Compare Storylane to Walnut, Reprise, Demostack, Navattic and Tourial

Compare Storylane to Walnut, Reprise, Demostack, Navattic and Tourial

Akash Bansal
May 19, 2022
min read

Let's look at how each of the competitors in the Demo Platform space addresses the market and how robust their products are

Note: The accuracy of this information may change with time, so we suggest that you try a platform out if their offering is attractive.  Storylane does have a Free Trial that you can signup and get started right away.

Key Storylane differentiators with the platforms we discussed above:

  1. We listen and actively engage with our customers to make them successful
  2. Our sales experiences allow auto date & time adjust to keep your demo relevant, variables like name / company for auto-personalization, search / replace, and generating secure links
  3. For marketing, Storylane enables quick screenshot captures to make a product tour in 10min
  4. We offer a Free Trial and a POC. There are no platform costs
  5. You can signup and go through a complete Storylane experience

Storylane background

Over the last year, we have been building the future of B2B Product-led growth. An easy way to empower buyers with product evaluation. And in the process, enable high-quality lead qualification for marketing teams. Prospects in this era are increasingly frustrated with how tenous the buying process is and the number of calls they have done with sales before they see the product. The consumerization of the B2B selling is underway, and companies that don't adapt to this will risk losing business to more agile competitors.

On the other end Sales Engineering teams are spending significant time customizing demos and sharing them with buyers. We see that they need to craft ideal experiences for their buyers that showcases the power of their product.

We continue to see the sprouting of startups attempting to solve this problem and it's exciting that customers have choices. At the core Storylane is addressing four specific use cases

  1. Product Tour is a self-guided product demo hosted on the website or sent across in email marketing campaigns.
  2. Live Sales Experience is a clickable demo that Solution Engineering teams build to show the product to the buyers in a live call. They can customize using Storylane no-code editor
  3. Custom Product Demo to create buyin within the buyer organization and empower your champion to evangelize your product. It can be used by sales as additional collateral for buyers to experience asynchronously
  4. How-to Guides for Customer Support

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