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Candidately drives leads through product demo

Candidately built product demo using Storylane platform in 10 mins, and has been driving leads for them

HR, Recruiting, SaaS
New York, US

About Candidately

Candidately  is a client portal platform for BullHorn where candidate submissions are done lightning fast and helps make placement instant. Founded by Jan Jedlinski who is a consummate entrepreneur. He has founded many startups, one of them as part of YCombinator where he was helping companies find a skilled contract workforce

After deeply engaging in recruiting operations, as part of his previous company Gustav, he realized that there was no good CRM for recruiters. All recruiting platforms and application tracking systems focus on only making companies successful, but the real heroes here are the recruiters who by large still have their independent staffing firms - thus Candidately came to fruition.

The problem

Jan and his team recently launched Candidately after months of labor. But the recruiters, some of who are small agencies, needed to get a wow before they asked for a demo or signed up for the product. He anticipated this need and tried fiddling with figma design so that he could show the product to his prospects before talking to them - but it had its challenges and didn’t feel interactive, and moreover it made his prospects feel that they were still working with a product that was still in development.

Jan discovered Storylane for interactive demos in an internal post for YCombinator. Initially he was intrigued, but the more he read, he saw that there was potential to use it on his website as product tour. Jan immediately got on call with Storylane co-founder Akash - saw the potential through Storylane platform to acquire high quality leads in his funnel, and in the same call signed up and started using it.

The Storylane solution

Jan and his team quickly built a 10 step product tour of Candidately in matter of few minutes and were ready to publish on their website, and go live same day. The demo would qualify the prospect by capturing the contact info and then guide them through a quick 2 min tour to see how they can can succeed with Candidately platform.

The demo built shows key benefits of their product - right from identifying candidates, having resumes online, sharing with the companies, and experiencing own staffing agency branding all in interactive product tour built through Storylane.

Since their recent launch, Jan has seen over a 100's of qualified leads experience the interactive tour on his website and his conversations with customers have been much more meaningful. His pipeline has much more energy. Jan see’s Storylane as a long term partner with a strong agile team addressing quick feature requests for him. In the future, he sees Storylane being used to send embedded GIFs in his email reachout to prospects or customers.

Jan has truely loved the ease of use of Storylane, it comes from a product mindset that founders have. I think every SaaS company should use it!!

Candidately Product tour

Candidately embedded product tour can be viewed here:

If you want to enable similar product tour - talk to us

"Previously, there was scope for error and we’ve gone from a process that could be time consuming and painful to a process that’s super quick."