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Ignition accelerates trial conversions with Storylane

Ignition was able to boost their conversions using Storylane's interactive product demos on their website and in their sales calls.

online proposals, automated payments and engagement letters for professional service businesses.
Sydney CBD, New South Wales

About Ignition

Ignition is the world’s first client engagement and commerce platform for professional services businesses, to streamline how they engage clients and get paid.

Over 5,000 accounting and professional services firms globally use Ignition to win new business using impressive digital proposals; engage clients with a clear scope of work, and get paid on time by automating payment collection.

To date, Ignition has helped facilitate more than one million client engagements and over US$2 billion in client payments.

The challenge 

Ignition wanted to showcase the value of its product since businesses like to experience a platform before they sign up for a trial. Ignition had significant web traffic, but they needed to engage these website visitors and move them further down the funnel. 

To address this, Ignition mapped out a visual customer journey of their product. This helped their prospects better understand how Ignition’s product can solve their pain points. Furthermore, Ignition wanted an impactful way to explain the benefits of its platform to its prospects.

The solution

Enter, Storylane — an enablement platform for product-led growth (PLG). Bronwyn Karaoglu, Ignition’s VP of Marketing, saw the advantage of using technology to empower users to self-educate at their own pace and provide added clarity and convenience in the digital experience, which aligned with Ignition’s brand values as well.

Using Storylane, Ignition’s marketing team was able to connect with their prospects and show them the promise of the product in a more engaging way.

Ignition app demo through Storylane
   Experiencing Ignition through Storylane’s interactive product tour

Results with Storylane

Before Storylane After Storylane
Free trial was the primary path to experience the Ignition app Customer journey now begins with an Ignition product tour followed by a free trial.
Hard to showcase product's value before prospect signs up for trial 10% of those who watch a Storylane demo become a customer of Ignition
Not being able to offer personalized demos. Hyper-personalized demos with a 20% boost in conversions.
Lack of insights on which demos work for which customer cohorts. Data-driven demo insights on the customer journey to further optimize the funnel.


Ignition can now show prospects a product demo on their website and bring in high intent prospects. At the end of the product demo, prospects have the option to sign up for a free trial.

lead capture form
Lead capture form before the Storylane product tour starts to capture lead information for subsequent nurturing and lead scoring

More prospects are interacting with the product demo and are automatically getting qualified. Using the data from Storylane, Ignition’s marketing team was able to get actionable insights. 

After implementing Storylane, Ignition saw significant growth in their top-of-the-funnel leads and an increase in trial signups. Prospects are better informed of Ignition’s benefits after adding Storylane’s interactive product demo to their landing page. This led to a 10% improvement in their trial conversions.

Ignition CTA in product demo
Ignition’s CTA for starting a free trial at the end of their product tour

Storylane’s one-click integrations and high touch support helped better measure Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). The analytics from Storylane has equipped Ignition's marketing team with lead information, demo completion rates, and click-through rates for a free trial – all in their HubSpot CRM. 

“I was very surprised at how Storylane performed. We didn't really know what to expect. We knew it would be really insightful for people to be able to see the product without necessarily jumping on a demo or having a free trial. But the results were incredible, for the first month and they still continue to be great.” 

— Michael Hadjipourou, Global Marketing Automation Manager at Ignition

Sales Engineering

The sales engineering team at Ignition created demo variants for different customer cohorts with Storylane. These demo flows have customizable variables like company name, name of the accountant/champion, and logos. When a sales representative shows a demo, they create a custom link with personalized elements. This helps them give a custom demo immediately. 

They can also nurture their prospects with a quick demo in their outreach campaigns. Sales can gain insights into the engagement metrics and which prospects to follow up with. The sales team has the option to send a guided demo with a secure link set up with a passcode and an expiry date that can be shared with the prospects. 

The Future

“Storylane fits in perfectly with how we want to nurture our customers, how we want to optimize our funnel, and how we ultimately want to run as a marketing team, which is data-driven.”

— Harry Solomon, Director of Global Demand Generation at Ignition

With the success of Storylane’s product tours, Ignition plans to implement Storylane's demo experiences for their new product releases and use them for email campaigns, too. Ignition is excited about Storylane's potential for providing in-depth product experiences and demos for their prospects. 

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."