Interactive Product Demos: Deliver a Killer Product Experience Before Your Product Launch

Interactive Product Demos: Deliver a Killer Product Experience Before Your Product Launch

Bhaavika Joshi
December 2, 2022
5 Mins
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Even when you try, you can tell what problems your product solves. But showing how your product does so is a different ball game. 

When prospects are able to test your product for themselves, they are more likely to see its value than through a generic product video or presentation. 

When your product is in the pre-launch phase, you will want to dedicate all efforts toward crafting the product experience to a certain level of perfection. So how do you show your product’s potential before it’s ready to be launched?

Let prospects experience your product with interactive demos

An easy way to give your prospects a chance to try out your product before its launch is via interactive product demos. 

Interactive product demos or guided demos let prospects experience your product the way you want. Think of it as a sandbox environment but without the hassle of putting in the time, resources, and effort to create one for every prospect. 

To handle requests pouring in to try your product out — while your product is in the development stage — interactive product tours are a great way for prospects to try out your product. 

How a SaaS startup used product tours before their product launch

Take the case of Toplyne — a SaaS platform that helps sales teams in product-led growth (PLG) companies get more high-intent leads in their pipeline — that had a good lead flow but their product was in the development phase. 

Toplyne was looking for a better way than loom videos, to demonstrate their product features to prospects and how they can solve their users’ problems

The company wanted an interactive way to show its product’s capabilities while creating a personalized product experience for prospects. 

Toplyne decided to use guided demos for this purpose and invested in a demo creation software like Storylane

toplyne website
Toplyne embedded a guided tour on their website using Storylane

They decided to go with Storylane because of a lot of key factors such as:

  • No-code demo creation platform
  • Build custom guided demos easily
  • Add text, images, and videos to demos
  • Quickly make product tours for various stakeholders
  • Demo analytics to optimize product demos
  • Single-click integrations with their existing tech stack
  • White-glove customer support
  • Securely share demos 
  • Multiple demo embed options

Toplyne was able to create personalized product tours within half a day of signing up with Storylane. Without the need of having their engineering team involved. By creating a quick guided demo and embedding it on their website, Toplyne was able to show how their product will work for prospects’ sales and growth systems — before they were able to provide access to their product.

Their sales team was able to create and send product tours to multiple prospects which helped push leads further down the sales funnel. 

“We are able to customize product tours in multiple ways for every prospect’s use case.” Arjun Rakesh, Growth Product Manager at Toplyne

If you’re a SaaS startup at a similar stage as Toplyne was at, and you want to show your product’s amazing features (while it gets perfected), hit us up! 

We can help you create personalized and interactive product demos that you can start using immediately and see the results swiftly! Schedule a quick walkthrough here.

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