Key Benefits

Robust and Resilient Demos

Create a stable demo environment, free from hidden glitches.

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Infinite Customization

Tailor content effortlessly; redact or customize every element to perfection.
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Seamless Scaling

Effortlessly expand demo creation using templates and custom tokens.
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Rapid Demo Creation

Build demos quickly with continuous capture and auto-linking features.
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Always Up-To-Date

Keep demos current and relevant with fast and easy updates.
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Manage Teams or Partners

Effortlessly manage demos in your organization or resell partners.
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Deliver Jaw-dropping Demo Experiences

Packed with features and dead-simple user experience to get started

Stable and resilient demo environment

Ensure a secure demo experience for sales teams by cloning your app. No glitches, no unexpected data.
Clone your screen to the code level
Activate conference mode for offline demo access
Demos function flawlessly despite engineering alterations

Customize data for every prospect

Edit text, images, HTML. Blur, hide or delete sensitive data. Tailor your demos on-the-fly to match each prospect's needs.
Edit text, customize HTML, embed images, change graphs
Blur, hide, or delete sensitive data
Copy/Paste elements smartly

Scale demos with templates

Seamlessly scale demos, using demo templates and custom tokens to personalize and adapt.
Embed content directly in demos without capturing
Use text tokens to update text content and show real-time data
Customize graphs, logos with the image tokens

Build your demos in minutes

Capture screens continuously and auto-link screens, saving time and ensuring efficiency in the demo creation process.
Auto-capture screens as you click through
Automatically get screens linked to their respective buttons
Customize your navigation based on clicks
or text inputs

Keep demos up-to-date

Ensure demos stay current and relevant by effortlessly replacing demo screens. Make a real impact using authentic data.
Update new product pages easily
Replace existing pages in a click while keeping the same linking
Use Global Search & Replace for text
updates in bulk

Manage teams, workspaces & partners

Effortlessly manage teams and workspaces with granular permissions.
Have precise control over who can edit, or manage specific demos
Improve security by ensuring only authorized access
Share demos to your partner workspace with proper permissions

Unlock Enterprise Excellence

Access enterprise-level features and robust security.
Custom Domain URL for your demos
Single-Sign On (SSO) and Universal Login
Demo Whitelabel for branding
SOC2 compliant
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Integrate with all your tools

Storylane works seamlessly with your marketing and sales stack. We have over 3000 integrations through Zapier and native integration with HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, and more.

Supercharge your MQL engagement with Product Qualified Leads and push them into your sales funnel as Sales Qualified Leads.
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Storylane helps our prospects test the product at their own pace. It also enables more people to actually assess the product during the proof of concept stage, leading to much higher conversions 
Matthew Weisberg
Director of Solution Consulting

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