Best Buyer Intent Software in 2024: Reviews & Comparison

Madhav Bhandari
Head of Marketing
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May 10, 2024

Buyer intent software provides actionable insights into which prospects are actively researching solutions like yours. These tools analyze online behavior to pinpoint high-potential buyers, allowing you to focus outreach efforts and maximize sales efficiency.

Use buyer intent tools to expand accounts, prioritize hot leads, personalize outreach efforts, and avoid churn. Reach out to the right leads, at the right time, with the right message.

Looking for buyer intent software? We’ve analyzed 30+ platforms so you don’t have to. Here’s our research.

Buyer Intent Software: At a Glance 

Tool Type of Data Best For Pricing
Bombora Third-party data Exclusive data from the biggest Co-op $2,000+/month
ZoomInfo Third-party and first-party data If lead enrichment is your priority $600+/month
G2 Buyer Intent Second-party data Identifying customers likely to churn Free to start. Paid plans start at $800+/month
Storylane First-party data Getting accurate firmographic data for anonymous demo viewers Free to start. Paid plans start at $40/creator/month Third-party and first-party data Sales-led large enterprise looking for multi-source intent data Free to start. Paid plans start at $49/user/month
6sense Third-party, second-party, and first-party data Fuelling Account-Based Marketing initiatives Paid plans starts at $1,000/month
Lead Forensics First-party data
Startups to identify anonymous visitors $99-2,000/month
Demandbase One Third-party and first-party data Enterprises looking for a buyer intent cum GTM platform $1,000-3,000/month
Leadfeeder First-party data Converting website visitors into qualified leads Free to start. Paid plan at €99/month
Leadspace Third-party and first-party data Identifying high-growth, in-market prospects $2,000+/month

First-Party vs Third-Party Buyer Intent Software

First-party buyer intent software captures data directly from a company's digital channels, such as its website, social media platforms, blogs, and email marketing campaigns. It also gathers data from CRM systems, web analytics, landing pages, and forms.

Such buyer intent tools allow you to leverage your own data to de-anonymize website visitors, understand lead behavior, and spot drop-offs.

However, first-party intent data is limiting. It only captures leads that visit your website, leaving out a big chunk of other in-market prospects.

Third-party buyer intent data providers fill these gaps. It purchases data sets from different customer data platforms and clubs scattered intent signals. It sources data from external websites and gives a complete picture of your lead’s web activity. Use this data to reach out to TOFU or MOFU prospects who haven’t interacted with your brand.

This data is available to anyone who pays for it. (Hint: your competitor). Chances are they've already tapped into third-party data and identified high-quality leads.

Level the playing field and choose a buyer intent software you too can benefit from.

Best Buyer Intent Software: In-Depth Analysis 

1. Bombora (Exclusive data from the biggest Co-op)

If you’re going for big-ticket clients, Bombora is the third-party buyer intent software you need. It alerts you when your targeted accounts consume more topical content than usual. This way, you know they’re in-market and close to a purchase. With the Topic Surge feature, you can also spot trending topics your audience is looking for.

Key features:

  1. Data from a large cooperative of 5000+ B2B websites like WSJ, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Business Insider.
  2. Monitor churn signs with Automatic Surge Report.
  3. Identify high-intent leads based on Surge Scores.


  1. Integrate account-based marketing campaigns.
  2. 85% of exclusive data you won’t find elsewhere.


  1. Difficult to track the history of surge activity.
  2. Lacks individual-level insights on the searcher.


Starts at $2,000-3,000/month.

2. ZoomInfo (If lead enrichment is your priority)

ZoomInfo is a leading B2B intelligence platform that empowers sales and marketing teams with a powerful combination of comprehensive contact data, company insights, and buyer intent signals. 

You get different types of data in one platform: Firmographics like headcount and revenue, demographics including organizational charts and titles, and dynamic signals such as web activity.

Key features:

  1. Enriches intent data with contact information and prospect intelligence.
  2. Verifies, updates, adds, and removes redundant data weekly.
  3. Analyzes 55M+ buying signals collected through 300,000+ websites.


  1. Sets up automated workflows to save SDR’s time.
  2. Tracks prospects from similar industries as well.
  3. Identifies the decision-maker and the entire buying team.


  1. The dashboard isn’t intuitive for first-time users.
  2. Expensive for small and medium-sized businesses.


It offers flexible pricing based on credit usage, number of licenses, add-on features & functionality. There are 3 main pricing plans available:

Profession plan:  $600+ per month

Advanced plan: $1,000+ per month

Elite plan: $3,000+ per month

3. G2 Buyer Intent (Identifying customers likely to churn)

See a spike in churn rate? G2 alerts you when your customers are looking at products similar to yours. It also identifies prospects who are researching different software, reading reviews, and comparing solutions on G2’s website.

Key features:

  1. Shows all touchpoints of your leads across the G2’s website.
  2. Creates targeted segments based on buying stage and activity level.
  3. Integrates with popular CRM, marketing automation, ad, and ABM platforms.


