development

Look at the software's update history and the development roadmap. Frequent updates and a clear commitment to improving the product can be a good sign of a software's long-term viability.

Screenshot of Storylane product updates page


If you're dealing with sensitive data or information, consider the security features of the software, such as data encryption and access controls.

Wrapping Up

A good click-through demo can skyrocket your sales and marketing efforts. While numerous options are available in the market, each software has unique features, making it crucial to compare them before investing in a solution. Read reviews and seek recommendations from peers or colleagues who have experience with click-through demo software. 

However, if you’re truly a product-first company and are ready to embrace product-led growth, then Storylane is the platform for you! 

We allow you to create demos that fit your buyer persona in 10 minutes and deliver the AHA moment in no time. But don't just take our word for it – schedule a demo today to witness how you can use interactive product demos to tell a compelling story. 

Q. How do you make an interactive demo?

When creating an interactive demo, you must define your demo creation goals and map out your product story. Select a click-through demo software and add in your demo screens and widgets. You can analyze and iterate your demos based on analytics and track leads by embedding lead gen forms in the demo. 

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."
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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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