How to Build the Perfect Personalized Inbound Sales Strategy That Converts More? 

Keerthana Selvakumar
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November 17, 2022

If you're on the sales team, you know there is one thing you tell yourself daily: Close the deals! This is bound to happen in the current competitive scenario with a fixed monthly target. But the downside to this is that, in the process of closing more deals, we tend to miss on something more substantial — establish a connection with your potential customers so that they understand your product and you, which will eventually lead to closing the deals. But the advantage is your clients don't feel they are objects to you but it makes sense that they mean to you. 

But nobody teaches you how to do it, right? We will help you master everything about personalizing your inbound sales strategy.

What is Inbound sales in the SaaS world?

Inbound sales in SaaS can be defined as the sales strategy that helps you gain leads organically. These leads reach out to you by registering via a lead magnet, social media poster, blog, or even through general brand awareness or word of mouth requesting to learn more about your product or buy your product. 

(Source: Hubspot

Whereas in outbound sales, your sales experts head hunt for leads and reach out to them via cold calling or emails. 

What is the difference between Inbound and Outbound sales?

The major difference between inbound sales strategy and outbound sales strategy is in the approach that the organization takes to attract leads. 

For example, Brand A has released an e-Book on how to win more holiday season deals by revamping your website's catalog management. Your potential client might be interested in downloading the e-Book to know more details and would be willing to register to know more about your brand or product. Now, the lead has entered your sales funnel. Now it is up to you to win the deal by reaching the customer with the information that you have of them.

Whereas in the outbound sales strategy, your sales team works on generating an email list for your target audience and tries to reach out to them by pitching the solution for their pain points. 

Why is personalized Inbound sales strategy important in the current scenario?

Personalizing inbound sales in the current competitive B2B scenario is very important because it has so many direct and disguised advantages. 

1) Get the right customers in the right way

Do you want to get customers? Obviously, yes! But it is all in the way you attract customers. It is important to gain potential customers with increased brand awareness. This will help you cut down the customer acquisition cost since there is a high chance that they will convert, and you need to spend less time on follow-up with them. Also, only very few teams have an unlimited budget. In many instances, the team works will be almost limited to no budget. Getting your inbound sales strategy in place makes it easier to gain more deals at a lesser cost. 

2) Increase brand awareness

Inbound sales strategy not only tries to get you more deals. It tries to get you more deals by creating better brand awareness. Remember what your products tried to do - strives to solve someone's pain points. Then what should your sales strategy do? The same but helping them understand how your product could solve the pain points. Remember one thumb rule - promotions and authority can wear out, but empathy and assistance do not. 

3) Get customers with a lifetime guarantee

Yes! As the saying goes, retaining existing customers is less expensive than gaining new customers. So, getting customers as happy and as satisfied as possible is important, even from the start. This goes a long way in the customer's lifetime cycle! 

4) Word-of-mouth marketing

You read it right. We did not try any kind of humor there. When potential customers have a satisfying experience with your sales process, they tend to spread the word about your product and brand. They also refer to peers who are looking out for something similar. 

What is Inbound Sales Methodology? 

If you want to achieve the best out of inbound sales strategies, we strongly recommend you follow the four-part framework for your sales process or the Inbound Sales Methodology:

  1. Identify
  2. Connect
  3. Explore
  4. Advise

The first and foremost stage is when the Inbound salespeople IDENTIFY people with goals or challenges they can help with. These people eventually become leads.

Then the sales team CONNECTS with these leads to realize if they should prioritize proceeding with the goal or challenge. Once the sales team helps the buyer decide on this, then the leads become qualified leads. 

As the next stage, sales experts EXPLORE more on the qualified leads’ goals or challenges to evaluate if they are offering the proper and accurate requirement for the qualified leads’ context. If the fit is right, the qualified leads become opportunities.

Once the sales team explores the opportunities, they ADVISE on how their product can address the buyer's context. When the buyer agrees the sales team's offering is best for their pain points, challenge, or goal, these opportunities become customers.

Building a personalized Inbound sales strategy with Interactive demos

Now, we are very clear about how important inbound sales strategy is to you and how you can build a fool-proof strategy by following the 4-step methodology. But what if we say there is something exclusive that you can do to stay ahead? Yes, use Interactive product demos in your inbound sales strategy. How?

Generate more leads

What is the main motive of an inbound sales strategy? Drive more leads to you with the help of quality content and collaterals. Where do you get most of your inbound leads from? Website. Mix these both up a little. Embed an interactive product demo on your website with a lead generation form. More leads incoming alert! 

Advise with proper tools

Only when you show your leads what your products can solve will they be interested in converting. Why do you want to do that with traditional presentations, emails, and posters? Show them your product in action with interactive product demos and help quality leads convert more. 

Want to hear the best? An interactive product demo created in Storylane can turn the tables around for the sales team, marketing team, and customer success champions because they can demonstrate how their product fulfills prospects’ unique needs and alleviates their pain. 

Examples of personalized inbound sales strategies

Here’s the fun part. We want to share a few examples of personalized Inbound sales strategies that you can try to get started with. 

1. Personalize images, icons, and logos

What is the best way to help your prospects imagine themselves in your solution? Show them what their actual account could look like. 

Be it any demo you show your customers and prospects, personalize it by showing their names, company logos, and job titles.

While these suggestions might look simple, anything you do to remove the "imagine" part of your demo motivates buyers to picture themselves within your product. When you do this, they will move away from just evaluating your product to specifically thinking about how it will work for them. It will make them feel more emotionally invested, making the purchase decision much easier.

For a second, imagine this. You are part of so many demos that endlessly scream about how they can help you with your requirements. But suddenly, you come across a demo that has your company’s name, logo, title, and vision all in the place. That makes you stop for a second, and there is an unexpected smile on your face. That’s the power of personalizing the demos with minute details. 

2. Paint a picture with data

Sellers also need help telling stories about the value of data and charts, especially if they are generic. On the other hand, metrics in many situations divert prospects during a demo and, at times, even let them lose interest in your solution, specifically if the metrics are not relevant to your prospects or customers. 

For example, you might be checking out a product for email marketing automation for a fashion brand but the demo that you see will have data related to the healthcare industry. Doesn’t it put you off? So, always personalize the numbers that your show in your demo. Show your buyers what they could accomplish. Help them get an overall story with the help of the right and relevant numbers to support the value proposition. This will help you tell a believable success story.

3. Only show them what they want to see

One thing that a salesperson cannot help? Trying to sell! It is okay if you want to sell your product but don't try to cross-sell or upsell. If your prospect is there with you, explore the feature that solves their pain point, and show them what they ask for. Don't try to tell them that the feature will also help. This might work well with e-Commerce platforms but not with product demos. Instead, put your heart and soul into the product demo or Interactive product demo and help them realize how your product will help them get closer to their goals. 

Investing your time, energy, and efforts in Inbound sales is the best call for your business at the moment. With the right approach, an Inbound sales strategy with tailor-made content will attract prospects and create a statement of how a product will solve their problems. 

Want to see how Storylane’s demos can help you with your inbound sales strategy? Get on a demo call with us and start building personalized demos in minutes!

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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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