7 Tips to Boost Conversion Rates on 'Request a Demo' Landing Pages [With Examples]

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June 7, 2023

While product demos undeniably boost sales, the true game-changer is creating a 'Request a Demo' page that maximizes the number of people who sign up to watch the demo.

These pages are often the first point of contact between a business and a prospective customer, making them a critical element in the sales conversion funnels.

But many businesses fail to optimize them for maximum conversions. 

🔥A much-needed heads up —  Three out of four demo request pages have forms! 

This blog will provide tips and examples to boost your lead conversion rates on the 'Request a Demo' landing pages. Let's get started!

What’s a ‘Request a Demo’ Landing Page?

A demo landing page is a dedicated web page designed to facilitate potential customers' requests for a product demo. SaaS businesses commonly utilize this type of landing page to streamline their sales process and generate fresh leads.

Typically, demo pages incorporate various elements to maximize their effectiveness:

  • Social proof elements such as customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies.
  • Engaging videos that provide an introduction to the service.
  • Visual aids like screenshots and graphics highlight specific features.
  • Concise bullet points that address common user pain points.
  • A clear call-to-action (CTA) button allows visitors to request a demo.

Alternatively, a sign-up form where individuals can enter their phone number for a follow-up from the sales team.

By incorporating these components, demo landing pages are designed to capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to take the next step in the sales process.

7 Tips for Optimizing 'Request a Demo' Landing Pages

When optimizing 'Request a Demo' landing pages, you’re playing with fire. 

But here’s the catch — it’s not about preventing one — it’s about igniting one in your visitor’s mind to make them hit the sign up button.


1. Make them Stay with a Clear & Concise Headline!

A short and smart headline goes a long way, and your demo sign-up page deserves to have one!

Your headline serves as the first impression and determines whether visitors will stay and explore further or bounce away. 

Therefore, to maximize conversions, you must craft a clear and concise headline that captures attention and communicates the value of the demo. 

Studies have shown that a strong headline can significantly impact demo landing page conversion rates. 

So, how can you create a headline that captivates and converts? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Clearly state the purpose and benefit of your demo in the headline.
  • Avoid generic phrases and highlight your product or service's unique value proposition.
  • On average, humans have an attention span of just 8.25 seconds. So, aim for clarity and brevity to capture attention quickly.
  • Whether it's time-saving, cost-effectiveness, or problem-solving capabilities, emphasize how your offering can address the needs of your target audience.

Remember, simplicity and clarity are vital in capturing your visitors' interest and driving them toward taking the desired action.

2. Add a Scheduler to Your 'Request a Demo' Page

Ease down on your scheduling process by giving them the control they deserve!

🔥Opportunity alert —  Only 4% of the demo pages have schedulers embedded.

Make demo scheduling a D-I-Y thing where the visitors can pick a convenient date and time. No one wants to wait for the sales team’s response — if they’re convinced, they need to have a slot right away.

Leverage scheduling tools like Calendly, Chili Piper or Hubspot to allow prospects to book their favorable slot. 

Here’s how effective product demo scheduling should look like on your ‘Request a Demo’ landing page — 

Storylane's Request a Demo page with an embedded calendar

Take note of the following when offering the slots through the scheduler:

  • Maintain a buffer of maximum 3 business days.
  • Keep default time slots of 30-45 minutes.
  • Consider the time zone factor for international prospects.

3. Answer Objections and Questions

The key is to use persuasive and action-oriented language.

It was, is, and will never be enough to provide information about your product or service. More specifically, you need to convince your potential customer base that requesting a demo is the right choice for them and encourage them to take action.

Ask yourself — why will they request for a demo?

Now let your demo page answer the question.

One powerful strategy is to address buyer fears. 

Addressing buyer fears on landing pages can increase conversion rates by a remarkable 80%. You can use persuasive and action-oriented language effectively in the following ways:

  • Highlight the benefits of your demo.
  • Instead of just describing the product features, focus on how it can solve their specific pain points or improve their business processes.
  • Use compelling action words like "experience," "discover," or "unlock" to evoke excitement and motivate potential customers to take the next step.
  • Creating a sense of urgency is also a powerful technique. So, you can highlight limited availability or time-limited benefits associated with the demo.

Acknowledging and alleviating the concerns of potential customers can help build trust and confidence in your offering, making them more likely to request a demo.

7 Tips for Optimizing 'Request a Demo' Landing Pages to Make Your Visitors Sign-Up for Your Product Demo

4. Include Social Proof 

Customer testimonials and reviews are vital.

9 out of 10 customers trust reviews and testimonials on landing pages. Therefore, in the form of customer testimonials, social proof can significantly impact the conversion rates of the 'Request a Demo' landing pages.

Here are some tips specifically for social proof:

  • Including specific details, such as the results achieved or problems solved, can make the awesome testimonials more relatable and persuasive.
  • To maximize the impact of social proof, consider using visual elements, such as client logos, profile pictures or video testimonials, as they can enhance authenticity and engagement.
  • Displaying testimonials prominently on the landing page, ideally near the CTA, ensures that visitors can easily access and read them.

When potential customers visit a landing page, they often seek validation from others who have already experienced the product or service. Add relevant reviews that aptly target your prospects.

Genuine and positive customer testimonials help businesses showcase the value and benefits of their offering, reassuring visitors and increasing their confidence in making a purchasing decision.

5. Add Videos to Your ‘Request a Demo’ Page

Attention spans are dwindling; capture the interest of potential customers.

With decreasing attention spans, conveying the benefits of your product or service quickly and effectively is crucial. That's where video content comes in.

For instance, incorporate video sneak peeks in the form of an interactive product demo on your 'Request a Demo' landing page for better experience. 

