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How To Create The Perfect Follow-up Email After a Product Demo

How To Create The Perfect Follow-up Email After a Product Demo

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Keerthana Selvakumar
October 28, 2022
mins read

Creating a follow-up mechanism after a demo is crucial for your prospects to convert. Though the conversion majorly depends on how well your demo progressed, a follow-up can offer that extra nudge that would help a few prospects convert. One important strategy in the sales follow-up strategy is sending an email. Email marketing has seen a 77% increase in user engagement over the last 12 months, and it is definitely a powerful tool to leverage for closing a lead. 

But the real challenge is crafting killer content for the demo follow-up email. We thought we would help you with some best practices that'll help you increase the conversion rate of your demo follow-up email. 

What is a demo follow-up email?

Before even getting started on how to create a perfect demo follow-up email, let's understand what a follow-up email is. Simply put, a demo follow-up email is that email your sales rep sends to a prospect after completing the demo with them. Ideally, the follow-up email will include a summary of what was discussed with the prospect during the product demo and the expected next steps. Sales reps can experiment with different strategies to write a follow-up email since it’s an opportunity to move prospects further down the sales funnel.

Why is it imperative to send a follow-up email after a demo?

A follow-up email plays an important role to help close the deal, given that you have nailed the product demo. Prospects may have loved your demo, but that does not guarantee a conversion. Prospects evaluate multiple demos even at the same time. So, what is that you can do from your end to give that extra little nudge to help them understand your product's value and convert? This is where a follow-up email works perfectly to your advantage. 

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What is your ultimate goal for the follow-up email after a product demo?

If you ask us what the ultimate goal of your follow-up email should be, it is definitely to help you complete the sales process. But there are many secondary goals that a follow-up email can help you achieve!

1) You establish a connection with your prospect beyond the demo. This is where you include a personalized message, such as thank you note, to let them know their value to your product. 

2) Give them more information to recall and make a decision. You will include a summary of what has been discussed with the prospect, and this will help them give them more time to think about the decision they would make. 

3) Make a decision. Hardly anyone makes a decision during a demo. Sometimes, the prospects forget the next actions. You can include the CTA in the follow-up email and help them out. 

We don’t want to stop you with just this. Don’t you want your follow-up email to help you connect with your prospect? You can make it more impactful by email sharing an interactive product demo. This will help your prospects recall the demo and experience the features again. 

7 Best practices for writing a demo follow-up email 

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1. Include a 'Thank you' note

Remember to start your follow-up email with a thank you note to appreciate your prospect's time and participation. Include an interesting thing you learned about them or their organization to make them feel special, and tell them that you have done your research well. Also, evaluate and see if you can add an element of personalization. This shows them how invested and interested you are in the conversation. 

2. Avoid cliches 

Avoid telling your prospects that you are sending this email to 'touch base' or 'check in.' This makes them feel you've not even tried to make them feel important. Moreover, it sounds like the other hundred other emails they receive daily. Your demo follow-up email should reflect your strong intent to convince your prospect. So, avoid sticking to generic jargon and cliches. 

3. Keep up with the principle of three

Check if your email talks about three main points or the widely known rule of three. It is a principle that conveys that when you put information in groups of three are more effective than other numbers—often used in poetry, oral storytelling, films, photography, and advertising. The rule of three works well for emails too. Using this in your follow-up email ensures you don't overwhelm your prospects or divert them with unimportant information. 

4. Must include a CTA

As already discussed, your demo follow-up email cannot go out without including a clear CTA. Make it clear what you expect them to do next to help them proceed with the next steps. 

5. Don't forget the golden window of opportunity

Send a follow-up email within 24 hours, often called the golden window of opportunity. Since the demo is still fresh in your prospect's mind, it is easier for your email to get the attention and reach them before your competitors. When it comes to winning or losing the deal, the speed at which you get your prospect's attention could be the deal breaker. 

6. Give your follow-up the time and attention it needs

Don't consider your email and sales demo the same. They are two different things and happen in two different stages. This should also reflect on your prospects - be it in the language you use, script you write, assets or resources you share, or in the elements of personalization you want to include in the email. 

We have saved the best for the last. Check out the next section to know how to ensure your follow-up email stands out and helps your prospects convert immediately. 

What is the best way to boost follow-up email conversions?

Yes! One effective way to boost follow-up email conversion we had already introduced at the blog's beginning is Interactive product demos! You can use a demo experience platform to build quick interactive demos without any coding.

These interactive product demos help you in two different ways. 

1) Makes the demo more effective

The first step to making your follow-up email convert better is delivering an impactful guided demo in the first place. Never let your customers play the "let's imagine" game, where you verbally describe what features your customer can expect from your product and let them visualize the rest. Instead, impress your buyers with personalized and interactive experiences. 

Using a demo creation platform like Storylane will help you create a custom guided demo within minutes so your prospects can visually re-experience your product.

2) Email your demo and get insights

Storylane also helps you email prospects a link to your personalized product demo. Now, your prospects can experience the demo again and help them make a decision. 

Additionally, this will also allow you to collect insights on how prospects interact with your demos. Knowing your prospect's demo journey makes it easier to optimize your demos and seal the deal. 

Here are two demo follow-up email templates you can use while you send your guided demos to prospects.

Demo follow-up email templates that you can use right away

Template 1


Hope all is well. I wanted to see how things were going after our demo on <date>. 

We would love to catch up if you want to know more about how our product helps you solve the challenges such as <challenge 1>, <challenge 2>, and <challenge 3> mentioned during the demo. Let me know if you have some time to reconnect this week to hear more ideas on where we can help. Please check out a quick guided demo link included in this email to learn more about our features and how it helps you!

<guided demo link>

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Template 2


Thanks for taking the time to share a little about [COMPANY], as well as the goals and challenges you face.

If you would like to learn how our product helps you with all these and experience the features, here's a quick interactive product demo that you can experience. We could also talk a bit more about your challenges and determine whether or not I might be able to offer some help.

If you would like to talk to us, here's my calendar link below for you to directly schedule a time on the calendar according to your convenience.




Want to see how you can create personalized guided demos in minutes with Storylane? Here's a short demo on what you can do with Storylane's easy no-code demo editor.

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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
Try Storylane
Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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