Demo sharing with protected links comes to Storylane

Demo sharing with protected links comes to Storylane

December 5, 2021
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Storylane is empowering both marketing teams with product tours and sales engineering teams with custom demos. To enable our customers in both these segments, we are releasing some awesome enterprise features.. 

Multi-link: When you want to share demos with your prospective customers, you want to get specific insights of their engagement to push them further into your funnel. Specifically sharing this with your champion in the buyers organization will enable them to have other team members view the demo that you created. Now Storylane enables multiple links for each demo that you create which could be one for each time you share the demo. Think about this as the Docsend link setup for your demos.

Storylane supports multiple links

With the multi-link feature, you would ask, can we protect the link so that the demo can be viewed only by authorized users. Yes, we thought about that too, and now whenever you create a link to share your demo, you can protect it with a passcode and an expiry time after which that demo is not even available. No need to worry about competitors getting visibility into key features of your product or releases that you want to share with your customers.

Generate secure links for sharing demos

Auto-save: As you edit your captured application pages in Storylane, think about how google doc saves your work as you proceed, same with Storylane. There is an undo button that you’ll want to play with, because it’s just so fun to use ;) Our sales engineering fans love this feature as they spend a lot of time customizing the demos and editing the captured pages. 

Multi-page management: Storylane has been releasing enterprise features each week, and this is one that’ll warm the hearts of heavy duty users. Now managing pages is even easier, after you capture them you have a dashboard to organize, duplicate and name those pages before you land into the editor. This is essentially your page manager (just like a file manager).

Multi-page management

Our vision is to enable a collaborative platform for marketing, sales and support teams so that they can share product experiences that wow their customers to drive product-led growth. This release, puts us front and center on the path towards making that happen.

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