How to Embed Storylane Product Demos on Multiple Platforms

How to Embed Storylane Product Demos on Multiple Platforms

Bhaavika Joshi
November 23, 2022
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Why embed guided product demos?

Even with a free trial, there is a gap between prospects checking out your website to signing up for a trial. SaaS companies with a product-led growth (PLG) strategy need an efficient way to drive the active users in their pipeline to paying customers. 

When you want to quickly show the features and benefits of your product to website visitors, you can embed a guided demo on your website. By doing so, you are able to tap into a larger audience who are curious about your product, but not yet ready to sign up. 

Using a demo creation tool to embed demos

PLG companies using interactive guided demos on their websites are working on removing any barriers that come between the user from deriving value from the product. 

When building and embedding guided demos, investing in a demo creation tool saves you time, money, and effort. 

Using an interactive demo creation tool like Storylane benefits so many teams in your company. Your marketing team no longer has to spend a huge chunk of their time creating and updating guided demos, or constantly follow up with the engineering team to have it embedded on the website. 

This will also save your engineering team time and effort used up to update and embed product demos on the website. 

For your sales teams, they can reduce the length of their sales cycle and accelerate how quickly they close deals. With personalized interactive demos at their fingertips, created within minutes and with no coding skills, sales is better equipped to keep the sales pipeline moving fast. 

How to embed demos with Storylane

Guided demos created in Storylane can be embedded across different platforms and websites. 

Storylane provides several embed options that you can pick according to what you need. 

Inline Embed: All you need to do is copy the embed code and paste it into any website’s HTML. With just a few clicks you will have your guided demo embedded on your website and the demo will show up when the page loads.

Inline Embed with CTA: If you want to add a CTA at the start of the demo, you can choose to copy and paste this code into your website. The demo will show a CTA button that the user can click to start the demo.

Popup Embed: To have the interactive demo open in a popup window, you can choose this option. This will let you add a CTA button on your website, and once it’s clicked, a popup window with the demo will show. 

Check out these embed options here.

How to embed Storylane demos on some supported platforms 


  • Open Webflow and select the “HTML code” block (you need to be on Webflow’s paid plan.)
  • Paste the embed code from a Storylane demo into the Webflow code block.
  • Publish the changes to view it. 


  • Click "+" sign to add a block 
  • Search for “Custom HTML” option
  • Copy and paste your demo embed code from Storylane
  • Click “preview” to view the demo


  • Copy and paste your demo story URL in your Notion page. 
  • Click the “embed” option and your demo will be embedded in the document.

Jira Confluence

  • Start by pasting your demo URL in Confluence’s page. 
  • Click the link and choose the “embed” option. 
  • Change the display to "Inline Embed" to view the demo in the page. 


  • Paste your URL in the gitbook page.
  • See the demo preview and save the changes. 


  • Go to your doc in ReadMe where you want the demo to be displayed.
  • Paste your demo URL in readme docs page and you will be able to see demo preview. 


  • Go to the Miro board you want to display your demo.
  • Choose “Embed iFrame Code” option and paste the storylane demo url.
  • The demo will show up on the board. 


  • Type iframe and select the “embed iframe” option. 
  • Paste the Storylane demo URL in the box. 
  • Click save. 


  • Go to the Trainual step where you want to add the demo preview.
  • Click the three dots on the right side.
  • Click the “code view” option.
  • Paste your demo URL and press “code view” again to save it. 

These are just a few examples of how quickly you can embed Storylane demos to various platforms. This means that you can add short demos to blogs, training tools, knowledge base, and more on such platforms. 

All guided demos created in Storylane can easily be embedded on any platform that follows the oEmbed or Iframely format. 

If there’s a favorite platform on which you want to embed your product demos, reach out to us and we will have that set up for you in a jiffy!

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