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From sales to onboarding to webinars - How LawLytics uses Storylane across the board

LawLytics, with its unique offerings, has been a power user of Storylane. As a result, they have been able to not just speed up their go to market efforts considerably but also drive measurable impact across a number of use cases.

LegalTech, SaaS
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Use Cases Before After
Sales Demo Environment Native demo environment needing engineering support for new requests. Flexible demo tool used by teams independently, without requiring any training or technical know-how.
Customer Enablement Multiple demo calls with customers during setup for enabling them towards effective product usage. Sharing micro demos with customers that they can easily consume at their own pace and even go back when needed.
Employee Onboarding Managers would sit down with the new hires to walk them through the processes and how to use relevant tools. Demo library detailing the tools and processes that they can go through on their own, without the need for anyone to sit and explain it to them.

The Company 

Founded in 2011 by Attorney Dan Jaffe, LawLytics provides easy-to-use website management software for solo and small law firms worldwide. This includes a web hosting service, building up their website as well as strategic guidance to aid their digital marketing efforts. This enables the law firms to engage with customers and manage their business leads seamlessly.

The Team

Sara DeLeeuw is the VP of customer success at LawLytics. She comes with over 20 years of experience and has been at LawLytics for over 3 years now. She oversees the onboarding team, the support team as well as the services team that actually works on the building and launching of the websites. 

Jodie Galassi is the VP of revenue at LawLytics. She has over 25 years of experience in Business Development and has been at LawLytics for over a year. She manages the sales team at the company and is responsible for bringing in the $$s.

The Problems

Technically complex demo environment requiring engineering support

LawLytics was struggling to get attorneys realize the full potential of the software, with their native demo environment. Making changes on the fly was impossible in the old setup and the smallest of modifications needed engineering support.

With a lack of technology that allows them to do things quickly, they weren’t able to convince their customers to invest time to understand all the possible customizations. This for LawLytics meant leaving money on the table. 

Time consuming sales demonstrations leading to partial value realization

Getting attorneys to come for demos had always been a pain. Since it essentially means taking them away from working for their clients that they can’t bill for. This often resulted in them not understanding the full value of the platform. There were also plans to start the self sign up process due to this but there was no tool to support it.

"Today folks want to just self sign up without talking to anyone. So we need to give them ample information to self signup. We need to articulate clearly what we do without overwhelming them. And that’s why we were in search for a technology that could allow us to do that."
Jodie Galassi, VP Revenue

Why Storylane?

The leadership at LawLytics believe that higher engagement with their platform is key to ensuring that their customers are successful and that the business continues to grow. To that effect, they were looking for a tool that supports,

  • A self guided experience with the ability to add right pieces of info to it
  • Should have an automated hand-off to sales when prospects wish to talk to them
  • Should be easy to customize and make different versions of the demo to suit differentiated prospect needs
  • Should be able to cover all the intricate aspects of the product and its value
  • Possibility of adding videos to the demos (which was downplayed by most of the demo platforms) 
  • A short learning curve and be easy to use by people without technical know-hows

The Solutions

The moment Sara got her hands on Storylane, she knew that the tool would make a difference in ensuring that the customers know how to use the platform and remain engaged with it. She loved the fact that there was no restriction on the number of demos or views and especially liked the HTML capture. Additionally being able to understand the progress and drop-off rates as well as add custom lead forms for sales hand-off, matched closely with what the LawLytics team was looking for. 

"Storylane has become a new verb for us as we call our demos Storylanes. Like people say, I'm gonna Google it, we say, we're gonna Storylane it. It’s one of my favorite tools, and everybody in the company knows that. So whenever somebody needs a Storylane, they just come to me."
Sara DeLeeuw, VP of Customer Success

One demo environment = Multiple use cases 

The VP of product sees value in Storylane as she launches new products. The COO sees value in it for training purposes. Even the services team that works on website development have switched from Loom to Storylane. They spin up quick demos with a few images before adding voiceovers to train customers on using their websites. 

On the sales front, the team has replaced static images with Storylane demos during follow-ups. It’s a pre-built library of 30, 45 second micro demos of different aspects of their technology, sample layouts, new features, etc. Jodie believes sending little animated demonstrations brings their technology to life and lends follow-ups a professional touch. And finally, it also convinces prospects that they’re sending them what’s live and not something that isn’t there yet. 

Keeping customers engaged with byte-sized micro demos 

Storylane helped LawLytics move from multiple hour-long 1:1 sessions on using the platform to providing them with micro demos depending on their use cases. This ensured them taking as little time as necessary in educating customers on using the product. Customers loved it as they did not have to block time in between work for demo sessions and rather could access and digest the demos at their own pace. 

Additional Solutions

With LawLytics’ growth, a lot of their processes as well evolved over time. As a result, they’ve started using Storylane for a lot of these newer use cases, which were entirely unplanned at first. Some of these new use cases are, 

For onboarding of new hires

LawLytics also uses Storylane for creating learning opportunities for new hires including getting them familiar with their customer management system. There’s a library of demos that’s broken into chapters with each chapter having around 20-25 screens that’s shared with new employees as part of their onboarding. In Sara’s own words,

"This is a more efficient way to onboard new employees as it doesn't require somebody else to sit and show them around. New employees can also go back and watch the demos again as there’s so much coming at them. This was a very urgent need for us."
Sara DeLeeuw, VP of Customer Success

For demoing new product releases to customers

Similar to Storylane, even LawLytics now uses demos to announce new releases via emails. These help with training internal staff as well as handhold customers. The tool is very easy to use and creating a single release demo (10-15 screens with storyboarding) takes about just half an hour. Given the attorneys are not tech people, Storylane comes in really handy in helping them guide through their customer journey. 

For conducting product webinars for prospects and leads 

The marketing team at LawLytics has also started using Storylane for webinars. They introduce leads to different aspects of the tool as well as help them understand digital marketing better. It’s an educational exercise where during the webinar, the team uses Storylane sandbox to showcase the usability of the entire platform. 


There's two sides to LawLytics. The frontend side that’s visible to potential clients of LawLytics’ customers and the backend piece. Now, this backend is where the magic really happens for the attorneys as it’s highly customizable with many different aspects of what they can do. And Storylane has been extremely helpful in conveying the benefits of this backend part to LawLytics’ users.

Whether it’s showcasing to the prospects during sales, demonstrating the website setup for new customers or forlaunching new features to existing customers, Storylane has been pivotal in ensuring that they immediately understand the intended benefits.

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."