Multi-flows in Product Tour

Multi-flows in Product Tour

Akash Bansal
November 13, 2021
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During the last few months we have had hundreds of conversations with product marketers and sales engineering teams. One thing that has always stood out for us is how simple Storylane is to use for our customers. A self-guided tour is a great engine to drive product-led growth for marketing. 

A constant feedback we have heard from our customers is enabling their prospects to explore various features of the product as part of the same product tour. Today we are excited to be releasing our multi-flow feature, where the prospect can choose a path they want to take to explore.

There are many use cases of the multi-flow feature -

  1. Different features in one product tour
  2. Different benefits in your product tour
  3. Exploring multiple product lines 

Buyer gets to choose which item to experience and sales has a better idea of their persona even before they talk to them.

When you are in the Storylane editor, you get two options for sequencing the journey of your prospect

  1. Flow -- this is a sequence of steps and tie together as one flow. You can then add different widget types (popup, walkthrough, hotspot, video) as a step of your guided flow
  2. Checklist -- Many flows that can be shown as an itemized list

Here is the screenshot of the two options.

During checklist configuration (screenshot below), you can set up the flow item name(s) and description for the user to understand what they are going to be exploring in your product tour.

This checklist is always handy when the prospect goes through the flow, as something that they can click to popup and decide a different flow to explore. Below is how it pops up in the product. 

So go ahead and get your prospects exploring and spending more time with the product. Look forward to you creating more stories with Storylane!

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