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Why choose Storylane over Demostack ?

See how Storylane compares with Demostack



Platform Use-case

Sales, Pre-Sales
Marketing, Product Marketing
Customer Success


Ease of use

10 mins to build

Requires Support

Unlimited Demos



Unlimited Sharing



HTML Editor

Rich No-Code Editor

Requires Engineering help

Demo Personalization


Limited capabilites

Guided Product Tour

Full Control with advanced widgets


Secure Sharing

Yes (passcode and expiry)



Deep integration to all CRM and Martech stack


Team Colloboration

Multi-teams with individual permissions


Advanced Analytics

Replay of buyer interaction





Give the power to your revenue teams

Shorten long drawn POC's with quick demos

Close Quickly with Demo Leave-behind

Sell More by enabling your Partners

Personalize your Demos

With the use of Storylane Token variables, you can create a more personalized demo.

  • Change Name, Company, Logos etc of prospect in one click
  • Adjust Date/Time in your demo so its never stale
  • Share Unique link for each prospect without having to replicate demos
Storylane integrations

Save Time with ready-to-go Product Demos

It shouldn't take weeks to see your product. Share guided demos in your outreach or follow-up emails

Enable your 'Champion' and see the magical effect of buy-in's happen.

storylane analytics

Enterprise Grade

With Storylane you are working with enterprise grade features and security

  • Custom Domain URL for your demos
  • Single-Sign On (SSO) and Universal Login for your accounts
  • Demo Whitelabel - branding and SEO

Integrate with all your tools

Storylane works seamlessly with your marketing and sales stack. We have over 3000 integrations through Zapier and native integration with Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo and Pardot.

Supercharge your MQL engagement with these Product qualified leads and push those into the Sales funnel as a Sales qualified leads.

Storylane integrations
Matt Slotten
Director Technical Marketing at Nutanix

"StoryLane is intuitive, powerful, and easy to use platform. Their tech replicates real product giving it true look and feel - the experience is powerful for our prospects and customers. Also, their team is extremely responsive and quick to incorporate our feedback into their product."

Sastry Penumurthy
VP of Strategic Partnerships at Punchh

Storylane has been a huge enabler for Sales Engineers to accelerate our entry into the Grocery segment and save a lot of repetitive work. Our deal close times have shortened and Engineering is not having to serve requests from SE teams, which makes everybody happy. Storylane team was able to get us started quickly and are very responsive to our needs

Harry Solomon
Global Director of Marketing, Ignition

“Storylane fits in perfectly with how we want to nurture our customers, how we want to optimize our funnel, and how we ultimately want to run as a marketing team, which is data-driven.”

Dr Amit Narayan
CEO, Autogrid

"See a huge potential in employee training and sales engineering with Storylane demos. The demo creation process was extremely simple, and the feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive"

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