How to Secure Your Product Demo for Enterprise Sales

How to Secure Your Product Demo for Enterprise Sales

Bhaavika Joshi
September 19, 2022
3 min
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With the rapid rise of SaaS companies in different industries, there is a lot of data that flows between different SaaS applications. This data can contain a lot of sensitive information that needs to be securely stored. 
Compliance and security, while they do place the foundation to handle any data vulnerabilities that may arise, are not enough. Especially when sharing product demos that have confidential information with potential customers. 

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Why do you need to share product demos securely?

Regardless of whether you’re sharing product demo data within your company or with prospects, it has to be done in an efficient and secure manner. 
To do this, you will have to restrict access to the important information presented within a product demo to certain team members in your company and in your prospect’s company. Doing so will ensure that confidential information of your company and customers remains safe.

Benefits for enterprise sales teams to securely share product demos

No external dependencies to secure a product demo before sharing

You don’t have to worry about spending time and resources to train team members to handle sensitive data in your product demos. Nor do you have to hire an external agency to keep your product demos secure. 
A demo experience platform like Storylane, helps you create personalized winning demos in minutes, and securely share interactive demos with prospects. You can choose to protect your demos with a password and expiry date. This can save you weeks and months of time and effort that would have gone into plugging any data vulnerabilities that could pop up.

Safeguard sensitive information

When you password-protect your product demos and enable email authentication to access them, you are keeping your and customers’ data safe from any leaks. 
Be it upcoming features in your product roadmap, customer data, or revenue numbers, Storylane lets you personalize product demos with any type of data without running the risk of breach of data.

Limit or restrict user access to product demos

You can assign various “roles” that will grant various levels of permissions to each member of your team. When a new employee needs a way to send custom product demos, you can grant them access to Storylane’s no-code demo editor and to any other product demos that do not contain any sensitive information. You can even provide team members with admin access wherever required. 
If you have a third party that requires access to some of your product demos, you can do so by providing them access to certain interactive product demos, and decide if they can only view, or edit a product demo. 

Have transparency and control over demos

With big sales and marketing teams, you want to be in control of who has access to your product demos. You can assign various “roles” that will grant various levels of permissions to each member of your team. 
This way, you get to get a clear view of the level of access each team member has to product demos. It makes it easier to manage product demos assigned to every person and eliminates the risk of confidential information being exposed or falling into the wrong hands. 

Security as a space is constantly advancing. This will require balancing several things like keeping up with changing security protocols, reducing data vulnerabilities, and staying in step with evolving technology. When it comes to the security of sharing interactive product demos, we got you covered. Let Storylane provide an efficient and secure way to share product demos while you focus on winning deals. 

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