  1. Get real-time Slack or email notifications anytime a prospect views your G2 page.
  2. Access direct data from 90M+ annual users.
  3. User-friendly interface.


  1. Limited to company-level data, no individual-level insights.
  2. Relies on data from the G2 platform, which may not capture all potential buyers.


Free to start. It has different tiers based on your usecase: Core, Review Growth, Buyer Intent, Content Subscription, Market Intelligence. Core plan starts at $800-900/month. 

4. Storylane (Getting accurate firmographic data for anonymous demo viewers.)

Storylane may not look like a buyer intent software at first glance but its hidden potential lies in its powerful tracking and analytics functionalities. You can create an interactive demo with Storylane and embed it on your website to identify high-intent leads. 

You kill two birds with one stone: measure interest and create it.

Key features:

  1. Turn anonymous demo viewers into identified leads with Account Reveal. 
  2. You get accurate firmographic data for all the leads that view your demo. 
  3. See when the demo was viewed and the time spent on each step to understand where they are in the buying journey.


  1. Directs high-intent leads to a specific URL (e.g. signup or demo request page). This ensures your leads take the next steps, even if the sales reps are late to reach out.
  2. Enriches your CRM with demo engagement data.
  3. Exports the data and emails you the report in seconds.


  1. The product is relatively new.
  2. Doesn’t solely focus on buyer intent data.


Solo: Free

Starter: $40/creator/month

Growth: $100/creator/month

Enterprise: Customizable

Bonus tip: Place an interactive demo on your high-intent pages like pricing, ad landing pages, and support docs. If someone views it, that’s a good indication of purchase intent. Our data shows that 95% of the demo viewers book a call or get in touch for more information.

5. ( Sales-led large enterprise looking for multi-source intent data) is an end-to-end sales solution that helps sellers throughout their journey, from prospecting to closing. You can identify high-intent leads with signal-based prospecting. Get first-party data on anonymous website visitors as well as third-party intent data, powered by Bombora.

If you're a sales-led large enterprise, build your entire stack on Else, intent data won’t be enough to justify the ROI.

Key features:

  1. Prioritizes high-potential leads using AI-generated lead-scoring.
  2. Multi-source intent data from news sites, content engagement, company websites, social networks, and more.
  3. AI-recommended high-intent leads based on your past successful prospecting activities.


  1. 98% data accuracy.
  2. 65+ filters to find your exact target audience.
  3. Buyer intent Chrome extension that integrates into your prospecting workflow.


  1. Users complain of poor customer support.
  2. Limited CRM integration.


Free: $0

Basic: $49/month/user

Professional: $79/month/user

Organization: $119/month/user

*Billed annually

6. 6sense (Fuelling Account-Based Marketing initiatives)

If you heavily invest in ABM, 6sense is your go-to tool. This lead gen platform isn’t limited to simple buyer intent; you also get advanced features like dynamic segmentation, data enrichment, and multi-channel orchestration—all in one platform. Of course, this shoots up the pricing.

6sense relies on AI to identify accounts, predict their buying stage, and prioritize them in order of conversion. It has all three types of intent data: first-party (website, CRM), second-party (G2, TrustRadius), and third-party (Bombora).

Key features:

  1. Visual persona maps to understand the buying team.
  2. Predictive intelligence indicating the best time to talk.
  3. Generative intelligence to help you craft effective messages.


  1. Identifies website traffic and user activity across different IP addresses, cookies, and devices.
  2. Tracks English and non-English keywords and supports over 40 languages. Owing to it’s global data sources, it has nearly 10x the intent coverage. 


  1. Can’t export data into spreadsheets.
  2. Slow load times.


6sense has 4 pricing tiers: Free, Team, Growth, and Enterprise.

You have 50 credits/month for the Free plan. 

7. Lead Forensics (Startups to identify anonymous visitors)

Lead Forensics is an affordable first-party data intent software for small and medium-sized businesses in the US and UK. Identify anonymous visitors on your website and the content they’re engaging with. You can uncover new prospects or help existing customers. For example, Lead Forensics notifies you when your customer visits support pages.

Key features:

  1. Get real-time alerts when specific prospects/customers are on your website.
  2. Add triggers to notify teams of opportunities for cross-sell or up-sell.
  3. Access contact details and all touchpoints across the website.
  4. Integrations with tools such as Hubspot, SalesForce, ZOHO, and Buffer.


  1. High-value leads are added to the CRM directly.
  2. Cost-effective as there is no per-seat pricing.


  1. Data is limited to businesses in the US and UK.
  2. No technographic data.


It has flexible pricing depending on the traffic on your website. It ranges between $99 and $2,000 per month, based on the number of leads you generate. 

