Storylane demos go Bi-modal

Storylane demos go Bi-modal

December 14, 2021
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Storylane lets B2B software companies engage their buyers with the product like never before. The question is whether you want them to go through a guided walk through or self-explore your product. Advantage of a guided walk through is that an uninitiated buyer gets to experience the product benefits exactly through a journey that you would like them to take. However, some buyers are much more sophisticated and would rather like to discover your product themselves and that's where a well crafted self-explore mode comes in.

The process of enabling a self-explore experience in a demo is easy. As you build out the Storylane demo, you can interlink your product pages in the Storylane editor. This is incredibly useful for Sales Engineering and Presales teams as well. You have a guided walkthrough for training new SEs and they flip the switch to just self explore the product once they are comfortable with it. 

What makes interlinking pages in a self-explore demo is a feature in Storylane to “apply links to all pages'. Once you link the navigation bar items on one page, then you don’t have to repeat it for your other captured pages. Storylane has the smarts to search for the same html element and apply that linking to each of them. We make this interlinking fun and easy. 

So, dive into the Storylane demo builder playground. And enable both of these experiences in the same demo -

  1. Set your users on a directed guided walkthrough
  2. Let your users self explore the product demo in Storylane

Here is quick demo of Gusto (HR payroll product) - Click on preview to open the demo.

Storylane Product Demo
Product Demo with two modes (1) Guided (2) Self-explore

I bet you’ll fall in love with this bi-modal switching feature. Now the question is which is more apt for your users. That’ll have to wait for a later time on this blog ;) Till then happy Storylaning. 

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