Guide your customers on the how-to's of your product

Build a library of self-guided tutorials so you can onboard, support and train customers - so they succeed quickly

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Onboard customers easily with guided tours

Train users with personalized experiences

Enhance your help center and product docs

Provide the best Onboarding Experience

Create guided tours and walkthroughs and package them as training guides for your customers.

Learn where they need help, and enrich their product experience.

Visual Documentation of your product how-to

No need to accept the mediocre standard of detailed  documentation for your product. With Storylane, build visual, engaging product guides in minutes.

  • Enhance your help articles by embedding visual product guides
  • Provide quick responses to inquiries with easy sharing of visual guides as links
  • Collect insights on how customers are using these guides and optimize for their satisfaction and retention

Train partners and support them with product learning

No need for your customer facing teams to learn how-your-product works with detailed 1-1 meetings or through lengthy documents. With Storylane, enable a guided tutorial for each specific product feature.

  • Get your new support or partner trained rapidly on the product
  • Personalize your training depending on skill level
  • Reduce time spent on maintaining the training materials to minutes. Deliver consistent high quality product guides

Supercharge your funnel with Interactive Demos

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