What Are the Benefits of Adding a Guided Product Tour on the Website?

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Guided Product Tour on the Website?

Keerthana Selvakumar
September 7, 2022
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In the current competitive B2B product market space, no one has the patience to go through multiple marketing collaterals or pages of information, book a slot with your sales champion, and then view the product demo. Everything needs to be instant.  When this is the case, think about the visitor who lands on your website. How patient will that visitor be before bouncing off your website? Does your website keep your visitors hooked enough to convert? It’s simple! Add an interactive product tour to your website. 

What is an interactive product tour?

An interactive product demo or an interactive product tour offers a complete walk-through of your product and its capabilities. It is an alternative to a traditional product demo video. In an interactive product tour, you capture a series of product screens and add guided notes to your product. And tada! You can offer the visitor a seamless interactive product tour. Interactive product demos enable you to offer a personalized product experience. When the product experience is tailored to each prospect’s needs, you can increase the number of conversations.

Why is an interactive product tour important in the current B2B SaaS market?

In the present B2B SaaS landscape, your prospects don’t want to hear about how your product solves their problems—they want to see it in action. . They want to explore your product and interact with its features. That is why an interactive product tour is significant in motivating prospects to explore and use your product. Interactive product tours offer that nudge to turn potential clients into your clients. 

And an important reason to have an interactive product tour today is that many people like to explore products independently without assistance.

According to SuperOffice’s recent survey, 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a company's representative. And that's not all!

91% of customers wish to use the help of an online knowledge base, if available. They also prefer to see tailor-made product guides, which makes interactive tours a great option. If you offer an opportunity to show them how to improve their current workflow, your chances of keeping your prospects are incredibly high.

What are the benefits of adding a guided product tour?

The benefits of an Interactive product tour are multifold. It helps your marketing team, sales team, and of course, your customer success champions as well. Let’s quickly look at the top benefits of adding an interactive product tour to your website!

Increase quality leads more likely to convert in the pipeline

Lead generation is still an enigma to many SaaS companies. It is more than just a simple equation of input = output. As much as driving leads to your pipeline is difficult, you really cannot be sure if they are high-quality leads. Let's rewind and see how lead generation used to happen. A prospect fills out a form on your website, or you reach out to them, and they respond. You talk to them, follow up, evaluate their needs, and throw in a blog or pitch deck, screenshots, or a product demo video. They show some interest, and you bring them into the sales pipeline. Fast-forward; after many sessions of prospecting, the lead abandons you. It definitely hurts!

Cut to today's scenario. Let's say you build an interactive product demo. You add it to your website. The possibility of your prospect becoming a highly qualified lead increases when they explore and interact with your product. It’s similar to trying out a product sample in a shopping mall before buying a product or believing whatever the salesperson promises. When prospects can see what a product is capable of, it is easier to make buying decisions. 

Buyers' flexibility leads to better sales conversations to easily close deals

As a product company, you release new updates, bug fixes, and features daily. How do you share them with your customers or prospects? Are you still dropping them an email that announces the same? You are missing out on getting new customers or customers who want to upgrade to that feature. The best way to show them the feature is through an interactive product walkthrough that can be added to your website. By doing this, you can show them the feature in action relevant to their use case so that your customers and prospects can better experience the power of the feature. When prospects or customers experience the features they need, there is a better chance for sales conversions and, eventually, a better chance to close those deals. 

Adopt a Product-led strategy

In the current scenario, new products are being built every single day. Your prospects have so many other alternatives to switch to in a second. That's why it's time you let your product pave the way, followed by sales-led efforts. With an interactive product demo on your website, you attract a larger pool of prospects to your product. Interactive product demos aim to reduce customer acquisition costs by empowering prospects to find and adopt your product independently. You can reduce Time to Value, i.e., a customer's time to gain value from your product. The longer it takes, the more options prospects will look for.

How do you build and customize a product tour to suit your brand?

An interactive product tour is a great way to build trust with your prospects. If you are building an interactive product tour for your website, here's a checklist of things to keep in mind:

How to build and customize a product tour for your brand.

Choose to create a guided product tour and/or a custom demo

A custom demo is useful when the prospect wants to explore your product's features independently, while a guided product tour offers a hand-held experience of your product. Storylane allows you to build both a custom demo and a guided walk-through experience and will also help you understand which works best for your brand. 

Choose the right platform to create product demos

Picking the right demo creation platform is crucial to building a compelling product tour. an easy-to-use demo experience platform like Storylane gives you a no-code demo editor to create an effective product tour. 

Create a story that you want to tell

Your product's story is what will draw your prospects to engage with your product and eventually make a buying decision. A good product story weaves the “aha” moments at the right places in your product tour. 

Capture your screens with clarity

Capture your product through the native screen capture tools available in your browser or your computer. To help you make this easier, Storylane offers you a Chrome extension through which you can capture your product.

Add guided widgets

Guided widgets (or explainer bubbles) enable your prospects to tell your story through a guided walkthrough. It’s indeed a potent tool to communicate the value of your product as they progress through the screens. 

Gather information about your leads

A well-scripted interactive product tour will generate more qualified leads when embedded on the website. How can you use this to your advantage to collect more information?
Here are a few quick tips:

  • Have your lead capture form at the product tour's start, end, or middle. 
  • Ask for only important and quick info like - Name and Email
  • You can also add a chat widget to the interactive product tour. Through Storylane, you can simply add these widgets and have them connect with sales experts at an appropriate time during their journey on the product tour. 

Customize the product demo to suit your brand

Brand reputation and creating a sense of brand recall are the need of the hour. Don’t let it slide in your product tours. Personalize the product tour to suit the company's theme, brand guidelines, logo, and name. 

Now that you know how to build an effective product tour and why you need to add it to your website, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore how Storylane helps you with all these in a single shot! 

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