Enterprise Sales Software: Types, Top-Picks, & More

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May 1, 2024

Enterprise sales software tackles the complexities of high-value B2B deals.  Built for scalability and robust workflows, these platforms offer advanced features like opportunity management, sales forecasting, and deep data analysis.  They're also customizable and foster team collaboration, empowering you to close those million-dollar deals.

But with so many options on the market, choosing the perfect fit for your company can be overwhelming. 

We've done the deep dive, researching and evaluating the top enterprise sales software solutions. We'll share our top picks along with their key features, pricing models, and unique strengths to save you time and effort.

Types of Enterprise Sales Software 

Type Used for Top picks in category
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software Optimizing interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. Salesforce (Our top pick)
Interactive demo software Creating engaging product demonstrations. Storylane (Our top pick)
Sales enablement platforms Equip reps with training & sales collateral. Seismic (Our top pick)
Sales Performance Management (SPM) software Optimizing sales team performance. Anaplan (Our top pick)
Sales intelligence software Gain insights on customers, markets & competitors. Apollo.io (Our top pick)
LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Sales forecasting software Predict future sales based on data & trends. Clari (Our top pick)
Sales content management software Store & manage sales content (presentations, proposals). Highspot (Our top pick)
Sales coaching and training software Provide personalized coaching to improve sales skills. Gong.io (Our top pick)
Sales engagement platforms Automate tasks & personalize outreach. Yesware ( (Our top pick)
Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software Managing relationships and performance of channel partners. Impartner PRM (Our top pick)

10 Best Enterprise Sales Software: An In-depth Analysis

1. Salesforce - Best CRM Software

Best for:

Unmatched scalability and customization for complex enterprise sales processes. 

Salesforce Key Features:

  • Reporting and forecasting features are readily built into the platform
  • Standard dashboard that gives complete visibility of the pipeline
  • Accurate contact scoring tools for estimating conversion probability
  • Native AI that helps in workflow automation and creating custom forecasts
  • Custom coding option along with the option to develop code from anywhere without any additional software

Salesforce Pros:

  • Industry-leading CRM platform and offers the most extensive feature set. 
  • Requires fewer IT resources in comparison to on-premise CRM systems
  • Highly customizable and integrates with a vast ecosystem of third-party applications.

Salesforce Cons:

  • Can’t operate without an internet connection
  • Relies solely on the Salesforce database that leads to lesser control over CRM upgrades and scheduled downtimes
  • Can be expensive for small or medium companies

Salesforce Pricing:

Starts from $165/user/month

2. Storylane - Best Interactive Demo Software

Best for:

Creating quick and powerful clickable demos for both sales and marketing use cases.

Storylane Key Features:

  • Account reveal option to transform unknown demo visits into confirmed leads
  • Embed product tours on the website homepage
  • Add a lead form either inside or outside a product demo
  • Using firmographic data for account enrichment
  • Advanced analytics for demo tracking of individual users

Storylane  Pros:

  • Ideal for both sales and marketing teams
  • No coding or technical knowledge required
  • Can create your first interactive video for free
  • Extensive personalization
  • SOC 2 Type II, GDPR compliance as well as SSO and SAML 2.0 support.

Storylane Cons:

  • Integrations can take a while to load
  • Cost can be a bit more due to its enterprise features
  • Few integrations available as of now

Storylane Pricing:

Generous free plan with paid plans starting at $40/month. 

3. Seismic - Best Sales Enablement Platform

Best for:

Optimizing sales effectiveness through content management, coaching tools, and insightful sales analytics.  

Seismic Key Features:

  • Enable sellers to find and share relevant content with prospects 
  • Create interactive sales training with role plays and video recordings
  • Social media option to build strong relationships between buyers and sellers
  • Create personalized content for buyers

Seismic Pros:

  • Easy to access sales materials 
  • Personalized content recommendations based on user roles
  • Automating manual tasks, such as content creation
  • Offers sales analytics and insights

Seismic Cons:

  • Some features can be confusing
  • Not easy to locate features
  • Offers a premium pricing model only

Seismic Pricing:

$50 - $150 per user per month. 

4. Anaplan - Best Sales Performance Management Software

Best for:

Creating effective compensation plans with scenario modelling, intelligence-based budgets, and trust-based signals.    

Anaplan Key Features:

  • Analyze production rates and market predictions
  • Manage workflows to boost sales and revenue projections 
  • Integrate sales numbers and marketing achievements for accurate forecasts
  • Detect recruitment gaps and manage payment plans

Anaplan Pros:

  • Speed and scalability 
  • Integration and data loads
  • Complex business problem modeling
  • Multi use-case implementations

Anaplan Cons:

  • Difficult for casual users without coding knowledge
  • Steep learning curve
  • Creating custom workflows can be a bit diffcult

Anaplan Pricing:

$2,000 - $4,000 per month

5. Apollo.io - Best Sales Intelligence Software

Best for:

Sales teams looking for multi-channel prospecting and automated outreach.      