Check out how Productboard uses Storylane's interactive demo to create an immersive experience👇

To make the most of videos on your landing pages, here are a few tips:

  • Aim for a video length of around 45 - 60 seconds
  • Focus on highlighting the key benefits and features that differentiate your offering
  • Craft a narrative that resonates with your target audience
  • Use success stories to add credibility and relatability
  • Ensure your video is responsive and mobile-friendly
  • After watching the video, guide viewers to take the next step by including a prominent and persuasive CTA button, such as "Request a Demo" or "Get Started Today."

Videos are not meant to replace the rest of your landing page content but complement it. Therefore, use them strategically to engage and inform your visitors, ultimately increasing the chances of converting them into valuable qualified leads.

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6. Use High-Quality Visuals

Leverage the power of visuals.

Visual content combined with pictures has an 80% greater chance of being read, making it one of the essential landing page elements in engaging your visitors and keeping them on your page. High-quality visuals can take various forms, including:

  • images
  • infographics
  • videos
  • animations

These key elements not only make your landing page aesthetically pleasing but also serve to communicate your message more effectively. For instance, here’s something you can try on your ‘Request a Demo’ page — 

When selecting visuals for your landing page, keep the following points in mind:

  • Ensure your chosen visual is relevant, eye-catching, and aligns with your brand identity
  • Use images or videos that showcase your product or service in action, highlighting its key features and benefits
  • Infographics can be a powerful tool to present data or complex information in a visually appealing and easily digestible format
  • Optimize  your visuals for fast loading times. Compress or resize images without compromising quality, and consider hosting videos on external platforms.

Incorporating high-quality visuals into your 'Request a Demo' landing page enhances its visual appeal and ultimately boosts your lead conversion rates.

7. Test, Test, Test!

Nothing italic here — keep reading! 😛

One of the key strategies to boost lead conversion rates on the 'Request a Demo' landing pages is to test different variations of the page to determine what works best. 

Studies have shown that it can boost conversions by 300% or more.

The key is continuously refining and improving your approach to ensure you deliver the most compelling and persuasive experience for your visitors. Conducting A/B tests or multivariate tests lets you experiment with various landing page elements such as:

  • landing page headline
  • copy
  • imagery
  • call-to-action
  • overall landing page design

This allows you to identify the most effective combination that resonates with your target audience and compels them to take action. So, don't be afraid to experiment, analyze the results, and optimize your 'Request a Demo' landing pages accordingly.

Moreover, you may create multiple landing pages instead of relying on a single one. Companies that have implemented 10-12 landing pages have witnessed a significant 55% increase in qualified leads.

You can tailor each landing page to a specific segment of your target audience or cater to different stages of the buyer's journey. 

Customizing the messaging and content to address each group's particular needs and pain points can help you enhance engagement and encourage more conversions.

3 Examples of Effective 'Request a Demo' Landing Pages

Here are some landing page examples of highly effective 'Request a Demo' forms that have successfully captured visitors' attention, communicated the value proposition, and optimized conversions. These examples showcase crucial elements and strategies to inspire and enhance your landing page design.

1. Notion

Let's take a look at Notion’s ‘request a demo’ landing page example:

Notion's Request a demo page

Here's what makes this demo landing page effective:

  • The copy cleverly incorporates a bulleted list of what’s on offer.
  • To catch attention, the black color of the CTA (Calls-to-Action) button stands out and contrasts nicely with the background colour of white. 
  • The number of form fields are limited and at the same time capture critical information about interested potential clients.

While the landing page has a clean design, some areas could be improved. For instance:

  • Instead of using the plain "Submit" button text for CTA, options like "I Want a Demo" or "Schedule My Demo" could generate more conversions by creating a sense of urgency and excitement.
  • Incorporating social proof such as customer testimonials or showcasing the total number of users would help build credibility and convince prospects to watch the demo.

2. Segment

When we search for "best marketing automation," we land on the following page:

Segment's Request a demo page

Here's what makes Segment's demo landing page template effective:

  • The page features social proof (25,000+ businesses) with company logos, which helps build trust in Segment and the offer.
  • The page's white space is also well-balanced, making it easy to skim and providing a pleasant user experience.

However, to improve the page further, Segment can test the following:

  • Adding media elements, such as hero images of the platform, can attract and persuade more people to book a demo.
  • Removing the links in the footer can help prevent distraction, converting more visitors into leads.

3. Hockey Stack

Finally, let's take a closer look at the demo landing page of Hockey Stack

HockeyStack's Request a demo page

Here's what makes this demo request page effective:

  • The page immediately communicates its offering in the compelling headline and mentions the package value and everything that’s up for grabs.
  • Using bullet points also draws attention to important information, ensuring that prospects can quickly grasp the benefits of the software.
  • Pricing range clearly mentioned on the page so prospects can decide whether the product fits within their budget or not. 

However, there are some potential areas for improvement:

  • A glimpse of the product through a video would work wonders in enhancing the prospect’s experience.
  • Providing a scheduler would enhance the prospects’ experience and drive faster conversion.

It All Starts with a Request — Make it Happen!

Crafting effective 'Request a Demo' landing pages can significantly impact lead conversion rates.

Implementing key optimization strategies such as clear headlines, detailed information, customer testimonials, persuasive language, and engaging explainer videos helps businesses enhance the effectiveness of high-converting landing pages like a 'Request a Demo' page.

Businesses must prioritize these tips to create landing pages that captivate visitors and inspire them to take action.


Because these help establish trust, instill confidence, and ultimately increase the chances of visitors requesting a demo, boosting sales and revenue.

Tell us how our ‘Request a Demo’ page looks like, will you please?😉

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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


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