User onboarding vs. Product tours

User onboarding vs. Product tours

Akash Bansal
January 4, 2022
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I get asked this a lot - can you embed Storylane explainer bubbles (aka widgets) in my existing product so that a new signup can understand the product as they are onboard?

Storylane is not an Onboarding platform, it is for your buyers to understand your product better before they either signup or take a demo with you. While onboarding tools like Pendo, Appcueus, Walkme work on an existing product, Storylane takes a copy of your frontend and then inserts explainer widgets with a story so that your prospect truly understands the benefits of your product. This accelerates the decision making process of the prospect and how the product will fit into your use case.

The biggest challenge all GTM teams face today is to draw the attention of their buyers. In today’s world buyers are becoming more savvy about their experience and their patience is limited. If there is an excruciating wait to get their hands on the product or for them to populate the right dataset after signup, they go to a competitor that can get them to evaluate faster. 

It’s becoming imperative for Marketing and Sales teams to show the full product in full to get buyins from the buyer organization. Sales Engineering teams spend an inordinate amount of time creating custom environments for prospective customers, instead now they have Storylane to get them going.

I have been a user of Pendo and Appcues. Let's compare their utility wrt what Storylane does.

Item Onboarding tool Storylane Comments
User Onboarding (in product) x After signup widgets popup to lead the user to the next step towards success
Feature adoption x x Storylane can create product tours of new features
Product tour x Entire frontend is hosted on Storylane and a guided product tour takes user to the main benefits of the product
NPS and surveys x Customer satisfaction scores
Presales testdrive x Sales Engineering teams can give out a link which allows buyer to do a pre POC evaluation of the product
Help Guides x With Storylane no login in required
Requires login into the product x It can only happen while user is logged in
Typical users Product team Sales, Marketing Storylane can be used by customer support teams also

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