Apollo.io Key Features:

  • Contributory network powered by 2M users
  • All tools such as contact and account data, call recording, and deal management in one place
  • Automated sales engagement options
  • Track, record, and analyze conversations with conversation intelligence  
  • Automated syncing and enrichment of your CRM 
  • Optimize lead forms for better deal-closing

Apollo.io Pros:

  • A/B testing options in sequencing 
  • Volume and accuracy of information
  • Straightforward interface and easy-to-navigate

Apollo.io Cons:

  • Email bounce rate high
  • Discrepancy between company and actual info in some cases
  • Mobile version not as great as the desktop one

Apollo.io Pricing:

Starts at $119/user/month

6. Clari - Best Sales Forecasting Software

Best for:

Securing technical wins and driving revenue predictability in B2B sales.        

Clari Key Features:

  • AI-based projection to pressure-test sales calls
  • Clear visibility and better accuracy of sales forecasts 
  • History tracking of important sales forecasts
  • Share pipeline insights with the team 
  • 4-point deal inspection for better deal analysis

Clari Pros:

  • Easy to update opps without using any other apps
  • Easy to read pipeline view
  • Easy to manage call number
  • Accurate AI forecasting

Clari Cons:

  • Too many features can be overwhelming for teams
  • Score tracking limited to AI data
  • Can be expensive for small and medium businesses

Clari Pricing:

$2000-$10,000/month, depending on the team size. 

7. Highspot - Best Sales Content Management Software

Best for:

AI-driven platform for removing content chaos and automating content creation 

Highspot Key Features:

  • Configurable reporting for all functionalities to help break down business outcomes 
  • Customizable compliance and security for individual content and the whole platform
  • Create personalized and interactive digital sales rooms
  • Validate seller’s performance using score cards, meeting intelligence, and AI sales coaching

Highspot Pros:

  • Organization and sharing of sales materials 
  • Easy prospect engagement tracking
  • Searchable and easy-to-find content
  • Regular product and solution updates

Highspot Cons:

  • Interface can be confusing for some customers
  • Expensive for small and medium businesses
  • Limited customizations for businesses with unique needs

Highspot Pricing:

$50 to $100 per user per month

8. Gong.io - Best Sales Coaching and Training Software

Best for:

Sales teams looking to get more revenue insights  

Gong.io Key Features:

  • 300+ unique signals to predict deal outcomes
  • Boost manager capacity and raise rep performance with AI
  • Full pipeline visibility to inspect deals and pipelines
  • Monitor rep performance with out-of-the-box analytics
  • Complete account history in a single view with AI 

Gong.io Pros:

  • Detecting conversation topics and sorting calls on them
  • Identifying sales improvement areas
  • Creating call summaries
  • Easy to share call recordings

Gong.io Cons:

  • Caller accuracy
  • Pricing can be a bit expensive 
  • Not easy to grab call snippets

Gong.io Pricing:

$100 - $200 per user per month

9. Yesware - Best Sales Engagement Platforms

Best for:

Scaling email outreach without changing processes or tools   

Yesware Key Features:

  • Multiple touch types such as automated emails, manual emails, phone call reminders, LinkedIn InMails, and custom touches.
  • Email customization with dynamic fields
  • Ready-to-use database of email templates
  • Email tracking for discovering the hottest leads

Yesware Pros:

  • Campaign organization
  • Tracking email open rates
  • Saving templates of commonly used emails
  • Sending bulk email campaigns

Yesware Cons:

  • Immediate email sending can hurt domain health
  • False tracking notification on link clicks
  • Bulk billing not effective 

Yesware Pricing:

Ranges from $65/seat/month

10. Impartner - Best Partner Relationship Management Software

Best for:

Smooth and effortless communication between partners, distributors, and resellers     

Impartner Key Features:

  • Multiple journeys and workflows assigned to individual partners 
  • Personalize partner portal experience
  • Create on-demand partner certification programs
  • Unlimited personalized dashboards with Analytics Studio

Impartner Pros:

  • Resource pages are easy to build
  • Plenty of cobranding opportunities
  • CRM integrations available 
  • Easy to navigate 

Impartner Cons:

  • Cumbersome documentation management 
  • Difficult to set up training 
  • Expensive pricing 

Impartner Pricing:

Starting at $2,000 per month (billed annually)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is enterprise sales software?

An enterprise sales software is a type of software used by sales teams to improve their sales processes, such as pipeline management, sales forecasting, and inter-department collaboration. 

2. What is enterprise-level selling?

Enterprise-level selling is defined as the process of selling software to organizations that improves their processes. Examples of sales software are CRMs, cybersecurity tools, etc. 

3. What makes enterprise sales different?

Enterprise sales can be different in many ways, such as longer sales cycles, multiple stakeholders, more investments, and larger deal sizes.

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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


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