8. DemandBase One (Enterprises looking for a buyer intent cum GTM platform)

DemandBase One is an AI-driven GTM platform for sales, marketing, and CS teams. It has various offerings: Sales intelligence, predictive analysis, buyer intent, personalization, advertising, and B2B data. It leverages AI to help companies identify and prioritize high-value accounts, personalize marketing campaigns, engage with key decision-makers, and measure engagement.

This is best for companies who place their bets on ABM. Why? Its platform offers a 360° view of your accounts. You get every detail - buying behavior, technologies, social media engagement, and more for each account in one view.

Key features:

  1. Integrate data from 3 sources: Your database, Demandbase, and other third-party software.
  2. Visualize historical activity, buyer journey, and associated leads using engagement heatmaps.
  3. Get clean data that’s helpful. No sole proprietorships, duplicates, or fictional entities.


  1. Lead-to-account mapping so you don't have to search for company information.
  2. Alerts about social triggers like company expansion, leadership changes, and acquisition.
  3. Intent data in 133 languages.


  1. Limited demographic data on anonymous website visitors.
  2. UI is clunky.


Offers flexible pricing based on the size of your organization. 

For a 200-member organization, the pricing ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per month.

9. Leadfeeder (Converting website visitors into qualified leads)

See most conversions from website traffic? Analyze companies who are visiting your website, assess pages viewed, determine engagement levels, and reach out to them using Leadfeeder. This first-party intent software helps generate B2B data reports on visitors and ranks them automatically.

However, this is an affordable solution that only measures website traffic, not social media engagement. It’s best for companies that have SEO as their main marketing channel.

Key features:

  1. Automatically removes all ISPs, bots, and other sources of traffic you don’t need.
  2. Integrates two-way with tools like Pipedrive, Salesforce, Slack, and Google Ads.
  3. Alerts you when specific companies visit your website.


  1. Search for a company and get their entire browsing history.
  2. Create behavioral and demographic filters to segment leads.
  3. Know key decision markers and get their contact details.


  1. Limited integration with sales tools.
  2. Team for teams to collaborate on the platform.


Leadfeeder offers two plans:

  1. Free plan
  2. Paid plan. Starts at €99/month.

10. Leadspace (Identifying high-growth, in-market prospects)

Leadspace is a single source of truth for buyer data. It unifies third-party and first-party data. It associates buying signals with each person who interacts with your business. It creates buyer personas and discovers similar contacts.

You get all the information in one place: hierarchies, firmographics, advanced technographics, weekly intent, and mobile contacts. This is best for large companies that work with huge volumes of data.

Key features:

  1. Lead-to-account matching and routing.
  2. Predictive analytics to determine who’s most likely to buy.
  3. Data Health Report to benchmark company data and add what’s missing.


  1. Combines 8 data points to validate a lead.
  2. Analyzes existing customer data to uncover whitespace accounts.
  3. Aligns sales and marketing teams with B2B target market segmentation.


  1. Lack of integration with marketing tools.
  2. Data is limited to North America and Canada.


Starts at $2,000 per month

How to Pick the Best Buyer Intent Software?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all software. It depends on your use case, team requirements, and workflows. But here are a few questions to get closer to the software right for you:

  1. What are the data sources and how accurate are they?
  2. How easy is it to integrate with other tools in my tech stack?
  3. Do I get real-time alerts when a lead is hot?
  4. Can I customize segments and add new filters?
  5. Is the ROI justified?

Want to know how Storylane interactive demos give you insights into buyer intent? Book a demo


1. What is buyer intent software?

Buyer intent software tracks online activity like website visits and content views to gauge if someone is interested in buying. It helps businesses prioritize leads and personalize outreach. By analyzing these signals, companies can focus on prospects most likely to convert, saving time and resources. Such buyer intent data providers give valuable insights into customer behavior, optimizing sales strategies for better results.

2. What is an example of buyer intent?

An example of buyer intent is when a person repeatedly visits a website's pricing page, reads product reviews, and downloads a comparison guide. These actions signal a strong interest in making a purchase. 

3. How do I find buyer intent data?

You can uncover buyer intent through website analytics, social media listening, or dedicated buyer intent data platforms that pinpoint companies actively researching your market. Some popular buyer intent software is Bombora, ZoomInfo, and Storylane.

4. How do you increase buyer intent?

To increase buyer intent, focus on creating relevant content that addresses your audience's needs, optimizing the user experience on your website, and personalizing marketing messages based on buyer personas. Engage with potential buyers through various channels, provide social proof of your product's value, and offer incentives to encourage action. You can also retarget ads to re-engage visitors who have shown interest but haven't purchased yet. Track if these efforts are paying off on buyer intent software.

5. What is the intent score of a buyer?

The intent score of a buyer is a numerical representation of their level of interest or likelihood to make a purchase. Buyer intent software calculates this based on various online behaviors and interactions, such as website visits, content downloads, and engagement with marketing materials. Higher intent scores on customer data platforms indicate stronger interest and a greater likelihood of converting into a customer.

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"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."


Stay ahead of the sandbox curve with a superior demo environment
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