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Product tour on the website has been a lead magnet for

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About (formerly Referenceable) is a buyer-centric enablement platform for marketing and sales teams. Sales teams are challenged with a common source of truth where they can organize and share the entire collateral and help their buyer progress through the various stages with impactful conversations. 

Jinal Jhaveri ran into this problem of accelerating the journey of his buyers in his previous company Schoolmint. As a result, Jinal and his cofounders went through Y Combinator in the winter of 2021, and recently closed a $4.5m round towards their mission of democratizing the sales process by empowering sellers and buyers with’ deal rooms and library.

The problem

A typical sales motion for Enableus team has been a demo with their leads followed by onboarding them on the platform. But with their growth and a significant number of mid-market customers interested in the product, Jinal and his CRO James Springhetti needed a show and tell of the product so that they could further these prospects in the pipeline quickly. They noticed a significant number of visitors coming on the website and the bounce rate was high. This provided an excellent opportunity to engage their prospects and increase engagement on the website.

With word of mouth growing, many more users were coming on the website. The recent funding announcement drew even more attention, where many GTM (go to market) teams started exploring how Enableus could help them.

They first tried a competitor of Storylane, but quickly realized that the product lacked many key features to go live with a product tour. In addition, the product tour needed to look good for their prospects so that they would take the next step of booking a demo with the Enableus sales team member.

The Storylane solution

It was clear that Enableus needed a product tour on the website to accelerate their funnel. Jinal and James were determined to find a quick solution and having a product tour on the website. 

After the first call, James had a Storylane account and was ready to hit the ground running. He quickly captured the screens using the Storylane extension and created a buyer and seller flow with the checklist feature. Within two days he had an interactive product tour that he put on the Enableus website using the iframe embed code that Storylane platform provides.

James wanted to capture the leads but with the least friction. So they used the Storylane lead capture form, and integrated it with their HubSpot CRM. With this Storylane single click integration, a new lead is now created for every new Enableus prospect taking a product tour
Storylane Interactive Product Tour

Results with Storylane

Over the two months since implementation, hundreds of prospects have viewed the Storylane product tour on the Enable website, which helped James gather very useful insights about which companies are evaluating the product. Also it has given him a chance to connect with their prospects and understand the potential benefits they see from using Enableus deal room.

Integrating with G2

With a strong rating of 4.7, G2 has been a great source of social validation for Enableus and has helped them close a lot of deals. As a result, when we partnered with G2 to bring interactive demos as a way to showcase their product for G2 customers, Enableus was among the first ones to try out the integration. Now, Enableus gets buyer intent data from G2 straight into their Storylane dashboard whenever G2 users interact with their demo. With these insights in their hands now, they've started running email and ABM campaigns for the leads captured through G2.

Looking forward

James has been looking at sending Storylane experiences in his email sequence. He also wants to embed the lead capture widget somewhere in the middle of the product tour so that there are no drop offs because of the lead capture form. Storylane is releasing that feature in early February. They are also excited about the full Clearbit integration, where a lead capture form is disabled if the lead info is already available. That’s what agile startups like Enableus do, continue to make improvements every week till they get that insane love of their customers.

Enableus Product tour

Enableus embedded product tour can be viewed here:

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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."