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AutoGrid uses Storylane for Product Training

AutoGrid built quick product experiences with Storylane and reduced training time for employees and improved onboarding efficiencies.

Energy Storage, Electric Vehicle, Analytics, AI
Redwood City, CA

Rahul Kar, GM of New Energy Business for AutoGrid, talks about how Storylane helps them train and onboard new employees and partners.

About AutoGrid

AutoGrid is a leading provider of flexibility management solutions for energy companies, including utilities that have aggressive decarbonization plans by utilizing distributed and large-scale renewable energy assets in the most optimal way.

Founded by Dr. Amit Narayan in 2011,  AutoGrid works across 12 countries and has replaced over 5 GWs of fossil fuel-burning power plants. While directing the Smart Grid research group at Stanford, Amit saw the need for using software optimization and real-time control algorithms as a perfect tool to bring at-scale clean energy solutions for the energy industry.

How Storylane helped

Rahul Kar oversees the entire customer and sales facing functions in Autogrid. With AutoGrid's recent growth, onboarding and explaining the product value to new employees and solution partners was a big challenge. It took an enormous amount of training resources.

Rahul saw how easy it was to build quick product experiences with Storylane and saw the value of reducing training time for new employees and unlocking onboarding efficiencies. In addition, he liked the visual way of explaining the product through guides.

Storylane quickly set up a proof of concept in a couple of weeks, and the product tour guide that included stepping through multiple screens of AutoGrid's flagship FLEX product. It convinced him to roll this out to the broader team immediately.  As a result, the AutoGrid team could use Storylane for repeatable product demos without any loss of end-user experience. They added more team members to Storylane who could collaborate and build several other demos targeting other AutoGrid product solutions. With more than 40 screen walkthroughs, the demos are invaluable to cutting costs and driving towards faster onboarding of technical resources. 

"The demo creation process was extremely simple, and most importantly, it was fun. The feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive. Storylane has a clear, metrics-driven, compelling value proposition for enterprises like us" - Rahul Kar

Rahul is excited to take Storylane to the next phase of scale and has discovered many use cases for Storylane, including a self-guided AutoGrid demo during trade shows.

Is Storylane for you?

Talk to us to see how Storylane can help build interactive product demos that your customer-facing teams can use.

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."